Kayura: Last of the Clan of the Ancients

Name: Kayura
Hair: Midnight Blue
Eyes: Indigo
Height: 5'6"/168cm
Blood: Type A
Birthdate: December 12, 1559
Birth Place: Nara
Position: Last of the Ancients
Armor: Is seen in both the Armor of Cruelty and the Clan Robes
Weapons: Staff of the Ancient
Armor Call:
Sure Kill:

Near the end of Talpa's/Argo's reign over the Nether Realm, Anubis stepped into the battle as the Ancient and the shakujo restored his armor to him. Using everything he learned he saw that Badamon had possessed Kayura and it was learned that Kayura was the last of the Ancient's clan. Her place in the world was to be the bearer of the staff as last of the line of the ancients.

Anubis threw everything he had into a final attack that sent the Armor of Cruelty to Kayura helping her to gain the strength to de-possess herself. Kayura seeing the evil she had done, did like Anubis had and started following the ways of the Ancient to learn them and fought on the side of the Ronins to gain freedom for the mortal world from Talpa's dark terror as the bearer of the Ogre Armor and as the last of the Ancients.