Fate of the End: Chapter 16

"Yulie, the High Guard of Kalath Donara is lead by none other than the Crown Prince of that country. He is cruel and ruthless. I fear for your lady's safety if he has taken a fancy to her. He has taken a great many women all have been killed under false charges of one sort or another." Sighing he continued.

"With the powers that are possible by you, Kento and Mia I worry that eventually she will be used against you. You have told me that she has the information on your armor Kento. With that knowledge she would make a dangerous adversary if she were to be turned against you both."

Yulie looked at Charan defiantly while Kento soaked in the news. "Mia would never hurt us. She knows that we are going to get home and Kick what ever evil is there back under its rock."

Kento sighed and looked at Yulie. "Its not that easy Yul. She may not want to hurt us, but if she were brain washed or possessed she would not be able to make that choice. And we would not have a choice but to fight her."

Kento sounded saddened as he made the pronouncement, but Yulie knew that he was right. If these people managed to turn her against them, they were in for some BIG trouble.

Looking at Kento he spoke. "So basically we got to get her back before they can pull anything with her. I am not going to sit here and wait. I know that you won't either Kento, so let's go."

Kento stood up his eyes hardening in their resolve to get Mia back. No way were they going to even come close to losing this battle. Looking at Charan he nodded. "If we could get two of your best horses and some gear, we are going after her. If I am right about this, we will be back in about two days."

Charan had looked like he was going to dispute their leaving until he heard when they would be back. "Two days Kento. If you aren't back in two days I am gathering up the mainstay of the home guard and coming after you."

"Done. Now lets get going. Mia is going to need our help." Looking to Yulie they nodded and headed out of the room to get to the stables. Yulie checked his blades before they took off and as they waited for the gear to be brought out he sharpened them to take the rough edge off after sparring with Mia.

When they left Charan sat at the gate and sighed. He knew that it was futile to fight those two into staying. But if they were correct, Mia and they were going into far more danger than they realized. None of them may come back alive.


In the Dynasty each of the armored warriors were fighting a seemingly unending battle against a horde of nether creatures when they felt the touch at the same moment. Looking about while trying to keep focused they all took some pretty hard knocks before realizing that the source was not with them in the Dynasty dimension.

Getting it together they fought harder and faster so that they could get back together to talk that over. Kayura felt the touch and smiled slightly as she realized that it was the touch of someone trying to contact them through majical means.

Only one thing she knew of was out there that could cross dimensional barriers like that with someone who didn't know much about majic and that was the Jewel of Life. Mia and Yulie had to still be alive, and knowing them they had probably already found Kento.

Passing this information on to the other Ronin Warriors and the Warlords they all settled down and put their hearts into the fight at hand. It was hard enough without the distractions to fight these monsters, and with renewed hope of getting their friends back they continued to battle on.


"I knew there was a reason I didn't like that Geran guy. Now I know what it is." Yulie fumed openly now that he and Kento were well away from the castle. It galled him to think that Geran might have at one point been considered an ally.

"Calm down Yulie, I knew that guy was scum and you didn't, I just didn't know how much of a piece of scum he was like. I am looking forward to paybacks." ~And getting Mia back.~ Smiling slightly he silently added on the last bit.

As he thought back to the time when he was first dumped into the world he realized that he was more worried about seeing Mia again than he was anything else. Over the months that he had been back to Mia's house he realized just how much she had meant to him. Their friendship was satisfying, but now he wondered if they might not possibly be able to have more.

She knew him for who he really was and it was her that responded those first nights back to his nightmares in the night. He was a grown man, and yet to have her come to him in those pain and terror filled nights to comfort him felt right some how.

They watched out for each other and they took on what seemed like a Brother/Sister relationship. But now he couldn't help but wonder if maybe he was doing that to cover up the feelings he had for her that had started to grow stronger since his return from the States.

He could never forget Natalia. Her memories were still painful, as he still felt half empty at times, as he thought about her in his quiet moments. Not having her there scared him even as it depressed him. He had loved her with all of his being and their being together seemed so right.

Now there were these feelings for Mia and they scared him as well. How could he fall for someone so quickly after having lost the one for them? He wasn't certain what to make of all of this and still thinking in the back of his mind he brought the current situation up to the front of his mind to focus on as they continued in the direction they had been directed in by his armor's link to the Jewel of Life.

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