Raven's Wing: Chapter 4

He led her up to the Sensei and as he made a short bow he smiled. The Sensei looked up from her books and smiled back. "Sage, Shary, that was absolutely wonderful earlier today. I have an idea for you two if you feel that you may be up to it." Se looked from one to the other and then continued.

"If you wouldn't mind I would like to put you two into a recital I am putting together. A couple of pieces in Piano/Flute duet and then if you wouldn't mind, I would like Sage here to put that wonderful tenor voice of his to use and be accompanied by you Shary on a few classical pieces. What do you think??"

Sage did not mind the idea and he would fully support Shary in her practices if she would do it. And knowing the Sensei, they would have access to the music department at odd hours so that they could rehearse in privacy or for their friends. He looked at her to let her know that she was the one that would make the plan a go for them all. He also touched her hand lightly so that she would know that she had his and the guys' full support.

Shary looked over at him and then back at the sensei. She wasn't sure... but if this was the only way she could play the piano and express herself then so be it.

"A-Alright. I'll do it... sensei." She bowed her head, keeping her head down. Her knuckles were turning white from strain as she clenched her bag tightly. She just wanted to go home right now. Calming herself down, she hummed the tune of Moonlight in her mind, hoping that Date-san or the Sensei didn't notice her unease.

Sage looked at Sensei and then to the girls who had many faces. "We will be ready, if you have the music for us to learn Sensei we will be ready for the program when ever you have it planned."

Sage was cool, and calm, like a lake in the summer he covered for Shary smoothly and gave the sensei a look that conveyed volumes. The teacher nodded and turned over the copies of the music. "The program will be in two months. You have a key to this room Sage, feel free to come in and practice at anytime." Sage bowed again and thanked her.

Turning he gently directed Shary out the door, "Are you certain you are ok with this Shary-san?" He asked her quietly as they walked down the hall.

"Yes... I love playing the piano... helps me relax sometimes..." she told him quietly. She sighed deeply and brushed some of her hair behind her ear. "Perhaps we can practice after classes or something?" She lifted her satchel into her arms and hugged it tightly.

Sage nodded understandingly when his hand shot out and grabbed the student's arm that was behind them. "I wouldn't recommend doing that if I were you. Raven has her under the wing now so I would suggest you back off." As he turned to look at the student, his voice was deadly calm and his manner perfectly deferential to the older student, but it was also a subtle warning.

The student nodded and Sage released his hand smiling. "You will let the others know??" The student nodded and walked off in a different direction and Sage gestured for Shary to continue. "Don't worry Shary, he is one of the biggest talkers in the school, knowing him, the news will be about by the morning and you won't have much to worry about after that. If you like one of us could walk you home for a while. That way the wolves won't come out."

They were headed outside again and when they got to the tree that they had sat under for lunch Sage knelt down and picked up a very small stone. Tossing it up, it never came back down until Cye dropped down next to them from the branches with the pebble in his hand. "Darn you Sage, you always have to wake me up that way??"

Sage merely smiled serenely and then nodded to Shary. "Set the days and times for rehearsal and I will be there. Until we meet again." And he walked off leaving her with Cye. Cye only shook his head and then looked over at Shary. "Want to talk?" Was the only thing he said, as he looked her in the eye. The green blue eyes reflecting a light of understanding that he knew that Shary would understand.

The young girl was once more nervous and before she could keep her head bowed she looked into his eyes. That almost did her in. She wanted nothing more but to just break down the wall that she erected all those years again. "I... I..." But she couldn't. No matter how much she wanted to just let it all out something wouldn't let her. She looked away.

"I can't talk... not now..." she tightly shut her eyes and covered her mouth, willing herself not to cry. Another breeze flew by and blew her hair into her face. It coved the slight tear that slowly rolled down her cheek. She didn't even bother to brush it aside nor push her hair back.

Cye reached out to her and gently pulled her close to him in a loose hug. He only circled her lightly letting her know that if she wanted to leave the comfort session she was more than able to. "Shhh, it will be ok. Something very painful happened to you in your past. You want to forget it and go on. Part of forgetting is dealing with that problem. I am willing to listen."

Cye's voice was low and comforting as he tipped her head up to gently use his thumb to brush the tear from her cheek. Looking into her eyes with his own, not judging, but just looking. He knew that there was much pain in her past; it was obvious from the way she acted around the boys of the school. They had all picked up on that and treated her with the utmost respect. Of them all they knew that Cye would try to reach out to her.

He turned her slightly and walked her over to a small bench that was near the tree and sat her down. Just holding her hand he sat next to her and gently brushed his thumb over the back of her hand. He would let go if she wanted him to, but for now he just wanted to comfort her and make her a little more comfortable.

Shary just sat there, still fighting back tears. She didn't mind that Cye was still holding her hand. She knew she could have escaped but she didn't. She took a deep breath and looked over at their joined hands. "Arigato, Mouri-san," she said softly. Her eyes were still bright with unshed tears but she didn't dare give into them. Not here, and not now.

"I have not had an easy childhood... I know that it will not be easy... but I just need some time to understand all what's going on..." She sighed deeply and looked at him from beneath her curtain of long hair. "But I appreciate all your concern."

Cye smiled softly and then brushed her hair out of her face gently. "No, you are right, it was not easy for you. Time heals most wounds; others you need to trust others to help heal, Time and Trust are virtues that not many understand. Like you, everyone under the Raven's wing has had a particularly dark moment in their past, and like you, we all had to learn to trust again. Some of us were forced into the trust factor, but it was for the best. We won't do that to you, but we do hope that you will trust us all in the end. Sage likes your musical Talent and he meant what he said about you setting up the schedule. This way we can work around you." He stood up and using gentle pressure on her hand, got her to stand up as well.

"Come, letís get you to your locker and then get you home. Sage will walk with us today, if you do not mind. I think that two of us will walk with you daily until you are better known around here. If you like, we can also train you a little bit to defend yourself. There is not much to it for the basics and you will not get hurt as easily from the idiots around here if you do take us up on that. Nikki would probably take on your training." His voice remained soft and encouraging as he continued to try and draw her out a little more.

"Alright. If you think it would be best." She softly smiled at him and felt herself opening up some more. It was so hard not to be afraid him, and he was so trustworthy. When she looked into his eyes once more she didnít bow her head as she always did. Instead she just smiled a genuine smile for the first time in who knew how long.

From across the courtyard, watching the two of them from within a classroom a pair of jealous eyes watched. He growled as he saw how the one called Cye was talking with the new girl, even holding her hand when earlier she shied from everyone else. When he saw her smile he smiled wickedly. He knew everything about Raven but that didn't scare him. He would take her right out from underneath their noses and teach her some bedside manners.

"I live just down the street," she told Cye as they waited for Sage, still admiring the flower Rowen had made her. "It's pretty big so it's hard to miss."

Cye had noticed the flower and smiled. "Rowen was always good at things like Origami. I see that he like the rest of us was trying to help you feel a little more at home here." Looking up he nodded. "There's Sage and it looks like he is ready to go." Smiling slightly playfully he looked at her and bowed like a gallant noble. "Is m'lady ready to be escorted to her abode??"

"Very much so, sir knight." She hid her slightly giggle behind her hand. Tucking the flower in her bag she tentatively smiled at Sage. It was going to take sometime but she could already feel herself trusting them. When Sage came up to them she bowed a little and curtsied some. "I'm ready to go when you are."

Sage grinned at Cye and then spoke to her. "Well then m'lady, away we go." Sage gestured for her to precede them and as they left the grounds of the school the guys looked up at the building and nodded. Moving along the street towards the indicated house. Sage and Cye were in a good mood and they were well on their way to getting Shary to trust them. They needed to talk but not with the girl around.

As they came up to the door of the house they walked her right up to it and smiled at her. "Shary, I know Rowen gave you our numbers, if you need anything, help or problems wise we will be there." Cye stepped back a few steps and Sage stepped forward. "This is my mobile number, we each have one and I will bet that Ryo gave you his. Rest up some keep us in mind and then call me when you are ready to schedule the rehearsal times ok? They can happen at any time. As for what Cye talked to you about during your free period, keep it in mind. It might save your life." Sageís eyes were worried for her as he backed up.

Shary nodded at them both, her mouth suddenly losing the smile she had earlier. She knew what they meet and they wouldn't be there for her all the time. She looked at them and gave them a small smile. "I know you both mean well. And I'll be careful. Arigato... for everything." She unlocked the door and waved to them as she stepped inside. "Sayonara." As the door clicked shut, she leaned up against it and looked at the numbers in her hand, along with the paper blossom.

Rowen and the others met up later that evening at a restaurant not far from the house of Shary. As they all made comparisons as to how she had started to loosen up around the end of the day. Carrie was worried, there were some disturbing rumors going about the school, they weren't nice at all. Very soon she would have to ask the mother of all favors of the group to ensure the girl's safety.

Nikki noticed the girl's disquiet and was worried. It wasn't often that the trickster herself was worried about something. Something major must have started recently. And if Carrie was worried, it meant really ugly repercussions on the person that would set her off.

As they split off for the night they moved off in pairs and headed home. It had been decided that Kento and Nikki would stop by the house in the morning to pick her up for school. It had not been asked of them and they didn't care. Cye had known that this girl's past was going to keep her from fighting. They were going to keep her safe until she could fight again.

Shary silently did her homework and the extra assignments that Ryo had given her so she wouldn't get too far behind. Later she fixed herself a small dinner and then decided to try her hand at the music sheets. Her home was very large, with some furniture here and there. Even some imported and expensive pieces but it didn't matter to her. It was so lonely. She went to the large den and began to play the piano that stood in the middle of the room.

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