Professor Koji/Doctor Yagiyu

Name: Professor Koji/Doctor Yagiyu
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Birth Place:
Position: Mia's Grandfather/Nasuti's Grandfather

A short lived character in the series, he is perhaps the most important. Professor Koji studied Ancient Legends, a study that he believed in and in doing so, quite possibly saved the world from total destruction.

The information he gathered from historical texts, legends and other documents were all encoded on disks which he left to his Granddaughter Mia to help her guide the troopers. His death was at the hands of the Dynasty when they attacked and possessed his body. Ryo was able to help de-possess him, it was during that time of de-possession that Professor Koji knew that his time was up. Telling Mia what she needed to know about the disks he died. It seemed, however, that his spirit did not leave for the other world until after helping one last time in the decryption of the first files.