Raven's Wing: Chapter 6

Shary put the note away in her bag. She would stay close to Kento since he helped her before. The boys probably wouldn't try to harass her but she didn't want to take any chances. Class ended and slowly the students began to head to other classes. Shary once more followed Carrie to the gym. From there she waved good-bye to her and headed to the locker room to change. She was one of the last ones out. As she braided her hair she searched the gym for any sign of Kento or Nikki.

Kento and Nikki were nowhere to be found. After looking over the grounds no one knew where the pair was. For them to miss gym class it would take a miracle. The guys could only grin as the two people that had stood between them and the target girl that all of them lusted after were gone.

They moved up to Shary and circled her like a pack of wild dogs and when the instructor saw what was going on she tried to intervene only to get restrained by two of the guys. As the circle closed in Shary started to panic. Where was Kento? As she watched the guys circle her wide eyed she heard a strange sound and looked up just as the guys did. A Raven dropped out of the sky talons extended and made an eye level swoop. Cawing raucously it flapped to land on Shary. ~Don’t worry, they are coming~ seemed to pop into Shary's mind just as Kento and Nikki burst out of the locker rooms. Madder than bulls they took out the guys around her as the Raven took off. ~Stay~

Nikki having done her part in distracting the guys circled close to Shary to move her out of the fight path of the whirlwind that was Kento. Once they were back in their corner of the grounds Nikki apologized. "Gomen Nasi Shary-san, Kento and I got detained in the locker rooms. Seems someone really wanted to come after you. We owe Raven big for this one."

Shary could only nod but she clenched her braid tightly in her hand. She told herself she would not cry. She refused to show these jerks how much they scared her but it was hard. It really seemed that she was under the Raven's protection. For that she was very thankful.

"W-What happened?" she asked quietly. "How did you guys get 'detained'?"

"Those are questions for later, at lunch when the others can hear all of this as well. I just about bet that Kento was released at the same time as I was judging by the way we came out of the rooms. I know that one of Raven's friends released me and told me to get my ass topside to get to you. Let me tell you something. When you are told to jump by Raven or co, you go." Nikki started humming a song that seemed to follow the tempo of the fight and yet have a calming effect on the girl that hung around Kento. She only hoped that she had not missed any of her timing and that the song would help Shary calm down a little. Sure enough, as the song died away Kento wrapped up his fight.

As Kento walked over to them the two women could see that he was regaining the control over his breathing as he walked off the exertion. "Who ever pulled that stunt is not going to like what is going to happen to them. If I am not mistaken, that was a raven sitting on you as we came out of the locker rooms." The flames in his eyes died out as he took Shary’s hand in his own and bowed over it. "Shary-san, Gomen Nasi, I told you we would be there and we failed the day after we gave our word."

The young girl didn't know what to say. She just sat there and looked at them. They were truly sorry and genuinely concerned for her safety. She rapidly blinked her eyes so the tears wouldn't fall and shook her head softly.

"Not your fault..." she said softly. "At least you both made it... I'm alright, just shaken up."

Kento looked at her the concern evident in his eyes as he sat next to her with Nikki on the other side of her. The little known fact about Nikki being that when push came to shove, fight she could do and fierce was her style. She was pacifistic but even she had seen the need to train to defend herself or another if she was going to fill her part of the bargain that was struck a year ago when she moved back to Toyama.

As they all calmed down Nikki found that she was having troubles regaining her focus and calm again after the fight as she kept spiking in her energy levels. Kento looked at her worriedly since she had never had this many problems getting settled back into her usual unflappable calm. Finally he asked, "Nikki, am I going to have to ground you myself?"

Nikki looked at him and realized that she was unable to focus and nodded. As they both stood up Kento looked at Shary and smiled. "Don't worry, I am not going to hurt her, but she got too much energy into her system and now she can't get her levels back down again. I was her sparring partner before and she does this occationally it makes her focus, I call it grounding."

The girls and some of the guys that were nicer gathered around to watch the sparring match. This did not happen often and it was entertaining to watch, as they were both good. As they flipped about and struck at each other True to Kento's word he did not hurt Nikki and Nikki did regain her focus. When things clamed down class was ready to be dismissed and Kento moved back over to Shary with Nikki, who looked better for the sparring. "We'll get you to the next class and stay with you if Ryo isn't there yet k??"

Shary just nodded. Wordlessly they all went to the locker rooms and changed. God she felt so tired right now, but she couldn't rest now. She leaned against her locker with her stuff in her locker already. She rubbed her eyes, trying to wake herself when she realized she wasn't alone in the locker room. True none of the girls were in there but she felt someone in here as well. She didn't like it one bit.

"Who's there?" she called out. No answer. But that didn't help her any. She quickly changed and went back outside. Her friends saw that she was scared about something but she just said that she was still shaken up. She just wanted to get to class.

Kento was fuming quietly as he and Nikki to her class. If they could be detained then they would all have to be doubly vigilant. The fact that Raven helped them this one time meant that they all owed yet another favor. Carrie would undoubtedly know about this little incident and the entire clan would be brought in. No one tied up another on duty with out some serious repercussions on the school.

Nikki could read her long time friend like a book. He was ashamed, mad and uneasy, a difficult combination at best for her hard headed friend as he had always taken his duties seriously. She reached behind Shary to touch his shoulder to let him know that he was not the only one feeling that way. The fact that whoever was behind this mess failed meant that he would have to be very careful now. An attempt to get at Shary failed and that meant that the guardians were aware and even more vigilant.

They came up on the class door and when they looked in found that Ryo had not arrived yet. No big deal for the moment as they knew that Ryo sometimes had to help other students on his way across the building to this class. They waited by walking into the class and letting Shary show them where she was seated. As they looked in Ryo's seat they noticed an origami Bull.

Kento took the bull and moved off to a corner to read it. As he did he found himself getting increasingly incensed at the day’s events. Today was supposed to be easy. Now Ryo was tied up in sorting out a brawl that conveniently sprung up outside of his last class. He was going to be late big time. Kento flicked his hand at Nikki and she got up to leave. Looking at Shary she smiled. "Don't worry, I am just going to find out how long Ryo's going to be with the task he is taking care of and then head to class."

Kento gently placed his hand on Shary's shoulder as Nikki left. Looking at the door worriedly he smiled slightly as Ryo walked in a few moments later. "Ryo, Nikki update you??" Ryo nodded.

"Sorry for making you late Kento, That was a real mess to sort out over there. Man what is going on, its like the whole school is going nuts or something."

Kento nodded and then headed out of the room. "You'll be fine Shary, Just relax and let us handle things k??" He waved at them both and then ran off to get to his next class.

Shary was still shaken up and it showed no matter how much she tried to hide it. She was still nervously twining the ribbon in her hands, finally settled on playing a game of cat's cradle. Turning she asked Ryo if he wanted to play.

"You know how to play Cat's Cradle?" she asked. She had plenty of time to learn all the games made for string. Only being allowed to go to her room and school she became quiet good at it.

"What version? You do know that there are over 8 versions on the classic cradle right??" Ryo grinned as he knew that he caught her off guard with the little fact that yes, he did know how to play, and that he knew several versions of the game.

Shary smiled at him and cocked her head at him some. "Okay smart guy, lets see how far we can go. First one to get their fingers caught loses. Deal?"

She was starting to trust the small group more and more. Ryo was like an older brother. Something she always wished for. At least she didn't feel sleepy right now. As they began playing she kept the ring far away from the string as she could. It was a silver ring with a small picture of a yin-yang in the center. On either side was a ting blossom. The rim around the symbol looked a tiny piece of braided rope. It was something she found in an antique store and bought immediately. It was kinda like she was meant to find this. Even since then she never took it off except when she took a shower.

"Deal" and they started to play. Ryo started off at a lazy pace but as the game continued he stepped up the pace then the complexity of the cradle. Their fingers flashed back and forth moving the cradle up and down the steps. He was grateful that he had the manual dexterity for all of this. She was good and he would readily admit it, but he was good too, and he knew it. She wasn't going to win easily.

Shary bit her lip and made another step. But when she pulled her hand out the ring was pulled off and it fell to the floor, and rolled away. "My ring!!" she forgot about the game and dropped down to the floor. "Nonono." She began looking for it, going under the desk and chairs for her ring. She stopped when she looked at a pair of black shoes. Looking up she found a young man she had never seen before holding her ring in his hand. She didn't know why but she felt a wave of fear hit her.

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