Raven's Wing: Chapter 2

Nikki grinned as she saw Kento doling out a rather severe punishment to the original circle of guys. Yes, she had been new once. She had moved for a few years and when she had come back Kento had been the one to save her from the circle. You get claimed by Kento or the Raven and you would be just fine in this school.

Shary just nodded slowly. She watched what was being done to the guys who messed with her and wrapped her arms around her stomach. More memories came at her, each one being a painful reminder of why she never let anyone touch her least she could help it. Another reason why she hated this uniform, it revealed sometimes she never wanted to show. Although they were almost gone they could still be seen.

"Kento?! Get in trouble??" Nikki laughed. "Yeah he gets in trouble sometimes, but that is only with the other parents. Kento has been kinda the girls gym supervisor for a while now. The staff let him do it cause they all know of the Fung's and they know that Kento wouldn't do anything to tarnish his reputation in that area."

"Just watch out if he starts claiming you as a friend." She grinned "That means that he trusts you to not hurt him when he plays a joke on you." Nikki saw the look on Shary's face and quickly added. "But the ones he plays on the girls are nothing. Just little spoof and nuances to make us laugh. The guys on the other hand." And she trailed off laughing.

When she regained herself her eyes were still dancing with laughter as she continued. "Kento is one of a pair of pranksters in this school. But no one can do a joke on anyone like Raven. She is the one that keeps the teachers here from getting to big an ego. No one quite knows what to make of her after all her time here but she definitely keeps things interesting. You just wait and see, if you ever hear a teacher bellowing like a mad bull it's usually Raven and crew at it again."

Nikki winced as she looked over at the pile of guys that were leaning against each other. Kento had done his job again rather well and was headed over their way completely calm and probably feeling better for the work out. "You need a formal introduction to Kento now that he has taken care of business. Remember what I said. He will never hurt you and he will always treat you like a lady."

As Kento walked up to them and smiled as Nikki had been herself and took her in. "Hey Nikki, How are things going over here. No trouble??"

Nikki shook her head. "Kento this is Manor Shary, Shary...Shary??" Nikki had noticed that Shary was shaking again and got worried. Shary this is Kento, Please say hello to him?? I am not leaving here ok??"

She swallowed twice before gathering the courage to speak. She bowed her head to him but didn't raise it. "Nice to meet you, sir." She didn't dare raise her head or look him in the eyes. That was what earned her the burning welt across her back. Even though it healed over, it still ached from time to time.

Kento looked at her and then gently tipped her chin up to meet his gaze. Bowing to her he looked at her again and smiled. "It is a pleasure and an honor to meet you as well Manor-san. Class is almost over and you need to get dressed so that we can get you to your next class. Nikki will join us," and he glanced at her as she nodded quietly "and we'll get you to class. We'll also give you some background information on the way so that you get through it better. Come on." He gestured for Nikki to get her off the field away from the eyes and into the slightly more private locker rooms.

Nikki got Shary up and moving towards the locker rooms and Kento followed them as far as the door. Turning he looked about the grounds and then headed for the guys lockers to quick shower and change for his next class. Geophysics.

Shary waited until most of the girls had changed and took her clothes out of the locker. "Nikki-san... I'll be with you in minute... Lemme just change." Giving her a slight bow she went to the far side of the changing room, trying to hide from everyone's view and changed back into her uniform. As she pulled her shirt over her head, she winced as her back protested. Across her shoulder blades was a white scar, just around her bra strap. Slowly, she pulled her uniform's shirt over head and finished dressing. Then she put her gym clothes into her gym locker and met up with Nikki.

Nikki and Kento looked at her worriedly as she came out of the locker room. Smiling though Nikki and Kento flanked her but didn't make much contact with her. Kento knew that there was something wrong. He saw it in her eyes as she flinched away from the boys. When he talked to Nikki outside the locker rooms before Shary came out they agreed that someone had hurt her, and they had hurt her bad. No wonder Raven took her in.

Kento tried as he could to be nice. He was nice by nature but he was trying to be gentle and careful, as Shary was a bit skittish around him yet. He knew it would take time, but he hoped that she would eventually trust him and Raven. "What is your next class?? We had better get going if you don't want to be late."

Nikki nodded as she had promised to walk with them. She saw the signs and noted her skittishness. Like the deer that did not know who to trust she was willing to be a stable point as always. After all, Raven had claimed this one, now the rest had to follow through.

Shary searched for her schedule and looked at it once more. She had so many classes; all she wanted to do was just go home. But at least this time she wasn't afraid to go home. "I have something called Bio-Chemistry," she said quietly. She put her schedule back in her satchel and kept her head bowed as they walked her to her next class. She had pulled the ribbon from her hair, leaving it loose once more and tied it to her bag's handles.

Kento nodded and looked at Shary. "Well you are in luck. There is a friend in there you can trust. You know what to say if there is trouble, now all I have to do is get you to class and tell you who to look for. Remember what that girl told you if you ever get in trouble. Once you know who all of us are you will be able to tell any one of us when there is trouble and we'll take care of it until you get adjusted."

Nikki took over the explanation from there. There will be a guy in your class he will be about Kento's height but definitely not his size." She snickered as Kento gave her a look of mock hurt and then continued. "His name is Ryo. Sit near him because in class you know that he will not be able to move much to help you out. Granted he has a few tricks up his sleeve for dealing with the hotshots, but it is best you sit with his group. Better yet I recommend that you inform him of who you are. He will already know to look out for you if he got the message on time. But he will not know who you are. Say hello to him. Tell him what you told Kento and you won't have any problems in class." She nodded

"Yeah, the best way to beat a problem is to prevent it from happening. Ryo is a good friend and he will treat you with the same respect and dignity that I have. You just keep that in mind and you'll do fine."

As they all came to a stop in front of the class doors she found herself looking and seeing not to many people there. There was a boy writing things on the chalkboard and a few others there for class. Ryo looked up and nodded to the trio and pointed to a set of desks near the back and the corner of the classroom.

Nikki gently pushed Shary in direction of the desks with an encouraging wave left her in the room. Kento nodded and smiled and then walked a couple of doors down to his class certain of her safety. Kami-sama knew he did not want to get stripped and filleted by Raven if she came into any trouble.

Shary looked at their fleeting backs and then headed to where she saw the young man. His hair was longer than most boys around the schoolyard but his eyes were an intense blue. She shied away from the few students in there, wanting to run and hide but she continued her slow trek to the group of desks. She had to be sure. "A-Are you Ryo-san?" she asked quietly, not meeting his eyes.

Ryo looked at her for a moment and then smiled reassuringly. "Yeah, I'm Ryo, Sanada Ryo, how do you know me??" It was the question he had asked several times before as he gestured to the empty seats next to him.

"The people I were with told me... Nikki-san and Kento-san told me that I could trust you... Also told me to tell you that I'm under Raven's wing..." Her hands tightened on her satchel's handle. Already she could feel herself getting tense and nervous. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. She started to take a step back to go to another desk.

"Whoa, easy does it there. Kento is a good friend of mine, and when Nikki tells you something you can believe it. She has a sixth sense about people; I have never seen her wrong yet. Please sit down, I don't bite and I promise on my word of honor as a gentleman that I will not hurt you in any way." Ryo's eyes took on intensity as he heard the words the girl said. Something made her very nervous around people and from the look Nikki gave him this was going to be a long trust building person.

Ryo smiled again as a couple more people came into the room. They stared openly at the new girl but the glare they received from the raven-haired boy made them thing twice about causing trouble. He was in guardian mode now and no one messed with him then. When Ryo said jump in this mode you jumped and then asked how high and found a way to reach it.

Reaching out gently he took her by the hand and sat her down in the desk next to his but not the one in the corner. He left her a way out in case she needed to bolt as something about her manner practically screamed at him that she was running from something in her past yet.

Shary started when he took her hand but all he did was lead her to her seat. Like a gentleman. She looked up at him briefly and softly thanked him. She played with the ribbon on her bag, not sure what to do or say now since it was still more or less early for class to begin.

Absently her mind wondered as to how lucky, so far, she was to have met the few people here. They treated her kindly and tried not to scare her in any way. For that much she was truly grateful. But in her life evil intentions could be hidden under a pretty face or kind gesture. If they wanted her to trust them it would take a long time. But one she gave he trust to someone, she valued it more than anything in the world.

Ryo kept an eye on her and as the class was called to order the roll was taken and the look Ryo gave the sensei told him that the new student was shy. He nodded and continued with class, the lesson being taught was on the board for all to see and follow along with. Ryo only waited for her to ask him about anything she did not understand but otherwise kept the class at bay.

The girl was pretty yes, but there was something there, a fear that overlaid the natural beauty and he was being called on to help her through that fear and her first days of class. He knew that one of them would be walking her home tonight from class and he thought that maybe Nikki could help since Shary seemed uncomfortable around the guys.

Pulling a sheet of paper out he wrote her a quick note.

{Trust is a beautiful gift; you are not the first to be slow to trust others. We will wait for your trust and only be your friends until that time, Should you need anything here in class, just let me know. I have given my word, I will help you all I can, we all will.

Sanada Ryo}

Passing it to her he hoped that she would read it and understand what he meant. He wanted to comfort her and help her nerves as she was still shaking a bit now and then. He was worried and it brought out his most protective side. One that did not come out too often.

Shary looked at the words for a long time. She was started at what he had written but relaxed a bit when she realized that he probably meant Kento and Nikki. And maybe even Carrie. She wrote down under his message, taking her time and choosing her words carefully. Then she folded it and passed it back to him.


Although can be easily given at times, it can also be easily broken. Time has always been a virtue. Thank you for your kindness. I will give you my word as well, once you all have gained my trust, know that I will treasure it more then anything in the world.


Ryo nodded slightly to show he understood and then smiled again. She was at least willing to give them a chance, that was more than some had done in the past. He wrote down all of the assignments that she would need to do in order to at least catch up in the understanding of what was going in the class. Under that he wrote two phone numbers. Beside those numbers he wrote. {Manor-san, Call here or here if you need any help with your assignments. Best of luck. Sanada Ryo.}

As the class continued and came to a close he handed her the slip of paper with the assignments and the numbers and then gestured to the door. "Should I guess that you probably have lunch next??" Smiling he waited for her to exit first before catching up with her to show her to the lunch area. "Raven mentioned that we all would be having lunch together, I have lunch next so that probably means that you have it then too if I am not mistaken."

"In fact, I do." She gave him a small smile and followed him. "I was in a hurry this morning... I'm afraid I forgot to pack my own lunch." Luckily she had some money with her. She silently followed him, feeling not so tense now but she was wary. Time is a virtue. She just had to keep telling herself that.

"Well there is a bento hut on the grounds they have lunches there for the students." Ryo walked with her to the schoolyard out front where everyone went for lunch and headed with her to the Bento hut and as she got her lunch a couple of the more daring guys made a comment "Woohoo! Go Ryo!"

Ryo could only turn to the maker of the comment and the flames hit his eyes. The guy’s buddies and he were all upper classmen but not even they were willing to take Ryo on. Most of the school at one point or another had seen the effects of Ryo's temper and they all knew that even the Kendo team's top member Sage wouldn't take Ryo on when he looked like that.

In a calm and perfectly rational voice he spoke to them. "I, would suggest to you gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, that you turn around and walk back the way you came to crawl back under your respective rocks. Any further comment will result in a prompt and painful beating that you will not soon forget."

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