Fate of the End: Chapter 6

It had been a half hour of fast hard travel for the four when Mia looked up ahead and noticed a small building in the middle of the trees. Mildly surprised she looked over at Yulie who had seen the same building, he nodded back to her and his hand moved in a nervous gesture. Mia quietly pulled her blade and hid it against her arm as they approached the building.

Cale and Sekmet had stayed in constant contact with each other through out the journey. They felt Mia and Yulie wall up against potential threat and both sighed mentally. Sekmet couldn’t blame the two after the number of times they had been kidnapped and used as bait for their friends. Cale was about ready to spill the information just to get the pair to settle down, the only thing that made him hold his silence was the proof that they were being watched at all times by the darkness on the other side.

They reached the building and Cale grabbed Mia and Yulie and pulled them into the shadows with him. He realized just how unwise the sudden movement was when it wasn’t Yulie that reacted but Mia. Almost getting knifed in the guts he bent down by her ear and quietly whispered to her. "We have to wait for Sekmet to clear the way. Otherwise we will be killed instantly should we try to enter on our own."

Mia gave him a dirty look but he ignored it as he focused on his comrade. The way he moved through the small clearing to the building practically screamed snake. Knowing that this was the man’s area he continued to watch for the signal that all was clear and that the meeting could take place.

During this time the guys were at the bottom of the ocean scratching their heads in wonderment. The fault line was here no doubt and it was caught. But there were none of the external signs that the fault line was at the breaking point.

Ryo could feel the heat of the lava just below the surface of the floor and Cye had noted a distinct lack of anything but the normal healthy levels of heat loving bacteria that usually sprang up in abundance around these points of the world. Giving the information to Kento and the others Kento dove overboard in his armor and got to their position quickly. After assessing the situation he was very grave as he made his pronouncement.

~Guys listen up. This is a combination situation here. There is something capping the crest ridge of the fault line keeping the pressure and heat down under the surface of the floor here. It isn’t natural what ever it is because I cannot sense what the rock is. We have to break through it and then go under the surface through Ryo to melt the plates enough to let them slip with out causing a Tokyo swamping sea quake.~

~Yeah, but how are we going to keep whatever it is that is capping this thing, or whoever did it, from coming and having a weenie roast with you four while I am busy playing traffic director with the Lava flows??~

~We’ll be ok as long as we’re in the water. Cye here is practically indestructible here. But you will have a different set of problems to deal with. So lets get going. Sage, Rowen, We’re gonna need you both down here.~

~Right, on our way. But who’s manning the Radio incase Mia calls?~

~Let me handle that. She is going to have to wait for us to go topside if she does call. You know she can holler if she really needs us to be there.~ Kento felt the others agree to this and then the Halo and Strata armors enter the water. They would wait for the two others to get there and then they would blow the mile long stretch of ocean floor open for Ryo to enter and do his work with the others watching his back above the sandy bottom.

Cale soon moved out of the shadows and brought Mia and Yulie with him. He had seen what he needed to see and thought it had eluded Mia she followed him anyway. To not follow him would mean that they would not get any answers and a way to stay out in the middle of the dangers of the Dynasty on their own.

Flicking her hand Mia followed Cale and Yulie followed Mia closely. This was not normal, even for the Warlords so something big must have broken loose or this was a very well thought out plan to start a take over of the Mortal realm. So far Mia and Yulie wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but some of the old distrust was there so they kept silent as they entered the small building.

The building turned out to be a shrine and in the middle of it was a circle and a table with Kayura, Sekmet and Dais already seated at it. Standing near Kayura was the Staff of the ancients. Noting this Mia nodded and quietly put her blade away; Yulie took the signal and sheathed the dai-katana as he sat at the table.

Dais started the meeting. "We had to do things this way Lady Mia. It was the only way with out alerting anyone to what we were up to. Sekmet had told us of this little shrine and had mentioned that the wards about it still were in effect. Since it was on the boarder of the Dynasty it was agreed that this would be the best place to meet to tell you of the latest developments here. I hate to say it, but it’s bad. Real bad."

"Dais, anytime you admit that something is bad, we usually end up to our necks and then some in demons and hell raisers. What is it this time that makes you say that it is real bad?" Yulie was right however. The last time Dais had told them it was bad, it was in the middle of a battle with all if the rejoined neither spirits and their new leader. Getting out of that mess was like extracting the ronins from their favorite hobby of beating the living daylights out of the dynasty guards.

For Dais to say real bad meant that they were not going to like this new threat. No matter how they sugar coated it. Mia simply sighed and pulled out her computer and started it up. Once it was into the OS she started delving onto her files of the past and future as the warlords and Kayura told her about the new threat. As she searched and matched files she started to get increasingly worried. For every file that matched there were two or three more linked to it. And all of the information pointed to the five ronin Armors going through a trial that no one was ready for. Not now and not ever. The trial of the End.

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