Fate of the End: Chapter 5

As Mia and Yulie entered the portal to the Dynasty, Ryo and Cye were well on their way to the bottom of the ocean. Ryo looked around for once grateful that his armor allowed him to come down here, no matter how uncomfortable he was.

~Cye, you sure that you’re gonna be ok down here?? I mean it is going to be well over a thousand degrees where we’re going if things are as Kento told us.~ He had no problems around the heat, his armor thrived in it, but he could never be sure about the other armors since he was the one contacting their elements, not the other way around.

Cye could only smile at his friend’s concern. ~Ryo, you need to remember that I am in my element. My Armor is probably stronger than yours even though you will be near the heat of the planet. I’ll be fine, and so will the others.~

Ryo still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was out of place. Two of them on the bottom of the ocean, three on top in a boat with no where to go, and Mia and Yulie back on the mainland waiting for them to come back with the news that once again danger to the world had been averted.

~I know Ryo, but with us here and the others up top we can only hope that Yulie remembers everything that Date Sensei taught him and everything that you taught him. He’ll keep Mia safe. He knows more about the demons and dynasty and everything else we’ve encountered than we did at the time. That and he grew up with it so not much is going to be able to surprise him.~

Meanwhile up top in the boat, the very same meeting was going on between the three dry ronin. The only thing Sage and the others could think now was that they could hope that they could count on Kayura and the Warlords to show up for Mia and Yulie should something show up that is to big for the pair to handle alone.

They all knew that the close association with the Ronins and Warlords had caused Mia and Yulie to wake up some abilities that would probably have laid dormant had they not known the trouble and the dangers that they had each faced in their lives. Mia was mildly telepathic, her range only reaching the Ronins and Warlords when she was in overdrive from the danger she was in.

Yulie however had picked up a different ability. He was able to Blind fight with an uncanny ability to sense his opponent’s movements and block them firmly. Cale and Sage had tested him after Date Sensei had released him and they were amazed at how long he was able to maintain his focus and defeat his opponent.

It was after this test of Yulie’s abilities that they agreed that they could leave him and Mia alone together now. Mia had also taken some basic lessons on the short blade from Date Sensei, but she did not complete the full training due to the constraints on her time. In a pinch she could fight, and fight well. She had not fought against the Dynasty or the other demons for over 10 years now and not pick some things up. She had a knack in a fight of being able to snake around her opponent to strike his blind side. Even Dais had seen that and did not mess with her now. But even she had not gotten past the point where she still paused in the fight. It had been her down fall in many sparring match. Mia did not like the idea of killing and so they adapted the techniques that they had to the disabling and disarming type attacks.

Still, Mia and Yulie were no match for the more skilled warriors in the dynasty or in any other army that they had come across. Sage, Ryo and the others were constantly coming to their rescue when things happened. Now they were away and a new evil was in the air.

As Sekmet, Mia and Yulie came out of the portal Cale was there to meet them. Yulie bristled, as he had never really trusted the Warlords, even after they had proven to have really changed. Sekmet nodded and then started forward, they had come out in the middle of a dead forest. Knowing the dynasty as she did Mia knew that they were on the other side of the Dynasty lands from Kayura’s home. Digging her heals in she looked at Cale and Sekmet and this time let Yulie go to the guard position between her and the two warlords.

"Why are we here and what is going on? I am not going any further until I know what the hell is going on." Mia got the stubborn look on her face and her hand went to her knife indicating she was ready for a fight should they decide to pick one with her.

Cale sighed and Sekmet smirked this time as they looked at the pair from the mortal realm. Yulie had drawn the other Katana and looked ready to spit tacks. A look that Cale had not seen on the usually cheerful boy too often he knew that defending Mia was something he took seriously ever since they had been enemies and Talpa had been in control of everything in the dynasty.

Sekmet took one look at the pair and stopped smiling. They were too serious and this was not good. "Look, we know that you need answers as to why we are doing this, but please have some patience until we get you to the place we are going. It is only another half hour. Then we will be able to answer the questions you have about what is going on." Sekmet looked like he was being forced to eat one of his pet snakes as he said this and he looked to Cale for assistance.

"Lady Mia, We would not bring you to the middle of no where to harm you, especially since your friends are still alive to tangle with should you ever become injured while under our protection. Please give us the time to get you to the place we are going and like Sekmet said, we sill answer what we can."

The slow burn on Mia’s fuse lit as she took her hand away from the blade and nodded agreement. Putting her hand on Yulie’s shoulder he nodded that he too agreed to the bargaining, but should one thing go wrong. Hell would be a vacation compared to what he would do to them.

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