Fate of the End: Chapter 8

The guys were back to shore and into their civilian wear when Dais met them. They almost didnít recognize him due to the fact that he was not in his sub armor; instead, he was in a suit and tie. Almost as if he were a businessman waiting for a meeting when they arrived.

They nodded and Dais opened the portal to the Dynasty for them to enter. They transferred realms and found themselves in the same place Mia and Yulie had started from. They knew the Dynasty almost as well as Mia did and they too wondered why Mia and Yulie had been brought to this side of things when Dais did something different and stayed in his civilian wear.

Wondering what was going on they followed him silently on the same half hour hike that had taken Mia and Yulie to the small shrine in the woods. They all wondered what was going on and they had realized that the warrior of illusion had not asked where his one time nemesis was.

This was getting stranger and stranger as Ryo was starting to get itchy for some action. What ever had caused the warlords and the last of the ancients to go into hiding; it was bad enough to call for all of them.

This trial of the end was going to be interesting for them all and not knowing what Kento was going through at the moment was going to cause them trouble. He had been captured and at the moment none of the warriors that bore an armor were able to feel him.

Mia met them all at the entrance to the Shrine hugging each of them letting them know in her own way that she was again with them through the end of this. Yulie looked at the others and nodded as he looked back to Sekhmet and thus continued his conversation about fighting tactics.

This caught the guys completely by surprise but Mia gave them a look that told them that he had been acting strangely this whole time. Looking about and noticing that all were gathered with the exception of Kento they decided to get down to business and get talking about what was going on and how best to get their friend back.

Before they had touched back to land those of the team that were married had gotten in touch with their spouses and explained that they would be away for a few days and out of touch but not to worry. Most accepted the explanation as they had accepted them going away before. But Tara had been as quarrelsome as ever about Sageís duties and it took Sensei Date to quiet her enough for Sage to speak with the other family members.

Sage had worried about that until he was reminded of the need that hit a little too close to him for his liking. That was the need to get Kento back from where ever he was taken. He had been captured and wherever he was, they could not feel him.

Explanations began, this time in full as they all sat around the table with Mia at her computer and as they all listened, Kayura got a thoughtful look on her face. Mia was busy recording everything they were saying and in doing so was also cross referencing it to everything she had learned thus far in the records she had gained access to.

It wasnít much but from what they could all tell was that the Bearer of the Hardrock armor was taken to yet another dimension where they would not be able to get into contact with him as readily. It was possible that he was trying to fight his way out of where ever he was, but the possibility that this new power that was being sent to test them all was going to be too powerful for him to fight and that he would lose his battle before they could get to him.

This drove the ronin to distraction as Mia conferred with Kayura as to the best way to find Kento amongst the many dimensions that were out there. Yulie was thoughtful for quite some time before he spoke up. "Why not have the eight armors focus on the Hardrock armor and then when they link in what ever way they can, have the Staff of the ancients open a doorway for the guys to go through?"

Rowen looked at Yulie proudly as the others gaped. They hadnít thought that he had absorbed so much about the way the armors worked and how the multiverse would work. He had proved them wrong, and Rowen right in the fact that the kid was bright.

"I think that would actually work. However, how would they get back here if they are actually in another dimension?" Mia voiced her thoughts as she sometimes did.

"That wouldnít be too hard. The Dynasty is kind of like limbo isnít it? The energies here arenít really good or evil unless they are charged in that direction. That would mean that the plane of existence here is also in limbo, accounting for the long life spans here. So why not use this place as the jump point instead of the Mortal realm?" Yulie was thinking as he spoke, reviewing his tentative idea for flaws and problems that would make it impossible to use.

Kayura listened to Yulieís speculations and nodded. "It should work, Yulie is right about the Dynasty being in limbo. Theoretically his plan should work."

"But we donít know what weíre up against." Sage interrupted. He hated to say it, but he was having some reservations about jumping in unprepared for what they might find. The others looked the same way, but Ryo, Sekhmet, Dais, and Cale all looked ready to jump in and go kicking some ass to find their friend. The only problem with that mix was that if they were to need the armor of inferno at any point in time, they were going to need White Blaze and one more armor bearer. Kayura was needed here to protect Mia and serve as the gatekeeper for them all.

Looking to Rowen and Cye, Sage shook his head, they knew what he was worried about and were worried about the same thing. Rowen finally stood up. "Iíll go. We need to have something here going for us as we go in to the lions den."

The team was decided and the armor bearers formed the protective circle around Mia and Yulie as the eight mystic warriors began the search to find their missing comrade.

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