Kaze (Wind)

1.  Mukae ni Ikumade (Until We Meet)
2.  Mo Ichido Baby Blue (Once Again Baby Blue)
3.  Pressure
4.  Kaze no Junction (Junction of the Wind)
5.  Dead End Love
6.  Namida no Rhapsody (Rhapsody of Tears)
7.  Fill in The Dream
8.  Wonder -Toki ni Nageru Gimonfu- (Wonder -A Question Flowing in Time-)
9.  Ano Hi no Fuotogurafu (That Day's Photograph)
10. Ikoku no Serenade (Foreign Seranade)
11. Dream of Loneliness
12. Yume ni Dakarete (Embracing the Dream)
13. Kaze no Ato (Footsteps of the Wind)
14. Seishun Dattene (It Was My Youth)