Fate of the End: Chapter 12

"Please enter and be the guest of his majesty, King Shar. I am Captain of the Royal home troop, Charan."

Yulie seemed a little off balance with this welcome and nodded. "I am Yulie, and this is Mia. Thank you for your hospitality."

Mia nodded in agreement and they were lead to a place where their horses could be stabled and cared for by the stable hands and then were lead to a small area where they saw that a small meal was being set out. "It seems that we were expected."

Mia's low spoken comment was overheard by the guard captain and he turned and smiled. "Indeed you were. Only we had expected more than just the two of you to come to see the warrior."

Mia smiled slightly as she had an odd feeling at the base of her neck before she was seated at the table. Looking up in wonder she asked. "Nothing against your liege, but why haven't we seen King Shar?"

The guard captain chuckled slightly as he noted that despite their roughened appearances from the day's travel, they were actually very sharp and knew something of the mannerisms of the land. "Our Lord Shar is out on the battle field at this moment directing the final preparations for a Dawn attack on the Kingdom of Kalath Donara."

"It'd serve those pansies right." The comment was quickly silenced by a sharp kick under the table. Mia smiled though as the Guard Captain smiled in appreciation of Yulie's humor.

"We have met with the High Guard when we first arrived here. Needless to say my friend Yulie was not too impressed with the reception." Smiling she caught the dark look that promised trouble for anyone that tried to contradict the opinion at the moment.

"You say you have met the High Guard. Tell me Lady Mia, how is it that you escaped with your lives?" The guard captain seemed a bit surprised and impressed with the feat.

"If I know anything it is probably because Yulie was looking like more trouble than they wanted with his Katanas." The familiar voice caused two heads to snap up and focus on the newcomer to the room.

"Kento!" Mia and Yulie jumped up and ran over to their friend. Mia hugged him as Yulie slapped him on the back. Kento returned the hug and then punched Yulie lightly on the arm while smiling.

"It is good to see that you're safe." Mia looked up at the taller Ronin and grinned. "Not that there is much trouble that you could get into that you couldn't eventually get out of."

Kento moved over to the table with them and sat next to Mia as they began to eat and listen to the adventures that had happened to Kento since he was taken from the lava flow.

It was a long tale indeed as he told them how he had been grabbed and dumped rather unceremoniously into this world only to be attacked from both sides. He was in his sub armor surprisingly enough as he couldn't remember ever getting out of his main armor.

Mia logged all of this away for a time when she would be able to get to her computer and write it all down. This was going to be an interesting history.

As Kento continued his story he looked about to Yulie and to Mia who were paying close attention to what he was saying and smiled. "As soon as I got into my full armor I was surrounded by Charan here and his buddies and asked to go with them. They were nice enough about it so I gave them a chance."

Mia chuckled as she remembered what a reception like that would have done to the warrior of Justice even a few years back. "Kento, I know that this has been said before. But you really have changed."

"Don't I know it. I know a few years back I would have just smoked them with out asking any questions and then if any survived I would have beaten the answers out of them." Grinning at Yulie Kento nudged the young man's feet getting his attention.

"Staying out of trouble or have you had the chance to cut loose yet?" His innocent question was met with a hard gaze.

"I almost had me a pair of snake skin boots the other night." His feral grin set Mia off laughing as she remembered the look on the warlord's face when Yulie took him by surprise.

Kento raised an eyebrow at Mia for an answer to that comment and she did try to compose herself. "Sekhmet came to get us out of the house when a band of Tin Cans came up uninvited. I was getting ready to lead the way back to the room when Yulie came out of the tunnel and caught poor Sekhmet by surprise. The look on his face was classic." She broke down into another fit of giggles as Kento started laughing giving Yulie thumbs up for his actions.

"Ahem" the subtle interruption helped to calm the three that had eaten their fill and were not chatting and getting caught up. "I hate to interrupt this revelry, but your rooms are ready and baths are drawn for those that wish to loosen their muscles before bed."

Charan smiled at Kento before continuing. "I have taken the liberty of placing your quarters between Kento and Yulie's, Lady Mia. All of the rooms are interconnected so if you wish to talk later tonight about your situation here then you are more than welcome to. I must go though as I must be up early with the dawn guard for the attack."

With a graceful bow he left the room and the three friends together. Two of them were wondering what was going on before Kento shook off the spell of silence by standing. "I don't know about you guys. But I am thinking that if you two were riding as hard as they say you were, you are going to need those baths."

Mia nodded and stood as well with Yulie. They were full, happy to be back together now as Kento lead them upstairs to the rooms that had been set aside for them Mia for that strange sensation at the nape of her neck and shuddered a little. The guys didn't see it and for that she was glad, but she was going to have to talk about it with Kento after Yulie was good and asleep.

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