Fate of the End: Chapter 7

As the guys worked in tandem, the sea floor was split open and Ryo took over his part and dove straight into the lava core. As he looked around he found that the lava was trapped as if it were in a large bubble. Getting the molten rock to move again was going to prove tricky.

As he worked on that the others watched over the area, but didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching them from the shadows of the sea floor. ~Ahhhh, they came to take on my little puzzle. All is as I have predicted.~ the thought slid across the mind like a black oil slick before he crawled out of his area.

His target had already been picked long before the ronins had even arrived at the site. All that was left was to separate him from the group and finish his task.

Something felt wrong. The guys couldn’t place it but something definitely felt very wrong. Ryo was still working with the lava core and the others couldn’t do much. Rowen had headed for the surface not that long ago to check in with Mia and Yulie. Cye was watching out over all of them since he was in his element, and Sage was keeping an eye out and adding some light to the area since it was dark there despite the glowing lava. Kento was monitoring the planet from a vantage point higher up than the rest of them and was also doing some thinking.

With his mind not completely set on the task at hand and so was overtaken by a dark shadow. His sudden shout and then silence alerted Sage who made like a shot for Kento’s position. Cye stayed with Ryo’s position so that neither one of them were alone incase of ambush.

Cye was surprised that only one of them had been targeted since no other attack was forth coming. Looking for Sage’s glow in the water he began to worry when he felt like a part of him was being ripped away. ~Kento! Oh no. What’s happened to him.~

"Sage! What’s going on?" He called out. Swimming up towards Sage’s position a little he found his friend in green looking despondant. "He’s gone Cye. Kento’s been taken by something or someone and I couldn’t help him."

"We have to tell Ryo and Rowen. Ryo’s not going to like this one bit." Cye mentioned.

Ryo had finally gotten the lava moving again and the slipping plates did merely slide causeing a minor quake. As he swam out of the lava core he noted Cye and Sage looking distressed. "What’s going on guys."

"Ryo, Kento’s gone. Something that looked like an inky black shadow came and overtook him. He shouted once, but I was too late. I couldn’t help him." Sage told Ryo. Cye nodded in agreement and started swimming towards the surface with the others.

As they broke the surface they were faced with an equally troubled looking Rowen. "We got trouble guys." He continued on to tell them what he had learned from Mia via the radios. "It isn’t going to be pretty for any of us as we do this, so I say we do it the only way we know how to kick it. Togetha’"

Sage, Ryo, and Cye all nodded in agreement as they backed down to their sub armor. "First thing we need to do it get back in touch with Mia, Yulie and the others. We need to tell them what happened down there." Ryo mentioned.

Rowen looked at them all and wondered what they were talking about. He had thought that Kento had stayed at the bottom of the ocean to take an extra reading or three for research purposes. Now as he carefully looked at his friends’ faces he knew something was wrong. "What happened??"

"Rowen. Kento is gone. We don’t know where yet. But from what you have told us, this is going to get messy when we start off to try and find him." Sage spoke up. Ryo and Cye backed him up. "This trial that Mia spoke of may have already started. The question is whether or not we are ready. I know that Kento can usually handle anything thrown at him. But this is almost too soon after Natalia’s death for him to be doing something like this. I am willing to bet that that was why he was taken off guard down there."

Sage looked more troubled than ever, but they all looked equally determined to get their friend back. As Kento turned the boat back to shore they all wondered what this new trial held for them all.

In the Dynasty Mia and Yulie were practicing with each other with their weapons. Both had the control to not actually connect with a strike but they both knew that they would need the practice to work out the nerves in their system and help them to focus on the current situation when Rowen called in on the radio.

Relieved to hear from the guys she called a halt to the practice and spoke with Rowen. From his questions about why she was with the warlords to the current situation down at the bottom of the ocean, Mia told him about the trial that they would all eventually face in the near future.

Rowen was of course concerned about the latest developments in that area of their lives, but was reassured that she and Yulie were safe and that the warlords had pulled them out of a bad situation. As she looked about she knew that they were being watched so she tried to keep the contact short.

Now she was worried because there had not been any further contact from the guys. Surely they would have talked to her by now. Especially Kento since he was the team leader for this expedition. He had promised to stay in touch with her and Yulie if there was something that wasn’t going to cause too much trouble. Now she wondered if something was more wrong than Rowen had initially let on.

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