Dream a Little Dream: Book 2: Chapter 7

Blackblaze stayed close to Crys and the air of wary expectancy about her started to ease as she started down the road to a friendship with the tiger that was sent to stay with her. Crys had saved one life, now she could only wonder if it might not be possible to save the other.

As she was watched over by two beings, one seen and one unseen. The unseen force could only wonder if it were possible that she could even pull off the plan that had been a seedling in her mind for so long. She had wanted to save Whiteblaze and, when it came down to it, she did it.

~Her spirit is indeed strong, she may yet correct the mistakes that had been made in her world.~ The being thought to himself as he turned away to watch another of the team.

As Blackblaze sat on the dock Crys was right there at the moment brushing his coat out and pampering the large counterpart to Whiteblaze. "I did not think that Saber-Stryke would tell you to watch over me. I only wish I knew why he did it." She spoke to the tiger softly as she let the scenes of everything she had been through run through her mind as she tried to assimilate them. She knew that she had to catch the Ronin soon to put them on their guard for the next danger, It was the last test they would be allowed before they would have to battle with the Dynasty and all of it's forces again.

If they were alone Blackblaze would allow a small amount of comfort to reach the lonely woman in his own catty ways. But she knew that if they were being watched, it would be business as usual. In a way it was amusing to Crys. Blackblaze seemed to be used to not having to deal with showing that he was capable of the softer feelings. But she also figured that even tigers had images to maintain. Especially mystical tigers.

So they sat out in the sun, Crys enjoying the temperate day as Blackblaze was brushed down till his coat gleamed. Smiling in satisfaction Crys showed her own affection openly, a little more restrained when watched as she took her cues from Blackblaze, but when they were alone she was warmer and more attentive to him.

It was a silent agreement, but it was their agreement nonetheless. Enjoying the sun's rays Crys finally finished cleaning out the brush she had used and standing they both headed back to the house just in time to see Mia, Yulie and Ryo packing up the Jeep.

"Headed back to the volcano Ryo?" She asked quietly.

Ryo nodded. "Yeah. I think that since the volcano was the original source of the recharged powers of my armor, it should be able to restore the Wildfire Swords."

Crys nodded and smiled. Sounds like you have a plan then. Just do me a favor k? Watch your back."

Ryo nodded and looked at her quizzically until he realized that she was subtly warning him that there was danger ahead. "I'll keep that in mind Crys. Thanks."

Smiling she waved at them as they took off. Sighing she headed back inside to set up for the next round. She didn't know why she thought of it as a game, except that it did seem like a game of sorts. To win you had to have the resources to defend your territory as well as attack and defeat your neighbor. She only hoped that she was setting up right to handle the home front as well as abroad.

"She's going to be trouble." She muttered to herself as she went up to her room. Cye was in the kitchen, Kento was busy being chased out occasionally and Sage and Rowen were doing some light sparring outside to enjoy the weather.

Calling out to Cye she continued up to her room. "Hey Cye! Keep an eye on the news will ya?"

Cye stuck his head out of the kitchen and looked up at her and nodded. "Sure thing. You expecting something?"

~More like someone.~ She thought to herself as she nodded. "Yeah, something like that. Ryo, Mia and Yulie just took off for the volcano and so they won't be back for a while."

Nodding Cye retreated back into the kitchen to defend his cooking from Kento who came in through the back door and tried to snitch while Cye was busy with Crys. The unsuccessful attempt was rewarded with Cye chasing Kento angrily out into the yard.

Crys giggled as she watched the scene from her room and laying down for a little bit she noticed that Blackblaze laid in the middle of the floor and looked up at her. He knew that Crys was lonely more than she would ever admit to the guys. But he also knew her true feelings about Anubis as she had confided in him on the nights she couldn't take it any more.

She was troubled, this brave and honorable woman. But some how she always managed to keep it together when it counted, at least when it counted to her. Blackblaze was a little confused with her moods as they swung about, but he knew that this was not Saber-Stryke and was willing to be patient with her as long as it took for her to finish her duties and get settled. No matter where that would be.

That evening the guys saw a strange sight in the yard. Crys was walking around with a compass that she had borrowed from Rowen and picking the most open area of the yard she turned around and then pointed to a direction that Rowen knew to be true north.

As Blackblaze sat down in one spot she went to a large pot that was sitting on a table and pulled out four candles with sand in the bottoms of the jars. Placing one at the North compass point she turned until she was facing East and placed the Candle there. This one was Yellow where the one at the North point was Blue.

As she continued around a circle the guys realized that she had somehow marked out a large circle on the grass before they had started watching her strange proceedings. Looking around she saw them and nodded as she kept going towards the South and then to the West, placing Candles in those respective areas as well.

As she walked out of the circle she took up a folding table and several other unusual items. This time Blackblaze stayed out of the circle until he was invited back in. It was strange behavior for the black tiger that went anywhere he pleased with no regard for rank or status.

The guys all got worried when she pulled out an ornate knife that had to be fairly new since she did not have a blade of her own when she came here.

Putting it in a certain spot on the table she looked up to see the Ronin had all gotten a little closer to the circle wondering just what was about to happen. The change in the woman made their hair on the backs of their necks stand on end. They could almost feel a power coursing through her as she walked about the circle setting up what ever it was she was about to do in complete authority and calm.

As she finished the preparations she looked at the guys and smiled. "If you want to help me you can. I am about to cast a magick of protection for you guys, as a Priestess of my path I am inviting you to enter the circle. Just know that once the circle is closed you will not be allowed to leave until the circle is reopened.

Sage stepped forward immediately as he had an idea of what she was about to do. The future as it is on her world must be a lot more tolerant of the Pagan ways than it was on his world. Knowing that she knew something was coming up he was taking the hint and stepped into the circle where he was just sensitive enough to feel the difference just by crossing the white line in the grass.

As the others looked at each other only Cye stepped forward to join Sage. He trusted Crys more now and knew that she wouldn't harm them. Kento and Rowen both stayed out of the circle as Kento had a hard time believing in what he couldn't see and Rowen was just a little too much on the pragmatic side to understand just what was going on just yet.

Blackblaze stayed in the circle next to the table that had just recently christened an alter and then the incense came out. It was a different, almost sharp smelling incense and they all wondered what it was as they had not had the chance to smell it before.

As she instructed Cye and Sage on what to do they followed her instruction to a T and they realized that she was intentionally speaking loud enough to be heard by the Ronin that stayed out side of the circle. After calling the corners and closing the circle completely she started the second part of the ceremony.

As she spoke Sage and Cye did as they were asked and as Crys spoke the wind picked up some as a rush of energy could be felt by all in the area. To some it was uncomfortable, to others it was like a comforting blanket covering them. The energy level rose inside of the circle and Sage and Cye looked at each other in shocked amazement.

None of the Ronin had realized that her beliefs were so strong as to affect them as she continued the power raising. As she spoke they all realized that she was calling protection and the energy to fight in the battle to come for the Ronin.

Blackblaze sat still but the tip of his tail twitched as he was suddenly back into his armor. This further surprised all of the Ronin in attendance and the two that were outside of the circle were surprised that they could feel the energy Crys was calling forth blanket them and seem to energize them.

As she closed the ceremony and reopened the circle thus dispersing the energies, Cye and Sage were hopped up on the energy of the circle to the point where they had a severe tingling feeling. It wasn't uncomfortable for them, but it was definitely something they weren't used to.

Crys came back to Sage and looking into his eyes from her shorter stature he got the feeling of complete authority from her as she calmly asked him how he felt. She had the bucket of water with her and a large brush, as she looked closer at his aura than she did to him.

When he told her that he was fine, but feeling rather tingly she smiled softly and nodded. "You were acting as a conduit for the Lord and Lady. Some of the energy is left in you and you need to ground yourself." She instructed him on the way to ground himself and taking him through a visualization and knowing that his meditation would help him through most of it she stayed with him until he told her that the feeling had subsided.

She moved quietly on to Cye and looking him over carefully she asked him how he was doing and she helped him to ground in the same way she had helped Sage. As he did as she asked she began to disassemble the circle and put everything away. Blackblaze had returned to his unarmored self as the circle closed but he was pacing as if he had way too much energy.

Smiling Crys spoke with him quietly so that even the closer members of the group could not hear her and as she finished he stopped his pacing and sat quietly while she finished what she needed to do.

Digging around in the bag she came up with a water bottle and some crackers. As the others noticed that she didn't even try to disperse the white line on the ground she explained. "It's flour and salt. Next time it rains or a good stiff wind comes through it will go away."

She finished eating and took everything back upstairs to her room she had four amazed Ronin standing at the bottom of the stairs as she changed out of her robes and back into her street clothes.

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