Dream Induced Weirdness: Tour

As I was walking with a tour group around some of the ancient ruins in a narrow valley (more like a very green crevace) there was the feel of the old Irish ways in the land. At the rear of the tour I was able to somewhat hear the tour guide as he prattled on about the significance of the valley but I did not care. An outcropping of mossey green rock had caught my attention and the attentions of several others at the back of the group.

They had been listening to me occationally as I pointed some of the more unusual things out about the valley even though I knew nothing about it. As I climbed up on the rocks I found my attention drawn to to some loose fuzzy green-brown moss. The other tour members that stayed with me took turns poking at it and looking at the mosses that were so different yet living on the same rock. Lichen and Moss and other greenery around it was as if the valley wanted to dissappear back into the earth eventually.

As we poked at the moss and rolled it wround in our hands and on the rock (heavens knows why we thought the moss was so interesting.) We were called back to the group when they had reached the far edge of the crevace. At that end we found that there was a fireescape type ladder extending down leading up to the top of the valley and back to the main trail. Everyone was taller than me by a good few inches and so when it came to be my turn to jump and grab the ladder I realized that I was not going to be able to make it.

Looking up at the ladder I suddenly said. "Hey guys, givme a hand here will ya?" Next thing I know, Ryo and Sage had linked arms to form a stepping point for me. I hopped onto their arms and apologising for the marks my hiking boots made on their clothes I crouched and jumped for the ladder.

((Mind you all None of the ronins or warlords had even entered the scenery until now…I have no idea why they did…it just happened this way))

What happened next was weird. As I was on my way up to the ladder I found myself in a subarmor that was all the colors of the ronin and warlord subarmors. Turns out I did not need the ladder as I had leapt all the way to the top of the crevace and as I landed I was stabilized and brought from the edge by Dais, Cale and Sekmet.

It was at this point that I woke up.

Seems weird dreams are my specialty.