Fate of the End: Chapter 17

As Mia sat in the tent and fumed at being a captive she also realized that she wasnít going to be able to do much in that camp with out someone spying on her. Making it look like she was considering the proposal. What she didnít know was that she had been watched when she used the Jewel of Life to contact her friends.

The mage that was spying on her had felt the power of the gem and wondered why the woman didnít use that power to just escape instead of waiting for her rescuers. He soon had his answer as he continued to watch from his scrying pool.

He watched her move and noticed that she seemed to move as if she knew that she was being watched. But he also noticed that she didnít waste any movements that would give anything away. She had been trained very carefully indeed to get to this level of quietess. Her will had to be strong so turning her to the Masterís wishes was not going to be easy.

Carefully, not knowing how she would perceive strong majical auras that were in the area, he gathered several of his comrades together and they started to weave the enchantment that would make this woman their Lordís consort.


While Mia and the Mages kept themselves busy, Geran was out on the battlefield, urging his troops on and wondering just how the hell the Dawn attack had been sprung without his knowledge. His troops at a disadvantage he knew that they would have a long fight ahead of them unless his father could come to support them quickly.

Battling and supporting where he could, his generals kept a discreet eye out for the strange warrior in orange and the boy that had proven that he was more of a warrior than he had first seemed.

No one saw the pair anywhere and were relieved until the second wave of the attack came. All of a sudden a battle that looked like it might be possible to turn to their advantage was disrupted in the most spectacular fashion as the earth ripped open and exploded in a wide radius throwing the Kalath Donarians about like toys.

The only sounds in the stunned silence were the sounds of horse hooves and a voice urging them on. "Mow through Yulie!"

Riding strait through the battling companies that were still able to stand after the attack, The Kalath High Guard barely had time to inform their Liege that the pair had come before taking off behind the pair in the vain hope that they would possible catch the hard riding warriors that were headed towards their own camp.

As they all reached the camp, the High Guard found that they should not have worried about protecting the camp from the two invaders. A clear shield had been placed about the camp and at the center of the protective circle was Mia.

Looking at Kento and Yulie with a strange look in her eyes she smirked and shot a bolt of pure energy at the pair. Both dodged even as they took in her altered wardrobe.

Some small pieces of armor had been found for her even as leggings and a tight shirt she cropped herself made up the rest of her dressings. "Mia, What have those bastards done to you?"

"Done? Yulie they have freed the power within me. I now control the Jewel of Life and its infinite possibilities, including the ability to control the nine armors." Her voice was as sweet as ever, but there was a deadly edge to it that the two had never heard before.

"Those creeps are going to pay for turning you like this Mia." Kento vowed silently He had taken a good look through the spirit of his armor and had seen that she was not possessed, but merely under an enchantment of sorts, not unlike the glamore that had been used to hold Kayura for so long under Talpaís control.

He found out however that he was no longer free to move on his own as his armor did tune with the Jewel of Life and followed Miaís wishes. Those even included attacking Yulie.

Yulie gave a short shout of surprise as the sharp business end of the Tetsu-bo stave came within inches of his abdomen. "Kento, Whatís the big deal!"

"Sorry man, What ever spell they got her under is strong enough to allow her to use the Jewel of Life against us." He was pulling the attacks as much as he was able to and was glad, not for the first time, for the training that Yulie went under to get where he was now.

Yulie hopped, ducked and dodged out of the way of the blows that would have taken him out easily even as he found that he was starting to have to worry about the High Guard.

Yulie finally shouted out above the din as his strength was starting to fail him. "Mia, you sure that this is the guy you love? You and I both know that Geran is a creep and you deserve better!"

"Love? Why would I need love, I have power and position in this kingdom. I can think of no better match than Lord Geran and myself. Who do you think would be better for me than that?" Her smirk grew as she felt she had cornered the youth that was fighting for his life now when the answer to her question came from an unexpected source.

"Me. I would make a better match than that prick and you know it deep down inside Mia." Kento looked up at the woman and found that he had control over himself again. Using that moment of control he knocked out the High Guard, leaving Geran himself and Yulie standing.

Eyes blazing he spoke from his heart even as she prepared the next salvo. Her surprise at his words would be her undoing, "Mia, come back to us. I canít deny the fact that I love you anymore. All this Geran creep wants from you is the power that you wield in your knowledge. Please!"

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