Dream Induced Weirdness: Maze

The Dream I was running from a marraige that I did not want to be in. The ronin's and White Blaze were all in this giant maze of trap doors and secret pannels with me the word having been given that if we survive to the end of the maze, I would be released from my duties. If not, then I would have to marry him.

We were most of the way through the maze when we ran into dangerous animals and other fun dangers. Each room had an exit, we just hat to find it. In some rooms I had to collect the floppy disks that were on the floor I was gaining quite the collection even though I had no Idea why Rowen wanted them. They were all pretty beat up so I couln't figure what he would gain from them.

Ryo and Kento had managed to not destroy the place as they made their way through the rooms. We had all started at different areas of the maze with the exception of white blaze. It was thought that I could not defend myself at all so the tiger was sent with me. Mistake number one. Blaze could sense the others and lead me to them.

As we ran the maze I noticed that the guys would start slowly coming into things as we joined up with Rowen and Cye first. Ryo was next followed closely by Kento. By the time I woke up, Blazes stripes were changing colors and we still hadn't found Sage. I was getting worried about the guys but even more worried about myself as I had taken a nasty spill and could barely walk on my own. Cye ended up carrying me for a short while and the others took turns too as it seemed each of the rooms had a different theme or puzzle to figure out before we could get out of it.

We thought we had come close to Sage when I woke up.