Raven's Wing: Chapter 5

Like in the music class she closed her eyes and let herself be lost. A couple of times she messed up and would always rub the back of her hands. She remembered painfully how every time she touch the wrong note her mother slapped a ruler against her hands. One time she even hit hard enough to where the metal bit into her skin.

"Still hurts after all these years..." she told herself. She climbed up the stairs to her room located in the far end of the large house. Closing the door behind her and pulling the curtain close she slowly began to undress and slipped into an oversized shirt. She curled up on her bed and debated whether or not to call Sage. After school was fine with her. Or maybe it would be better on the weekends. After a long time, she picked up the phone and dialed the number.

Sage heard the phone ring, Checking the CID he picked up immediately. "Hello, This is Sage."

"Sage? This is Shary... I wasn't disturbing you, was I?" She curled up on her bed, hugging a worn stuffed animal tightly.

"Not at all" he reassured her. "What’s on your mind??" Sage sat up in bed and proceeded to get goose bumps on his upper body from the cooler night air. Shuddering slightly he grabbed a spare shirt from on the chair next to his bed and threw it on as he waited for her to word her reply.

"Gomen for calling late but it's about the music rehearsal. I was wondering if we can do it on the weekends since we all have class assignments and such during the week." She rolled onto her side, turning her back on the window. "And maybe... we can ask everyone else to listen to us practice."

"Sure we can do that. Occationally the Kendo team practices on the weekends and I have to be there to open up the gym for that. I can be there for the other weekends as well. How is the music, you feel it is something that we can work through?" Sage could feel himself smiling, he loved music and he had already gone through the flute music. It was beautiful to hear and with practice he knew that it would be beautiful to see as well. He had only skimmed the vocal music but from what he saw, it wouldn't be anything that would tax him too much. He would definitely need to warm up before attempting some of the upper octave stretches, but he had the breath control and the focus to do it all.

"Oh yes. I think that with enough practice... the show will be a big success," she said softly, rubbing her hands on reflex. "I guess... tomorrow we can decide on what times we can meet?"

Sage listened to her and took a stab in the dark, wondering what was possessing him to do this. "Sure thing. Shary-san, are you certain you’re alright??" He prayed to Kami-sama that she wouldn't hang up on him. So many people thought he was a freak just because his training with his grandfather had sharpened his senses to an uncanny degree. He was hoping that he was doing the right thing in exposing himself this early.

"... I'm okay, Date-san... Just some bad memories..." She hugged her stuffed rabbit tighter. "I'll see you and the others tomorrow?"

"They must be some pretty powerful memories to haunt you in your waking hours. Take care, you will see us tomorrow in your classes, same as today ok??" Sage was genuinely worried, not many girls he met had such ghosts in their eyes.

"Alright... Arigato, Date-san." she said quietly. Slowly, she lowered the phone back down on the ringer, hanging it up, and climbed in under her blankets. She hugged her rabbit tightly and curled up against it. She lets her eyes drift close and buried her face in its soft, white fur. Pretty soon she was asleep.

Sage hung up the phone and put it back on the charger for the next day and went back to bed. He did not however go to sleep right away since the call woke him up and thoroughly confused him. He liked her, but as a friend, He loved the way they instinctively timed music together. He was not able to play like that and have so much fun since he moved away from his mother.

Running the notes of the flute music through his head and then the notes of the piano music through his head he soon was relaxed and in a dreaming state of sleep.

In a large home just down the street from Han'a High, a scream was faintly heard from inside. It didn't disturb the neighbors but in the alley a cat screeched and went running into the shadows to hide.

Shary sat up straight in bed, her hair hung over her shoulders in damp curls, her skin was pale, eyes wide is fright and a slight sweat on her body. She looked around her room and settled her vision on a small photo on her nightstand. It was of a family: man and woman in formal get up, a young boy looking very serious, and a little girl with sad eyes.

"A-A nightmare... but it was real... too close..." The memories of that fatal car accident came back to her. The screaming, the tears, the pain, the flames, the blood-

Shary shook her head roughly, shoving the images from her mind. She walked over to her window seat and sat down to watch the night sky. "Why was I allowed to live?" she asked softly. The young girl continued to sit there, even as the sun's rays started to rise into the sky. It was another night of endless sleep.

~Next Morning~

Shary was already dressed and was getting her books ready fro class today. She was still so very tired that she hoped she wouldn't fall asleep in classes today. She looked up in surprise when she heard someone at her door and went to answer it.

"Kento-san, Nikki-san! Konichiwa." She bowed to them and opened the door for them. "Please, come in."

"Konichiwa Shary-san" they chorused back at her as they stepped into the house they smiled at her and noted that she was almost ready for school. "Did you sleep well last night??" Nikki asked looking at the girl she wanted to call friend carefully.

Shary nodded and made a small yawn behind her hand. "Alright. I didn't know you guys were going to walk with me to school today."

Nikki nodded. "Yeah, Thought you might like the company for a while ya know??"

Kento smiled at her and let the girls out first once they were all ready. "Oh, Sage called me to tell you that he would like to meet you in the music room early again today. Something about running scales for vocals in class today." Kento and the others knew that Sage had to occationally do a demonstration for the newly settled boys in the school. However none of the group had ever heard him sing before. The fact that he was having Shary help him with warm ups said a lot.

"Alright." She made sure the door was securely locked and together they all walked to school. She felt a little more open to the two of them and it showed as she talked with them some, and even looked up at them from time to time. She smiled a little and just seemed a little bit more open. However, the ghosts were still apparent in her eyes. Pretty soon they arrived at the courtyard of the school. From the distance, a pair of eyes watched her enter the grounds.

Kento looked up at a random window in the school and smiled. "Looks like we're in luck. Carrie-san beat us all to school. Lets get you to class so that you can talk to her and ask her any questions. I know you have a few...I know I did when I got here. Sound right to you??"

They made for the school and the first hour class. Upon their arrival to the room they were met at the door by Carrie who nodded to the pair. "Come in come in. Today is 20 questions. You ask I tell ok? No holds barred and only a few get that treatment."

Shary was a bit taken back but she nodded. "I was just wondering if you could tell me some more about the school. That way I won't get lost here or anything." She did want to know more about the others but she thought it might be best if she asked them herself.

Carrie had been expecting other questions since she knew that Shary had been given a map of the grounds and how the buildings were laid out. Well the student population here is a little over 1000 here scattered over all four grades. You have seen the layout of the school, so I am going to tell you about the students."

Carrie sat back in her seat and collected her virtual database on the student population of Han'a high. "The good egg population comprises of about 99.98% of the school. The Bad eggs or troublemakers that are constantly in trouble are the other small percentage and you can consider Raven and crew in that group. Yep, even saints Sage, Ryo and Cye are included in the troublemaker group. Kento and Rowen tend to help Raven out on a few projects but they cause trouble of their own. Did you know that Rowen can bench press Kento when he is of the mind to do it?"

Carrie chuckled. "Yep, the walking brain may look like a featherweight but man you need something moved, he and Kento are the ones to talk to. As for the other bad eggs of the school, most of them stay in line because of Raven and only cause minor trouble. But there are a couple that know me and pay me no mind. I hate stringing them into line, but with them it has to be done the hard way. Stay away from them. They are easy to find because unlike the guys you've met who only get angry and blow off and calm down. These guys radiate something foul, and it isn't BO.

"I understand and will be careful. Tell me, why did you and the others befriend me? I'm no one special." She looked away in shame. Those were the words her family always threw at her when they were upset. They didn't know they put up with her and such.

"Honey, everyone is special, you, me, Raven, and the guys. Then the other special folk are the rest of the students, the teachers and the bum lot that I warned you about. It just takes one person to repeat like a parrot bad words to keep someone else from rising up and out of the bucket. You know about crabs when they’re stuck in a bucket??" Carrie smiled softly.

"Well when one gets to the top of the bucket to get out the others try to crawl out using him as a ladder. Doesn’t work, the weight of them all pulls them all back to the bottom of the bucket. Its cycle, some of us get out and are free and others have to work even harder than the rest to get out. You are special because even though you parrot what you've been told, you keep trying anyways to improve yourself and your life."

"Maybe you're right," she said softly. Then she decided to try and change the subject. Something she has been wondering about. "You and sometimes the others mention the Raven. Who is he/she?"

"Raven is actually a code name/guide. You see, I have what is known as a spirit guide, the Raven. He is the guide of temperance, knowledge and understanding. I am sometimes called Raven because Ravens are also mischief-making birds, I am a prankster and line drawer. The office won't do anything about the guys and me because we do not discriminate in keeping the school in line. The old line of justice being blind really applies here. The guys have even nailed each other for over stepping the lines. But as I said before, there are others that don't care. And it is those that I really watch and they never know it."

Carrie had lowered her voice and turned her face from the window so she could keep an eye on who was watching them. Who Raven was, was not common knowledge though what they all did was public and blatant.

Shary just nodded her head, her eyes holding a look of understanding in them. "I know what you mean. No since having everyone who is not your ally know the Raven's identity. The secret is safe with me." She looked out the window as well, thinking to herself of her own animal guide. The same one that protected her from the car accident.

Class was starting to begin and the students began to enter the classroom and take their seats. Shary wordlessly took her seat and took out what she would need for this class today.

Throughout class Carrie again wrote the little notes and folded them into the same shapes that she did the day before. The notes were short and once secreted into her case she looked like she was paying attention to the Sensei but her eyes had that far away cast of someone deep in thought.

Close to the end of class she came back down to earth and wrote another note

{Shary-san, Gym class in next, stay close to Ken-san


Folding the note neatly she slid it to Shary and hoped that the girl would over look the mysteriousness of the note and take her warning to heart. Carrie would do as she did, the day before and get her to Gym class, but once there she was under Kento's aegis.

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