Raven's Wing: Chapter 7

Ryo couldn't place the guy and felt the fear as it hit Shary. Not liking the situation he hopped over the desks to Shary's side and pulled her up off the floor gently. "What is it that you want? If you don't want anything than give the ring back and get out of here." Ryo narrowed his eyes at the guy, he couldn't place it, but something about this guy severely jangled on his nerves.

"I was just going to give it back to her," he said quietly. "And I can't leave. I'm the substitute teacher for this class." He was slightly taller than Ryo with pure white hair and pale blue eyes. When he turned his cold eyes on Shary his slips turned into a smirk.

"Substitute? What happen to the sensei?" she asked softy. She did not like him. Not one bit. But she just wanted her ring back. She hid behind Ryo, holding his arm and trying hard not to be so nervous.

Holding his hand out for the ring Ryo did not give an inch. No substitute would be this much of an ass if they had gone through the office first to find out about the students they would be teaching. The administration knew who the core group that dealt with Raven was. No one could mistake them, as they were respectful and yet place makers. "Yes...What did happen to Sensei, I spoke with her not that long ago and she was in good health and in no danger of "accidents" that I would know of."

Calm and quiet so as not to alarm the rest of the class he realized that the class was watching them when they heard that the guy was the sub. It was always interesting when the Substitutes met Ryo; there was always a small power play as to who was in charge of the situation. Usually the substitute lost due to Ryo having known the student body and had their respect longer. This situation seemed different though; Ryo was shielding the new student and staying calm after being indirectly challenged. The energy almost crackled between them as they stood there and looked at each other calmly.

The guy played with the ring, watching with interest as the girl looked at it with wide eyes. This mere boy, Ryo was his name, was openly challenging him. Of course he didn't know who he really was but he didn't care. He would know who he was soon enough. Shaking his hair back he flipped the ring at him. Ryo caught it in his hand. Ryo had won this round, but he, Damion, would win the war. He looked at the class and walked over to the class.

"I am the substitute for until your old sensei is well. You will address me as Sensei Damion. Now, everyone take your seats and lets get started. Now!" He slammed his hand on the desk, making everyone jump and scramble for their seats. He was not going to be a push over and he was very strict.

Shary sat next to Ryo, playing with the ring before she slipping it back onto her finger. She immediately did not like Sensei Damion and hoped that this class would end very quickly. She took Ryo's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Ryo-kun... Domo arigato..." she said softly.

Ryo nodded slightly as he kept an eye on the Sensei. It was agreed on that they did not like each other and for different reasons. Ryo smirked slightly through the class as when ever the Sensei made a small mistake Ryo would quietly and with complete respect to Damion's position as Sensei of the class, he would gently correct him on the mistake and then with due respect hold his peace.

Damion was getting infuriated with this boy, but even he knew that there was nothing he could do to him since he was doing everything properly and more so by the book of manners than even he had expected. He had to sit there and teach and get embarrassed in front of the class by this boy.

The bell rang and the class was dismissed. Ryo and Shary left in the middle of the group of students masking their exit. Walking down the halls to doors for lunch Ryo started chuckling. Ignoring the looks he was getting from Shary he indicated that the explanation would come in a few moments.

As they exited the building he whistled sharply and the group that had already met at the tree moved towards him. Carrie looked at him sharply and asked. "Well??"

"Operation was a complete success, not even Shary here noticed that anything was wrong or different. And I have a pretty good idea who the brains behind this operation is." Ryo grinned at Shary's look of complete confusion and gestured towards one of the locker halls that were located in a separate building.

As they all followed it was obvious to the others that Ryo planned on revealing something to Shary. What is was they knew and Shary would have to be left in the dark until the time came for things to get put together.

Ryo stopped at one of the closet doors and looking around gestured for Carrie to open up the classroom door that was on the other side of the hallway for a quick transfer. Once the door was open, Ryo ushered the others in and then opened the closet to pull a body out of it. As he laid the body on the ground, they could all see that it was Ryo. "Man, I hope you know how heavy your carcass is Sanada-san."

Shary grew pale and dropped her bag on the floor. She grew very pale and wondered for a moment just what was going on. She was scared and it was very apparent in her eyes. Slowly she took a step back. She wanted so badly to just run outta the classroom and run home. Anywhere but staying in there.

"W-what's going on??" she asked, trying to keep her voice from the verge of the hysterics.

The walking talking Ryo looked at the Ryo on the floor and then back at Shary. "Yeah, I suppose it would look a little weird to see two of him around and in the same room. I am not Ryo. Heh, not by a long shot." Ryo knelt by the prone Ryo and started concentrating on a mantra that seemed to resound in the air that was enclosed into the locked room.

Carrie and Cye stepped by Shary and Kento stepped over by the Ryo that was chanting. Cye took over the explanations. "By learning and practicing the Eastern arts and Magicís and integrating them with some western magicís Nikki became what is known as a Doppelganger. She has the ability to take on the mind and soul of another and keep her own knowledge at a sub conscious level. When she left the classroom to get Ryo it was to take him out to this area that is never used anymore and use the absorption technique. Ryo agreed to this first and to keep him safe from the interruption the absorption of the mind and soul into her body she cast a protection ward about him so that he would not die.

We all know about it, it is just a little weird the first time you see it. Kento knew about her abilities long before we all did, as she had been a practitioner of the arts for years now. When we all found out about it we all gave her permission to call on us should she need to find out information like she did today. This last period was her open period so it was no trouble for her to just disappear."

By the time Cye finished the explanation to Shary the process had been reversed, Nikki had fallen back against Kento and Ryo was waking up. Gasping Nikki found the words to explain one more point. "The down side to all of this is that it takes a lot of energy to do the casting and reversal, I usually require several days to recover but I can do back to back changes if necessary."

Shary just looked at them. She was confused. Should she faint, should she just scream bloody murder? She did neither. She just nodded. "You're not the only ones with secrets," she said quietly. One thing she never trusted anyone. It they found out what she did when she had time they would surely think her crazy of something. That's what he did. "I guess--I need to go to the library." That was the only thing she could think of right now. But she wanted to be by herself for the moment.

Carrie stopped her. "Look, we all have our secrets, you know one of mine and you know Nikki's secret. We never ever trust someone that is new unless there is a reason to. There is a reason we trust you. You need to realize that not everyone here is out to get you."

She took a deep breath as Rowen stepped over to her. "Look, we don't mean to frighten you, but there is something about you that we are trying to protect, that new sensei in your and Ryo's class is bad news and we want to know why. I think it might have something to do with your past, but if you can't handle your past we aren't going to be able to help you. You understand what I mean??" Rowen took her hand and gently caressed it. His dark eyes looked deep into hers as he whispered, "Sometimes trust means a leap of faith. Faith that there is something or someone on the other side to catch you. We are here reaching out to you." His grasp on her hand was light and comforting, He did not want her to run since she may just run into something she wasn't ready to handle yet. He and the others did not want that. Kento looked at her worriedly as he got Ryo and Nikki seated upright so that they could watch everything.

Shary looked at them. She wanted to trust them so much. They all really cared about her and they were there for her. Just maybe... this wouldn't end up to be just a dream. She took a deep breath.

"My family... are dead. We were all in a car accident but I was the only one to survive. Last night I had the same nightmare about the accident. I was trapped inside, cut up pretty bad, burned in a few places and scared out of my mind." She gently pulled her hand away and rolled up a sleeve. On the underside of her forearm was an ugly scar, like something jagged and sharp raked over the skin. "I got this trying to escape, smashed my arm through the window. But I was still stuck."

The more she talked the sharper the images became. Soon tears were running down her cheeks but she didn't care. She forced herself to continue. Saying that she felt someone pull her away just the car exploded. She didn't tell them however that she had an unusual symbol at the beginning curve of her right breast, where the stranger had placed something there. When someone asked her about her family she grew tense and very scared.

"My family... abused me... Father always struck me. Nothing I ever did was good enough for him and he always hurt me. One time just because I went to a friend's house without his permission he beat me with a belt. Gave me a scar across my back. He said, 'men will always be and always have been the stronger gender.' He said if it wasn't for him then I would never have been born." That explained why she was terrified of the boys in all her classes and such.

"Mother was hurt me also but not physically. She never stood up for me, never hugged me or anything. She never even smiled at me. She always thought she was better than me and told me that good little girls were suppose to be seen, not heard. She was very traditional but also very old fashioned. She would always slap me if I didn't follow tradition and she's the one who taught me to play the piano. The hard way." She paused for a moment to rub the back of her hands." That explained why she seemed almost old fashion and very traditional.

"I had a younger brother... but he ignored me and such. Never stood up for me or anything. Every time I was beaten he would walk away. Never tried to help me. One time... I was beaten so hard by both my parents that I could not even crawl to my room. They left to go see a friend and said if I wasn't in my room by the time they got home I was going to wish I were dead. My brother... he saw me struggling and I guess took pity. He took me to my room, helped me bandage myself more or less and then stayed with me until I fell asleep. But that was it. After that he never helped me again."

She couldn't take anymore. She was crying so hard she couldn't stop if she wanted to. "Why? Why did they hate me??" She ran out of the room, not sure where she was going but she didn't care. Tears kept running down her face and she finally ran to the only place she knew would be empty at this time.

The music room was empty and dark. Shary tripped over some of the chairs and went to the far corner. She sat there with her arms wrapped around her knees, hugging her legs to her chest tightly. She wept bitterly, dampening her skirt and her cries were softly muffled. But it did nothing to ease the pain she still felt. Emotional scars opened once more and her tears ran into them.

Kento watched her leave and looked at his watch. "It is almost time for class. Anyone have any idea where she would go?"

"I know that it is Rowen's class time with her but I have a feeling that she headed for the my class instead." Sage spoke up. He had a strange feeling about this girl ever since he met her and once there had played music it was as if he understood her on another level. Ryo and the others prepared for class and did not argue with Sage. They had heard about how she had let go while immersing herself into the music. If it was a room of comfort she would most likely go there. Sager pulled his old bamboo flute out of his jacket and warmed it up with a quick set of scales before he headed out for the other building at a dead run.

The flute had a warm calming tone to it, as Sage has used it for years after he had learned about meditation. Worn by care and love it now produced a mellow sound that was pleasing to the ears.

As he came up tot he music department's main room he listened carefully to the sounds inside and sidestepped silently into the room. Hearing the tears of the girl he listened for the corner she was in and then sat on one of the desks after closing and locking the door for privacy. Silently he started playing a quiet melody that was haunting and sweet, He had used it often to calm his jangled nerves after a prank day and he knew that it would work on others. Closing his eyes so that he could focus on Shary and where she was, he kept playing swaying slightly in time to the music that he played.

Shary heard the music but made no move to get up. The music seemed to reach into her and try to sooth the pain away, trying to give her comfort. Lifting her head up she rubbed at her eyes. They felt so swollen now and her nose was completely stuffed up so she found it pretty hard to breathe. Leaning her head back she let her eyes slip close, trying to calm her breathing down.

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