Dream a Little Dream: Book 2: Chapter 8

"What was that?! I didn't think anything could make my hair stand on end like that except Talpa's tin grin." Kento demanded.

Smiling softly she replied. "I told you that I am a Priestess of the path that I walk in life. The magick I work with is generally protective magicks to protect the Lord and Lady, their priests and priestesses and their followers. You may not be a follower of my Lord and Lady, but you fight against the evils of this world to preserve the balance and that in itself is a circle. I felt the need to cast what could be called a ward of protection over you all for the battle to come."

It explained a lot about her. Her ways and why she acted the way she did at times and Sage summed it up for her. "So you act as a guardian of sorts for those that fight and those that can't?"

"That's right Sage. I try to stay out of the direct fighting, but I do fight indirectly. By protecting those that protect us all." Nodding they all noticed that the powerful feeling they had about her when she was in the circle had all but disappeared.

They all thought it strange but gave it no other thought when Crys turned the TV on and told them all to watch. They all watched the news cast on the volcano being covered with a cap of black ice and as the Ronin looked to each other they decided that they had better head out and find Ryo and the others.

Grasping at the dragon necklace around her neck she watched as the four took off. "Be well Ronin, you are about to have the shock of your young lives at the end of this battle." She spoke softly after them.

As she turned she didn't even look up as she greeted her newest guest. "Hello Ancient One."

"Indeed hello, I too did not realize your path until you spoke with the Ronin about it. You did surprise me with how well you were able to wield the Staff for your first time and the way you interacted with Ryo's armor crystal. Now that I know all of this I can safely say that you were indeed the best person to bring to this world. You have been holding more secrets than I thought you might have, as open as you have been with me, I now see that you have some ingrained traits that you have learned to hide."

"I would have told you Ancient One, except you never asked." She nodded and gestured for the spirit to sit as a courtesy.

"I had sensed a power about you before in our first meetings and you have been very strong despite everything that had happened to you here. I had wondered where you were getting the strength to endure from."

"The Lady and the Lord would never let their Priests and Priestesses go anywhere with out the sure knowledge that there was a reason that they should go and that they would be able to protect them just as we protect the Lord and Lady as well as her followers." Crys explained as she smiled gently.

"Then you have done what you could to make certain that the balance and the circle both stay?" She nodded as he asked the question. It gave the Ancient One much to think about as he sat with her.

"The Ronin have gone to battle Sun Devil. I know that they will be battling Talpa soon and there is not a lot I can do to prevent the taking of Cye, Sage and Kento, but I have done what I could to prevent them from losing all of their energy when they are taken."

"Then you have done enough." As he reached out to touch her shoulder she shook her head.

"No, I haven't done enough Ancient One. Pardon my forwardness but you and I know that Anubis will die in the coming battle with out intervention. This is a different universe than my own. He does not have to die when he dispossesses Lady Kayura and you know it. I am going to do what I can to see that he lives. If he still dies then it will be, but I am making the choice on the side of life instead of letting him die and not doing anything about it."

"Anubis and you may walk a different path than myself, but the way I see it, you all worship a different face of the Lady and Lord. I am not ready to let him go. Not yet."

"You have strong convictions and beliefs for a lady so young. I believe that you may actually do it regardless of what you know to be true in your own past." The Ancient One disappeared as Crys realized that he had just given her his blessing to try to save Anubis, something she would have done with or without his permission.

Smiling softly she prepared for the welcoming of an old friend and to give more answers to the Ronin as they came home from this battle confused and angry.

Blackblaze looked at her and she nodded. "I will be fine. Ryo will need you my friend." Trusting her words he took off in a different route than the Ronin and at full speed knew that he would be there to watch the battle before they would need him. As he ran his armor appeared about him. He knew that only when the white armor was called into being would he call the sheaths for the Soul Swords.

As he watched the Ronin try to fight Sun Devil he knew that the Ronin were getting desperate. The final measure was called when the white armor was called. Blackblaze sprung into action and as he leapt over Ryo's shoulder the Soul Swords were with him. Ryo didn't question Blackblaze's appearance but instead took hold of the swords and prepared for battle.

The battle was blessedly short between Ryo and Sun Devil, except that it was ended with the Ronin and both tigers getting encased in the Black Ice.

Ryo could think of nothing else as he was being frozen other than he was getting rather upset that he was unable to do anything about this predicament. He knew that his armor was of the Inferno and so it too should have been able to melt the ice. As he hit on that thought he started to call upon more of the armor's enormous power and as Sun Devil was ready to leave the Ronin in white broke free of the icy tomb and with a rage not yet seen sent a fiery twister to the sky as he pulled it's power down from the heavens and rained destruction down on Sun Devil.

Their adversary destroyed the Black Ice disappeared and they were all freed. Mia and Yulie were ok thanks to Crys's protection spell from the evening and as they all looked off the road over the city of Toyama they all saw the last thing they expected.

A Dynasty Gate.

As it opened they heard Talpa's voice and as they listened to it they were amazed and defiant to a person as they all tried to deny the possibility that Talpa had not been destroyed by Ryo in their last battle. It was then that Rowen, Kento, Sage and Cye all understood what Crys meant when she said that they would need the protection for the battle to come. She had known that Talpa would be back and was trying to prepare them for it.

Upset at the latest developments they all went home as the gate closed with the final message and started to reflect on everything they had learned up to this point.

As they pulled in to the drive Crys and Blackblaze were at the door to welcome them with another light meal and tea for those that didn't fight. Nodding to them she acknowledged silently that she did indeed know that this event had been coming.

She saw some of the anger and the feelings of betrayal in their eyes and she couldn't blame them for it. But she knew that they would have pushed themselves to far to fast had they known that Talpa was coming back.

Looking at them all she sighed. "Yes, I knew that this was coming, the only thing I could do to prepare you all for it was let you face these battles that you fought between the last battle with Talpa and this one."

"Well you coulda at least told us about this before now!" Rowen spoke up, as he was angrier than the rest.

Crys interrupted him quickly before he could continue. "And what if I had? Would you have pushed yourselves in training, not allowing yourselves to enjoy the peaceful moments you had in these recent times? Would you have pushed yourselves beyond your limits? Trying to stay up when you could have burned yourselves out making the entire team unfit to fight?"

Her questions were fast and well thought out and as she asked them she had the entire team thinking about them. Rowen realized that she was right and that she had been protecting them from themselves as well as from the evils they had fought.

"Take it one step at a time guys, you can not run before you have even learned to walk. Believe in yourselves and trust that you will survive all of this." As she headed up the stairs to go to bed she yawned and looked back. "If you have dreams tonight. Let me know please?" Turning back she finished the trek back up to her room with Blackblaze and fell asleep almost as soon as she hit the pillow. She knew that he guys would stay up a little longer talking about her, but for the moment, that did not matter.

In fact they did talk about her. They didn't know whether or not to trust her, but as she had protected Mia and Yulie from the dangerous Black Ice when they had no protection they were willing to give her another chance. Ryo still kept to the back of his mind the event of his armor reacting to Crys and thought it the best time to bring it up.

"Hey, guys. I don't know if this means anything about her or not. But when I was recovering from the first battle with Talpa, Crys came into my room and my armor crystal reacted to her. All she did was she raised her eyebrow at it and it stopped glowing at her."

That was when he found out that the others had similar experiences with her. Sage and Cye explained the events that happened in the back yard at the house while Mia, Yulie and Ryo were at the Volcano and the others were surprised to find out what that surge of energy was.

"Well it didn't feel malevolent." Mia spoke her thoughts as they came. "More like a blanket of energy wrapping around me."

Yulie confirmed that he felt it too but what the Ronin felt was a little different. As they puzzled it out they figured that whatever magick she used it dealt with the elements and the corners she had called that evening. The Ronin didn't feel the "blanket" per say, but it was something more like an extra layer of armor that had been put on them that they couldn't take off and was invisible.

As Blackblaze lay down outside of Crys's door he looked at the stairs and saw Whiteblaze at the top looking at him. As they held a conference on their own level Whiteblaze made it known to his counterpart that he had felt the strange energy and knew who had directed it. Blackblaze only reassured his counterpart that there was nothing to worry about from that corner and put his head back down to sleep again.

As everyone wound down for the night, Sage, and Cye slept deeply and better than they had in weeks while the others slept harder than was usual for them, did not have the contact Sage and Cye did with the circle of power that Crys had directed that evening and so were not as drained.

True to her word each of the Ronin did have a dream that night. The Ancient went to each of them to give them a task to train. He knew that the white armor was not easily directed and as the Ronin did not know some things about the natures of their armor he knew that it was time to train them to sharpen their spirits before the battle.

The next morning Crys was up with Mia and listening to Kento as he ate. She knew that he had the dream that she had known about, so she wasn't surprised to hear the others pipe up from the stairs. As she smiled at them all she noticed that their auras had changed some. Puzzled a bit she realized quickly that her magick was integrating with the magicks used to create the armors and give them their powers.

"Take care you guys. And be careful." Crys told them as she stressed the last part trying to warn them to be on their guard even as they trained. She knew that the Ancient would be with them as they faced the battles ahead but she also knew that Talpa had activated his strongest warrior. If Rowen and Ryo weren't careful, they were going to be in over their heads before they knew it.