Fate of the End: Chapter 9

As the team got it together for the search of the realms for their missing comrade Mia couldn't completely hide the signs of worry from the vigilant Ancient. Smiling slightly at her raised eyebrow she indicated that she would be fine and that the others had better come back with Kento.

As all eight of the other armor crystals glowed in response to their bearer's question they soon gave off a light that joined in the center of the room. Kayura was a part of the circle that searched for Kento and to do so had set the staff to open the gate when the energy was right to do so.

It was not long afterwards that the portal was opened and a great wind blew through the temple. It left the armored warriors alone but instead, picked up Mia and Yulie and carried them into the portal thus separating them from their friends.

As the portal closed eight scared, and stunned warriors stood and watched as their friends disappeared from them. Not knowing where they were going and not having the energy to try to find them all again and open the portal. They all broke the circle and in the ensuing silence sat in various places to try to get a grip on what had just happened to them.


On the other side of the portal, Mia and Yulie found themselves in a place that was brightly lit and was well kept. Off into the distance they saw a shadow encroaching on the horizon even as they hear the thundering beat of horses' hooves moving swiftly towards them.

Mia and Yulie stood back-to-back and only Yulie drew his swords for defense as the riders soon came into view. To those that rode the horses, these two strangers looked to be dangerous. More so than the brute that had shown up a few days ago in the strangest looking armor they had ever seen.

Surrounding the woman and the young man that didn't look like he could do anything with the swords he carried they sized up the situation before one of them called out. "Relinquish your weapons and come with us in peace. If you do not comply we shall be forced to kill you on the spot."

Mia's already hardened looks only grew more determined even as Yulie spat on the ground. "Feh, you couldn't take me down even if you tried." The young man shot back in defiance.

Realizing that they were at the disadvantage Mia gestured for Yulie to stay on his guard, but to ease up a little. "Forgive my young friend's comments, we are new here and have arrived not by our own choosing. If we choose to be on our guard it is for good reason."

"Silence woman. You know not whom you speak to. I am Gerand, High guard of Kalath Donara." Yulie bridled at the insult but kept to himself at Mia's warning hand.

The guard looked to Mia and then to Yulie and wondered at their strange clothing and postures. It was obvious that they were used to fighting as something about their stances screamed to him that there was more to these two than meets the eye. It put Gerand on his guard, even more so when Mia looked at him in defiance.

She had heard enough to know that title and rank were important in this realm, and with what she had hear in their voices and their titles, she could easily come up with titles that were suitable for her and Yulie.

"I am Mia, High Keeper of the record for Mystic Japan and the Dynasty. My friend here is Yulie, One of the keepers of Mystic Japan and in training to the High Guards to both realms." Yulie looked at her as if she had lost her head until he caught on that she was trying to even out the balance for them.

The guard looked Mia's proud stance over and then looked into the woman's eyes. Seeing nothing that he would be wary of in another stranger he dismounted. "You are a strange woman from a strange land to speak out to one of noble rank as you have. I shall forgive your ignorance for the time being."

Seeing that the guards that had circled them were standing down Yulie relaxed but left his swords in his hands. Mia took due note of this and nodded to the guard. "I come from a land that is not of this world. A friend of mine was brought here not that long ago and my friends were to come for him. Yulie and I were not to be here, but the majic that brought us here had other plans."

"I see. Your friend, he wears a strange armor?" He questioned casually looking for any sign of recognition from those few words.

"Yes, you might say that the orange armor he wears is strange. But how did you know that he was a friend of ours?" Mia asked questions and her bearing and looks made it difficult to even make the attempt to stop her.

"I have noted your stance and Yulie's stance. Your friend has the same foot placement when he was cornered by those that guard a neighboring kingdom. We were riding to investigate the strange majical energies that had opened a rift in our world only to find him surrounded and taken away."

"You lie!" Yulie turned and narrowed his eyes dangerously at the guard.

"Watch your tongue young man or I shall be forced to draw and kill you." His hand twitched dangerously in the direction of the sword that was sitting in its scabbard.

"Draw on me and I won't wait for you to attack, I'll kill you where you stand."

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