Fate of the End: Chapter 10

Mia knew that the situation was getting out of hand quickly and stepped in to try and ease the tensions. "Geran. Please, remember that despite his seeming lack of years, he has fought in several wars and is battle hardened. If he says that he will kill you, I have no doubt in my mind, regardless of your skill with the blade, that he will do so." Her interruption seemed to be unwelcome as it forced the potential combatants to focus on her and not each other.

"Lady Mia. I don't know what the laws are in your land, but to kill me would be a death sentence on you and any that travel with you." Nodding to Yulie he backed down a little to try to reason things out a little.

"I concede that the laws here will be different than what I am used to, but Yulie is right in one thing. You would have to kill our friend before he would let himself get cornered and taken away with out a fight." Mia nodded to Yulie and as he backed off a little the menacing look had not eased any.

"We just wish to find our friend and take him home, where he belongs, if you will not help us in that task then I ask you to stay out of our way. We have no desire to entangle ourselves in this realm any more than we absolutely must. But we MUST find our friend and get him back. No matter the cost." Mia's set look and vehemence took all of the guards by surprise and Geran smiled.

He liked this woman, her spirit was bright and endearing to watch as she fought to get those she cared about back. If it wasn't against the law to have women as warriors in the guard, he knew that she would make a fierce fighter indeed.

"Go on your way in peace Lady Mia. I will travel with you to keep you and your young apprentice," he ignored the dark look from Yulie, "Out of trouble. Please accept our apologies for the rude welcome, but we are at war now and outsiders are highly suspicious around here."

He had warmth and charm when he chose to use them and this being one of those times he took Mia's hand and gently kissed it. Yulie glared openly at the guard even as Mia retrieved her hand.

"Thank you, I think. I do not wish to involve you in a battle that may cost you your lives, just point me and Yulie the way to the place where our friend is being held and we will be on our way." Mia was blushing profusely even as she tried to collect her recently scattered wits.

Yulie had never seen her act like this before in front of any one. Including Sage, to think that this man could rattle Mia that badly worried him that he might actually be more of a danger to the mission than a help.

Fortunately as Mia continued to speak, he saw that she had seen the problem too and was trying to extract herself gracefully from the situation. Relieved that he wasn't going to have to take on a goon squad too soon he was instantly on his mental guard again as the Geran countered.

"I can not in conscience let you go on your own then. If I have the chance of dying then you have a greater chance of dying." Warming up to the fiery woman he was shut down quickly by a sword that stopped just short of his wrist as he reached out to take Mia's hand again.

Looking up to see Yulie on the other end of the sword he gave a look of pure ice that seemed to have no effect on the boy whatsoever. "You have no idea of the forces we are dealing with here. Mia and I do know what we are doing and I do believe that we can fend for ourselves should the need arise."

He noted during his short discourse, Mia had moved behind Yulie and the guards took up defensive positions again. He was not fazed by all of this and stared down the High Guard.

"Who do you think you are Boy to challenge me in such a manner?" Geran challenged.

"I am Yulie, I have seen more war, Hatred, battles and atrocities that would make your stomach turn in my short life than you will ever see in yours. I have survived that and now I am here to tell you that if you do not back off from schmoozing Mia, I will take your hand and use it for a decoration on my wall."

The years of fighting had hardened not only his body, but also his mind and he had learned over time how to hide his thoughts from his eyes. No longer the boy that was happy and content to be a part of the scene. He now fought to protect those he cared about and this was going to be no exception, even if they were on the same side.

Stance and balance noted, Geran quietly retrieved his hand from under the blade and looked into the young fighter's eyes. Seeing nothing but years of hardened steel there he knew that Yulie was what he had boasted of earlier.

"I will still come. If nothing else to make certain that you do not get in trouble with our laws and customs. There is a castle a hard day's ride from here. You might want to break it up so that you are fresh for what ever may happen." Making the suggestion of a stopping point about half way Mia saw Yulie tense up subtly and knew instantly what the boy thought Geran was trying to do.

"That will not be necessary. We have fought under worse conditions before. We will ride strait through. It is imperative that we spend as little time as possible here." She looked at Yulie who had turned to her while keeping an eye on Geran. Nodding they were allotted two horses and taking their weapons back to the shoulder Scabbards they both mounted to ride hard and fast to the castle. A distance taken at a pace that impressed even Geran as the day passed.

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