Ancient One/Kaos

The Ancient One or Kaos

Name: Ancient One/Kaos
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue (when they glow)
Weight: Unknown
Armor: Robes of his Clan
Jin: No jin but follows the concepts of a Guardian
Weapons: Staff of the Ancients
Armor Call: None
Sure Kill: Unknown

Being the one that sent Talpa packing the first time around over 1000 years ago, he has kept a lasting vigilance over the world to see that the balance of good and evil do not tip in the wrong direction. When he defeated the Demon Lord, the armor that was left behind was used to create the Ronin/Warlord armors. Using the Four Bushido virtues and the five Buddhist virtues it is easy to see where the lines were drawn.

It is before the first battle with Talpa is over that the Ancient One sacrificed himself to create the necessary link to Talpa's realm for the Ronin to cross to defeat the Demon Lord.  His spirit stayed with the mortal world though as he was seen by the Ronin at various times in their times of greatest need.