Fate of the End: Chapter 18

Her eyes cleared for a brief moment as she recognized the sincerity that could only come from Kento in a moment of need. "You... love me?" Her normally soft voice returned before her features hardened again.

"Of course not. This is just a ploy to get me to move against Geran." Her words hissed out and as they struck the Hardrock bearer he flinched from their blow like he never flinched from the physical blows.

"I love Mia, not this deceitful creature before me. I know the real Mia and if you were her you would have seen that going down this path could only lead to the same end that the Warlords would have faced had they stayed loyal to Talpa." Kento reiterated his feelings even as he strained against the five that held him down. Yulie was still fighting, but only in spirit as he watched the play before him.

"Mia, come back with us. Kentoís right about him being a better match than this cretin. Remember what you told me? You wouldnít side with a man that would use you? That to understand anything you had to have the freedom to choose your own path?"

"I remember Mia. I remember because you came to me in tears one night wondering when it would be your turn to find the happiness that Ryo and the others had found in their lives. Now your knight in armor is here and you would deny him entrance to the castle for the sake of power?! The thought sickens me as to just how low you have sunk Mia."

His derisive tones and long forgotten memories started to surface with the will of her heart. The enchantment that held her mind and spirit tried to push back but found that her true heart was the thing that was guiding the power of the Jewel of Life. As her mind cleared she remembered everything to her shame. But she held that back even as she narrowed her eyes. "This talk bores me. I think I will end your suffering now Boys."

She didnít miss the hurt in Kentoís eyes or the defeat in Yulieís even as she lifted the heart of the ancients over her head and concentrated its energy. She noted the triumphant smirk on Geranís face and held her own smile within. The last blow would be herís.

As she concentrated she felt the connection with the last of the Ancientís line and heard the agreement. Then closing her eyes and gathering her two friends in her mind she gave a mighty push with all her heart and soul and all went dark.


The whisper turned to a roar and died down again as she slowly returned to consciousness. Her low moan of pain had alerted the one watching her that she was indeed waking up. Kayura moved swiftly over to the bed she was lying on and her cool hand gently came into contact with Miaís forehead.

Nodding to Kento he came over to the bed and took Miaís hand. "Mia?" The worry, fear, and anxiety in his tone warmed her heart as she felt that everything he had said had been true. She hadnít been dreaming and as she opened her eyes she found herself in her quarters in the Dynasty castle.

"H-how" Her voice barely squeaked out.

Kento gently laid a finger on her lips to silence her. "Kayura told us that you brought us back to the Dynasty. Turns out that the war in the world we were in was being mirrored in the struggle we were having here. One of the Mages for Charanís camp decided that bringing one of us there might help to settle the conflict once and for all on both sides of the dimensional line."

"The battle has long since been over, you have been out, sleeping beauty, for almost a week." Yulie piped in from the doorway smiling as he still had his scabbards strapped across his back.

As Miaís eyes widened in shock at how long she had been asleep she smiled gently at Yulieís now easy stance. The worlds he knew were at peace again and he could ease his vigil. Taking Kentoís hand from her lips she whispered. "You were the one, you told Yulie to stay with me and protect me."

Smiling Kento nodded. "Guilty." The shadow of sadness crossed his eyes again before he looked up at her and smiled slightly. "I couldnít stand the thought that I might not be there to protect you and the thought of losing you scared me to my very soul. I didnít realize then, but I did all of that out of love for you Mia."

"I remember you telling me that. Kento." Her gentle smile had returned and she knew that she had been forgiven for deceiving them in the last moments of their battle. She reached up and gently touched Kentoís cheek where a tear had started to course itís way from his eye. "Why the tears?" She whispered.

"I thought I was going to lose you Mia. If not to that Geran creep, then to death if I had to actually fight you." He stopped short wondering at how it was that he was able to be so open with his feelings now when he couldnít before.

"Kento, you know that it is hard to lose me." She paused a moment, "But I understand the fear. I thought I was going to lose you too when that enchantment took over again. I needed you Kento. It took you and Yulie to make me see that, but I know now that itís you that I need most in my life now." She trailed off as Kento hugged her close, drawing her into his lap in his joy in being with her again.

From the doorway nine pairs of eyes looked at each other and smiled. A little more time to themselves and they knew that two of their closest friends would never be lonely again.