Dream Induced Weirdness: First Fever Dream

It was hot and the battle was long. I wasn’t used to the Wildfire armor just yet even though I was Ryo, I was still me. As if I had become a Doppleganger and become Ryo by absorbing his spirit, memories, and powers. In doing just that I also gained his looks so in a sense I was Ryo, but I was me as well.

The others had been fighting and I was starting to lag. Even with Ryo’s abilities and strengths I was falling short. Hot, tired and yet not ready to give up I poured everything I had into the fight.

All too soon it was over. My friends lay battered in the pavement. They had fought bravely and now we were the broken warriors. I wanted to much to help them as I lay in the street, tossed to one side and forgotten as the warlords took great pleasure in beating Rowen, Sage, Kento and Cye to pieces. Anubis’ armored boot came down on Rowen’s armored head and his scream of pain had me reaching out to try to stop the carnage as I Called his name I woke up to my voice and my sweaty fevered body sitting up in the bed reaching out to the figure in my dream.

I was breathing heavily from the strain of the battle fought in my mind as the image almost too slowly receeded from my eyes.