Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why was the name of the series changed to "Ronin Warriors"?

At the time that Samurai Troopers was acquired by Graz, Saban already owned rights to one show named "Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad" and another named "V.R. Troopers". To avoid legal entanglements, Samurai Troopers was retitled.
"Ronin Warriors" is a very appropriate name. "Ronin" is a Japanese word referring to a kind of samurai -- an unemployed samurai. The term is fitting for the Samurai Troopers because they have no master, while the Masho are controlled by Arago.

2.) Who is Hariel?

There is no Hariel in the Samurai Troopers series. He exists only in the Ronin Warriors dub.
When Graz made a merchandising deal with Playmates, it became necessary to come up with a name for the action figure of Ryo wearing White Armor.
For each of the 10 characters that wore yoroi, including Arago, Playmates made an action figure. Playmates requested that all of their names be changed in the dub, but they wanted the new names to sound Japanese.
Because Ryo in White Armor would be sold as Hariel, Ocean worked the new name into the story by modifying the dialog.
According to the Ronin Warriors dub, Hariel is the name of the first Ronin Warrior.

3.) Kongo no WHAT?

His full name is Xiu-Rei Huang, pronounced "Shoo Ray Hwong". You've probably seen it spelled several other different ways, due to the number of different ways to romanize the characters.
Since Xiu is Chinese, some people prefer the Chinese romanization. The Chinese language contains several sounds that are difficult to approximate using roman letters. XI is used for a sort of "shi" sound, and HWA or HUA is used for a sound that is between "ha" and "wa".
Since Samurai Troopers is in Japanese, Xiu's name is pronounced using the closest Japanese syllables, the same way that most foreign words are pronounced in Japanese. Xiu-Rei Huang is written "SHI-YU RE-I FU-A-N", using FU because there is no HU character. Therefore, the name can be seen as "Shu Rei Fuan", "Shu Lei Fang", "Shu Lay Fung" and any variations thereof.