Fate of the End: Chapter 13

As Yulie soaked he found that the water was very warm and that it was indeed relaxing. Looking to the ladies that had been told to serve him he noted that they were all pretty and seemed a little over eager to serve the young man from a different world.

Not taking interest in what they were vying to offer him he instead looked at the quietest one and asked her to look in on Mia to make certain that she was taken care of. Nodding she left the room swiftly to leave Yulie to the other women.

"Ladies, as much as I would like to indulge your fantasies tonight, I feel that I had best just prepare for the morning by getting ready for bed and sleeping." Pulling all of his charm to the front he smiled at them all and bowed even as he stepped out of the tub to dry off. His lean, muscular body bringing sighs from the women in the room before he covered himself in the robe that was provided.

The young woman he had sent to check on Mia had returned and upon his inquiry as to Mia's welfare the young woman blushed and spoke in a soft voice that the Lady Mia was fine and was in no need of further assistance.

Wondering what the blush was for Yulie could only think that perhaps Kento was with Mia in more ways than one. Smiling he kept this little theory to himself, It was good for Mia to have someone that would be with her like this, and Kento really needed to have someone around that would be his equal.

He knew that Kento wasn't over Natalia, but he also knew that Mia was sensitive enough to let things go at Kento's pace. She valued their friendship more than anything else and for that sake Yulie decided to let them alone for the night.


Reality couldn't have been farther from the truth as Mia bathed in comfort Kento had indeed come in, but in the spirit of their friendship they spent a companionable time together talking about their situation before Kento took up one of the wash cloths and started on Mia's back.

"Kento?" Mia queried. It wasn't like him to get so involved with her like this, but the way he was moving about her back felt so good that she let herself relax into his care.

"Yulie has a flock of women tending to him, you have no one to help you with the rough spots. I don't think that's too fair even though I know you would send the help away." Kento spoke quietly. He knew Yulie could take care of himself and he really wanted Mia to be able to relax as well.

Seeing her like this brought out his more genteel nature and even as he helped to wash her back he knew that he was becoming more and more attached to this woman every day.

"Ok, Just don't try anything funny Kento." Her mock threat was answered by him swamping her with a mini wave in the tub and laughing as she spluttered and then ended up laughing too even as she tried to glare at him.

Seeing him laugh and relax to enjoy himself was rare anymore and she couldn't hold it against him. She finally got the rest of the water out of her face and chuckled as she calmed. "Smart ass."

"Better than a dumb one." He shot back knowing that he was going to lose if she got worse with her teasing. Instead he was surprised when her hand shot out of the water splashing him square in the face even as she turned to face him.

Even as she sat there and looked at him, Kento got the soapy water out of his face and looked up at Mia. The look he saw on her face captivated him even as it almost unnerved him. She was scared.

Her eyes said it all; She was scared of something here in this world. Looking deep into her eyes trying to figure out what was the base of her fears, neither noticed the door open quietly and a small figure enter, only to exit again a moment later.

"What has you worried Mia?" Kento almost whispered. He really wanted to know as he knew that it took a lot to rattle the woman after everything she had seen and had been through.

"Something isn't right here Kento." She looked down trying to pull her thoughts together even as Kento tipped her chin up so that their eyes met.

"Talk to me. You have never held anything back before, I don't want you to start now." His gentle voice sent a spark up Mia's spine even as she looked into the dark blue eyes that had at one time been so care free.

"Kento, I have been getting this strange feeling ever since Yulie and I came to the castle. Something isn't right and it scares me to think that I might be right again." She took a deep breath and stepped out of the tub and over to the bathrobe that Kento was now holding for her.

Tying it quickly she sat at the small table in the next room with Kento not far from her. "I just keep getting the feeling that this is a part of the trial."

"Trial? What trial?"

"Kento, you were taken as a part of the Trial of the End. I don't know exactly what this is all about but I keep getting this strange feeling around this place that maybe they are trying to keep us here without making it seem like we are the prisoners." Mia shrugged helplessly as she struggled to put to words the feelings that had been bothering her most of the evening.

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