Fate of the End: Chapter 14

As they talked late into the night, Mia hadn't realized that she was tired and yawning until Kento stood and picked her up. "Kento?"

This was indeed strange behavior for him but he didn't care as he looked at her. "Mia, you're tired. The guys'd kick my ass if I didn't bring you back in anything less than perfect shape."

Shut down for the moment Mia took the time to assess her own self and realized that again, Kento was right. She was so used to ignoring her own need for sleep that it had been like second nature to just move past those limits that most people would have slept at.

"You're right. But I can get to bed on my own Kento." She smiled up at him even as she hugged him. He always did take care of her. After he came back to Japan it seemed that other than working, his second position was making certain that Mia was well and able for her classes.

"I've seen how you get yourself to bed. After hemming and hawing for about another hour or so. Something we don't have here." Smiling he put her to bed and reminded her. "You know that Yulie and I are next door to you so if something happens."

"I'll be certain to let you know Ken. Night." She curled up under the blankets and was soon asleep after Kento left the rooms to go back to his own room.

He loved watching her at times but he knew that if something were to happen, he was going to be needed. Sleep was on the agenda for all and as the castle slept a lone figure crept in and moved like the shadows to the far wing of the castle where he had been watching the figures in the windows move back and forth.

~Soon, soon you will be with me and those foppish friends of yours will not have a chance.~ All was silent even as he crept into Mia's room and spirited her away in her sleep. The night air was warm fortunately; otherwise Mia would have awakened in time to see the castle disappearing behind her.


In the Dynasty the Ronin and Warlords all agreed that even thought Mia and Yulie could take care of themselves, they had to be gotten along with Kento as soon as possible. Resting as much as they could and eating to replenish the energy taken on the first attempt to get to the dimension; they knew that the second attempt would not be as difficult as the Staff knew where Kento was now and that all they would have to do is supply the energy to open the gate to get them back.

They weren't going to get a chance to rest however as they heard one of the traps outside get triggered. Some one was out there and by the sounds of it, they weren't here for a social call.

Armoring up again they all prepared to fight even as Sekhmet lead them all outside to face the ones that had found them.


The morning came and as Kento and Yulie woke up and were down to breakfast they both wondered at the fact that they hadn't seen Mia yet. They were both dressed for the day and so heading back up to Mia's room they knocked expecting to hear something from the room. When they didn't Kento swung the door open with his sub armor on and Yulie had drawn his katanas.

As they looked about they saw finally that the bed was empty, devoid of the sheets and covers that Mia had used the night before. Kento was getting a really ugly feeling about the situation when Yulie sprung into action.

Running out of the room he went right up to Charan and in a very short battle that impressed Kento, as he had followed the boy, he disarmed the man and slammed him up against the wall. "Where's Mia." He growled out.

With a sword at his throat Charan was surprisingly calm even as he appraised the boy again and knew that this time he really would die if he made a wrong move.

"I do not know what you are talking about. Release me and tell me what the heck is going on." Looking up he saw that Kento was watching the whole scene. "Kento, what is this young man talking about?"

"Mia was taken in the night. I had seen her to bed after a talk and sometime after that, She disappeared along with the blankets she used." Leaning against the wall beside him he continued his explanation.

"Mia is not the sort to go off with out letting one of us know in a dangerous situation. She wasn't taken willingly as I know that she was too tired last night to do much more than talk to me and go to bed. I must agree with Yulie when we ask why the hell she wasn't seen leaving the castle."

Kento was amazingly calm at this point, but even Yulie could see that it wouldn't take much to trip his friend's switch and he would level anything in his path to get Mia back.

As Charan looked from Kento to Yulie and back he hardened his own gaze. He knew that Lady Mia meant a lot to the two before him, and he could see why they would like her so much. He too was fascinated with the woman and her spirit, but he knew that she was to leave as soon as possible, thought not by these means.

"I will roust the night watch and take report. Rest assured we will find out what happened to Lady Mia and we will work with you to get her back." He voice was firm and as Yulie backed off a stepped the warning was still uttered.

"You'd better."

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