Fate of the End: Chapter 4

Mia looked at the phone and the radio worriedly. The guys had heard the static getting bad and cut the transmission almost six hours ago. It was the middle of the night and she was up worrying like the old days. Were they all right, was Ryo handling the water all right now? Cye wouldn’t let his friend down but there was so much that could happen at the bottom of the ocean. It was dark and cold and that was two strikes against the Wildfire armor. If there was a hot spring or a lava flow she knew that Cye would get him there to conserve energy and check out the situation. The others could be in trouble though. They worried when two or more of them had to split off from the group.

Kento was right however. Ryo’s ties to the Lava and heat of the planet and Cye’s ties with the oceans made them the perfect team to go to the bottom of the ocean to investigate a possible volcanic situation and gauge the lava flow and expect to come back up in one piece.

As Mia sighed and looked at the clock for the millionth time since this whole thing started she was startled out of her reminiscing by the sound of shattering glass on one of the lower level, followed by Yulie calling out battle cries.

"Mia, get down here and get a load of this will ya??" As soon as she heard that she grabbed her laptop, grateful to Kento for getting her an upgraded system recently. It looked like she was going to need it.

Clattering down the stairs she was stopped dead by the sight of familiar gray-green armor in attack formation. She gasped as she saw Yulie in the middle of the massed army fighting them off expertly with the Dai-Katana Ryo had gifted him with on the day he was released from Date-sensei’s training. Having learned from Ryo some of the best techniques for fighting the Dynasty guards he was now glad for the extra practice he had put into learning those techniques.

Mia for one could not believe that Kayura would unleash a new attack on the mortal realm now. Especially now that they had been at peace for over a decade now. As she backed up the stairs to grab her short blade she did not take her eyes off the fighting going on in her foyer. That was her first mistake as she soon found out when a hand snaked out of the shadows to grab her about the mouth to stifle her scream.

Pulling her back into the shadows she elbowed her captor hard and only succeeded in bruising her elbow against a set of sub-armored abs. ~Subarmor??~ She thought to herself. When she looked up she was surprised to see the troubled visage of Sekmet.

~Sekmet, Troubled??~ Something did not make sense here. First the guys were sent out by Kento to check out a natural phenomenon, then when she was out of contact with them the Dynasty soldiers attack her place for no reason and now Sekmet grabs her, keeps her from screaming and then lets her go looking troubled?? Something was definitely not adding up here and she had a feeling that asking questions now would be a bad thing.

"Lady Mia, you are in grave danger if you stay here. You and the boy must come with me." Sekmet almost never used her Dynasty Title unless something was seriously amiss so she listened.

"Something is very wrong in the Dynasty." He whispered softly to her. "I have been sent to collect you and the boy for safe keeping until the Ronin can return from their trip out."

Mia could only nod acceptance. Knowing that stealth was necessary to them all getting out of here alive she flicked the lights in code and then motioned for Sekmet to follow her back up the stairs. Once far enough away from the main fight she whispered. "Yulie will be up here shortly. I need my short blade and one other item if we are headed for the dynasty."

Sekmet nodded once to show he understood but was brought up short by a blade at his neck. "Call off the goon squad Snake Lips or I get a new pair of shoes a la Warlord."

Yulie had come out of one of the passages in Mia’s walls right behind the Warlord of Venom. Sekmet had not even seen it coming and he remembered that in times of battle or even practice, Yulie may have had Sage’s training, but he had Ryo’s temperament. He held perfectly still until Mia could speak to the boy as he personally knew how sharp the sword at his neck was.

"Yulie, let him go!" Mia hissed.

"Mia, he is of the Dynasty, and in case you haven’t noticed so were those tin cans I was busy dismantling. No armor and plenty of scratches and cuts to go around. Now I want to know what the hell is going on here!" Yulie had not moved the blade an inch during his speech so there was nothing for the man to do but wait Mia out.

"Yulie, he kept me from being spotted by the Dynasty soldiers. Now let him go and I will get things explained. But for now we have to go with him and into hiding. There has been no contact with the guys yet and from what Sekmet has told me. This is only one more puzzle piece to what is going on. Both here and in the Dynasty." As she finished, she glared at Yulie with a look that made even Sekmet think twice about ever crossing the woman.

Yulie wasn’t fazed by the look at all but he did sheath his blades and help her get some things packed for a short trip. He could tell by the way she packed that this was not social call to the dynasty. The last time she packed like this it was business and an incursion in the Power balance in the Dynasty had temporarily destabilized Kayura’s hold on the realm.

Mia did not pack much. A change of clothes that were better suited to moving about in the dynasty, her short blade, a couple of Talismans and two spare battery packs for her computer and radio. The guys may need her soon and she was not going to be out of contact with them just because of a little thing like battery failure. She nodded that she was ready and noted that Yulie had grabbed his emergency pack and was ready. He pulled one sword and took Mia’s back while she followed Sekmet to a small portal that was created during the fighting. The dangerous glint in the boy’s eyes told Mia that he had given his word to someone that he would protect Mia. Something was very wrong as they stepped through the portal and into a small room in the Dynasty.

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