Fate of the End: Chapter 11

As the castle began to loom in the distance Mia and Yulie began to get rather edgy and it showed in the way they sparred. The excess energy used that night was enough to show Geran that yes, these two could take care of themselves in a pinch.

What he also saw did not please him. There was a comradery between the two that was almost like brother and sister. The closeness was galling in the fact that this boy that wasn't even half Mia's age could hold her attention more easily than he, a trained and fighting member of the home guard.

He also could not help but wonder what this friend of hers was in relation. She seemed deeply concerned, almost as if he were family. He knew that the man's name was Kento and that Kento had even more battle experience than Yulie. In the information he found out that day he wondered, not for the first time, just what kind of a world this woman was from.

It was obvious that Mia was held in high esteem by Yulie and could only imagine what kind of hold she would have with Kento. It galled him to think that he could not turn her head to him and found that as she recomposed herself earlier that day it had been increasingly difficult to get to her with his charm and wit.

Looking towards the spring nearby where she and Yulie were bathing from the long hard ride a thought passed through his mind that he shrugged off at first. But had reoccurred at various points during the ride. ~Be rid of her friends and she will have to go to you.~

He only shrugged it off at the moment, as he did not know what abilities Mia had. Yulie had already proven in his swordplay and demeanor that he was more than capable than taking down the High Guard. Mia on the other hand was different in her style. More on the defense she showed that she was equally capable of doing damage, no matter her situation.


In the hot spring Mia and Yulie rested for the brief moment to collect their thoughts and discuss some things in private. "Mia, I know that you aren't to cracked on this Geran guy, but he's worse than Sage at times, usually the worst times."

Mia sighed as she thought about the younger antics of their blond friend and nodded. "You're right Yulie. I wish I knew how to tell him to leave me alone, but he is more persistent than Talpa ever was."

Sighing she started to slide into a depression that Yulie did not see to often in his mentor. Looking at her concernedly he asked. "Hey, you going to be ok?"

"Yes, I think so, I am just worried about the guys back home and Kento. If he hasn't brought that castle down about his ears then something is very wrong. I just hope that we aren't too late to save him." Looking down into the water she wondered what was going on. She had been a major force in the Ronin's lives, but this was more than even she had expected. Yet she was taking it so calmly. She couldn't wonder if there wasn't anything out there that would shake her to her foundations anymore.

Yulie moved over and hugged Mia gently. "Look, we are the ones that got dumped here and majic or no, I am going to do all I can to get Kento back. He's my friend and a teacher. I know you feel the same way, so lets get going. I want to get home to help the others find out what happened to drive Kayura and the others underground in the dynasty."

The renewed spark in Mia's eyes did much for Yulie's confidence that she would be ok in the end. They got out, dried off and dressed only to see Geran practicing.

"Geran, we're moving on. You coming?" Yulie announced.

"So soon. I thought that you would at least stay here over night and get some rest." The two looked like they didn't need rest as they checked their weapons before mounting. As much as he hated to admit it, he was bushed from the stress of the day and the hard ride. "I'll join you at the castle tomorrow. There are things that I have to take care of before anything else happens with my people."

Yulie nodded sharply, his face set into the mask that he usually wore to a fight. Unreadable and calculating he and Mia took off for the castle to save their friend. Looking up they realized that this was not going to be the same old thing. As they rode past the farms and into the village it looked peaceful as the citizens poked their heads out to find out who was traveling at such a high speed so late in the evening.

~So quiet.~ Yulie thought to himself. He could only wonder if they had gotten caught up in a minor border dispute between countries of if there wasn't something more that what everything seemed to be.

As they rode on Mia started to wonder the same things. She knew that Kento was at best, able to fight his way out of a situation. At worst drained and almost down to nothing. ~Kento, I hope that you're all right.~ She prayed fervently as they came up to the gate.

The castle was huge and seemingly well protected on its base of mountain rock when they were halted and questioned. "Who passes!"

Mia gestured in the low light to let her handle this even as she raised her voice. "Two travelers from a distant land. We have come to see that our friend is well."

Two guards opened the gate and walked out to Mia and Yulie even as they dismounted to meet them. Seeing that they were dressed strangely they immediately thought that these were friends of the strange warrior in orange.

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