Fate of the End: Chapter 15

As Mia woke up, she found herself in a tent of some sort. Wondering how she got out of doors she was soon answered by the tent flap moving to one side and a lone figure walking in.

"Geran, what is the meaning of this." She hissed. Glaring balefully at the High Guard she looked about to find that it was a large tent. "You realize that Yulie and Kento will come for me. What you don't realize is that you will be beyond hurt when they get here."

"Now now my dear. What make you so certain that you will want to leave after you hear the proposition for you." Geran smirked slightly before kneeling down next to her with an earnest look on his face.

"Lady Mia, I wish to make you our next queen. When I said that I was a royal person I wasn't lying about that. I am Prince Geran, Crown prince of Kalath Donara."

Mia sat in shock as her mind raced to catch up with what she had heard. "You. You wish to make me your wife?"

At his nod she thought a moment and answered him forcefully. "No. I will not marry you, I will not stay here, I will not be used against my friends, and I will not be subject to your childish affections."

Her ire was equal to Geran's and as she stood to face him she knew that if it came to a fight, this was going to get ugly. Fortunately for the both of them Geran controlled himself at the last moment and turned away from her. "Matters not. You will be my bride."

Walking away with a self-assurance that she was certain that he wasn't feeling, he left Mia alone for the time being to think her situation over. Looking around she noticed that she was at least still in her nightgown. The castle folk had been wonderful in lending her some things for the night. But now she was grateful for another reason. She had been wearing the Jewel of Life; the neck of the nightgown was high enough that it hid the jewel.

Smiling softly to herself she wondered why she hadn't thought of this earlier. Calming her mind as Sage's grandfather had taught her so long ago she gently touched the Jewel and focused on the Ronin armors. She wasn't certain that it would work for her. But she counted on its magical properties to help her a little at least.

It was starting to work. Soon she was able to feel the worry coming from the eight armors that were on the other side of the realm barrier and the one armor that was on this side. There was worry, anger, and concern coming from that direction. Smiling softly to herself she noticed that her gentle intrusion on all of them had been noted.

Releasing the hold she had on the power she hid the jewel and started thinking about how she would escape this prison.


In the castle Kento was brought out of his ruminations by a familiar touch only to not see anyone in the room with him that felt like that. Noticing that his armor was glowing slightly he looked over at Yulie who had also noticed that the armor had started to react to something. Closing his eyes he used the spirit of the armor to see through the touch to the source and he smiled.

"Yulie, did Mia bring anything with her to the Dynasty other than her laptop, radio and blade?" The question was quiet but it had a note of excitement in it.

Yulie picked up on the note of excitement even as he thought the question out. Thinking along the lines of what she had brought a long, he smiled as he finally arrived at what Kento was getting at. "Yeah, she took the Jewel of Life with her. What's happening?"

"Looks like she figured out how to let us know that she was ok. She's safe, for the moment. I think that I can track her by following my armor to the Jewel. But there was something else overshadowing her calm, She seemed upset, about something."

Yulie narrowed his eyes at this and made to stand before Kento clamped down on him. "No, we got to take this cool. I know where she is by where the Jewel is. But we can't just go in with out knowing what kind of situation she's in. We're going to have to get some help for this one."

His low conversation with Yulie finally caught the attentions of Charan and the night watch that had been hastily rousted for the questioning. "Kento, I suggest that if you know something about the Lady Mia's whereabouts you share it with us so that we can help get her back."

"Hey man. All I know is that she is alive and well for the moment. I don't know her situation yet and I am not going to take you and your friends out with us when we go to get her back. If the attack on Kalath Donara is going well then all it will take is myself and Yulie to get her back." Kento looked at the slightly younger guard Captain knowingly.

"I just have this feeling that you aren't telling us something Charan." Yulie narrowed his eyes at the guard captain before continuing. You seemed surprised that Mia and myself survived an encounter with the High Guard. You even told us to an extent why. But I keep getting a feeling that you haven't told us the whole story." His voice lowered dangerously as he looked at Kento who was looking at Charan waiting for the answer to the charges of withholding information.

Charan sat down and nodded. "You are correct in your assessment Yulie. You are much sharper than I had originally given you credit for. I should have known better." Nodding to the home guard they left so that explanations could be shared.

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