Dream a Little Dream: Book 2: Chapter 4

As he got into the jeep with the others the thoughtful look on his face made the others ask him what was wrong as they all headed into town. "Nothin' really, that Crys chick isn't coming. Something about it not being her place to be there and to be careful around the docks."

"You think she was trying to tell us where to look for Ryo?" Rowen asked

"Well she's been right so far about the things that were going on here. I say we go with the lead and find Ryo." Cye spoke up as they entered town.

Mia agreed and they stepped on it to get into the docks area.

As Crys watched them leave she whispered. "Be in time my friends. Ryo needs you, as does the rest of the world." As she mentally hurried them she went thought everything that would happen at the docks. The discovery of the connection between the armors and their places in the White Armor and the discovery that they can find each other anywhere.

"You have high hopes for them. It is good to see that you haven't lost your faith in them." Crys whirled around in time to see the Ancient One materialize before her.

"I can't afford to lose my faith in the Ronin Warriors. I can not fight the battle myself and the world needs them far more that it will ever know." Looking down at her hands she realized that she was seeing more of the Ancient One lately than she probably should have.

"Yes, you have been seeing me a lot. But you need the support. The Ronin cannot give you that support yet because they as a group do not trust you completely. You have pushed Anubis away so that he may train in my ways. A wise move on your part, but you know that you will lose him."

"That is what I am trying to prevent. Too many good lives were lost or nearly lost in the battle to come. Anubis is needed, if only just by me." The last was murmured in the vain hope that the Ancient wouldn't hear it.

"He needs to know that there is something for him to live for. You know what will happen in those final battles. I know what will happen only because of my contact with you. Bear up, there is hope."

"Hope." She whispered to herself.

When she looked up again she did not see the Ancient One and knew that once again she was alone.

Down at the docks the Ronin were all fighting for their lives when Yulie pulled Mia towards the water a little and pointed out the strange glow beneath the calm sea. Knowing that it was Ryo and that he needed their help the guys pulled it together and gave up their powers willingly for the first time to give Ryo the White Armor to fight with.

The argument had been made that Ryo was going to lose the Swords that went with his armor if they did this but was swiftly cancelled when Sage pointed out that Crys had not said that there wasn't something they could do about it. Stowing the arguments the armor was on its way to Ryo who now fought under the sea.

As the White Armor formed about Ryo he woke up and taking the Wildfire Swords did what he could and using the Inferno Flare destroyed Sarenbou.

When the others were finally able to get him back from the water they all had one more thing to thank Crys for. With out her off handed tip, they might not have found Ryo in time.

Yulie took care of Whiteblaze as the great cat looked after the boy. Inside inspection of the Wildfire swords proved Crys's other prediction to be correct. The swords had been damaged irreparably.

As Ryo broke down in the library Crys was downstairs doing some thinking about her next move in the game. As she heard the crash upstairs she knew she was out of time to think and ran upstairs to see how much damage Ryo had caused.

She paused outside of the door she heard Yulie ask if there wasn't another sword to get for Ryo to replace his damaged blades. Kento informed Yulie that those kinds of weapons didn't grow on trees when Crys interrupted as she leaned against the doorframe.

"Actually, if you had stopped to ask, I do know of another set of swords that were made to be paired with the White Armor." Before she could move Kento had picked her up by the collar of the denim shirt she had been wearing with a bad look in his eyes.

"Erk, Kento, put me down." Crys gasped for air as she spoke. Mia Ryo and Yulie all took Crys's side and came to her aide. Pulling Kento away from Crys proved to be difficult but as he did let go she almost collapsed as she gasped to put air in her starved lungs.

"Com'on Kento, chill. If she knows of a set of blades that go with the White Armor then there has to be a good reason that she waited until now to tell us about them." Ryo tried to calm his friend down as Yulie had run out of the room to get a glass of water for Crys while Mia stood by to make certain that she was going to be ok.

"Yes." Crys rasped out as she glared at Kento reminding him of her promise, and his.

"That reason is because the quest to get them will put the entire team in a very tight spot. They are in the possession of a Master Swordsman."

She didn't get the chance to finish just then as a creature jumped through the window and clung to the ceiling and growled at them. Stepping back she knew that the Tiger could tell that she was different even as she identified the cat. "Blackblaze." Whiteblaze had taken over by then and was chasing the cat through out the house with the Ronin hot on their heals.

She ran downstairs and outside to await the cats as they fought. As they hit the ground and split up she looked at the tigers and then to the guys as they came outside.

Walking back in to the house calmly she heard their shouts of surprise as the black tiger disappeared back to the Dynasty.

She listened to the guys argue outside while Mia came downstairs and quietly asked her. "You know something about that tiger don't you?"

Crys turned to Mia and nodded. "Too much I'm afraid." Looking outside she smiled.

"If you guys are done bickering you could start asking questions." She called out to them. Smiling she turned her backs on the stunned Warriors and went to the kitchen to prepare herself a cup of tea. She had a feeling that she was going to need it.

As they all gathered around the table Ryo looked at her with the first sign of hope she had seen yet from him since the Sarenbou incident. "What is this about a swordsman and what do you know about that tiger?"

"The truth of the matter is. His name is Saber-Stryke. Sword master of legendary status from the Dynasty. However, regardless of his origins he is an honorable warrior and lives by a very strict code of honor that surpasses most Bushido codes that I know of, including my own." This raised some eyebrows, as they knew that the Dynasty could not be trusted.

"You have to believe me or you will lose the edge that I am giving you in this fight." She paused to let that sink in and take a sip of her tea letting it sooth her throat before continuing.

"The tiger you all met tonight is Blackblaze. Normally he carries the Swords of Fervor for Saber-Stryke. However he must have been sent to check you out Ryo as I did not see the swords on him."

Looking down at her tea she almost anticipated the next question but let it come anyway. "Why me?"

"Because you are the bearer of the Inferno Armor. Saber-Stryke wants the armor so that he can make full use of the abilities of both the swords and the armor to take over the Dynasty from Talpa."

Before she could be interrupted she told the story of the battle between Saber-Stryke and Talpa. As she finished she looked around and then looked at Sage as she wound it up. "As you can see, this is a matter of personal honor to Saber-Stryke as well as a means for him to gain the power of the Dynasty."

Sipping her tea she knew that there were going to be plenty more questions and she was actually prepared to answer some of the more unusual ones. "Why is it that you can tell us all of this stuff now, but you couldn't tell us what we would be facing in the past?" Cye stepped in his guard completely up. It was so unlike him that she actually smiled reassuringly at him and the others as she prepared to answer.

"Because Saber-Stryke is the least dangerous of your enemies. He can be trusted to hold his word of honor where as the other members of the Dynasty can not." Sighing she confided in them.

"This does not make your battle any easier with him. He will have prepared extensively for you and there will be casualties in the upcoming battle. Ones that no one is ready for."

Everyone thought hard on that bit of information even as she finished her tea. Rowen looked up at her and as she raised her eyebrow at him he asked. "Who asked you to play Kami in our lives?"

Crys was almost caught off guard by the question except the small fact that she had asked herself that same question that very day. Starting softly she explained her reasons for doing this to them as an expansion to the explanation of why she was there.

"I was brought here to help maintain the balance of good and evil in this world. You understand that right?" As she saw everyone nod in some small amount of understanding she continued. "Well to maintain that balance requires information, not the small skill that I bring to the group. You heard from Mia herself that she does not have the information that you all need to understand the natures of your armors and the things you will be up against."

The others all nodded again even as Mia winced at the reminder of her Grandfather's death. Crys shot her a look of sympathy and complete understanding even as she continued. "I have that knowledge and the insight behind some of the raw data to help you all wade through these battles. But the decisions that you make are based on this information."

Everyone looked thoughtful on this as she looked at Rowen. "So let me ask you this Rowen. Would you rather have this information even in the format that I give it to you or would you rather not have the information and go stumbling around in the dark? Clueless and with NO information on how to save your friend's ability to stay in the fight."

The guys all blushed as they realized that she was right and that on reflection they had been complete asses when all she was trying to do was help them with out making the way out easy for them. Basically they had all realized was that she was making them work for the information they got and the information she gave them was indeed more than they would have ever had if she hadn't been brought to them by the Ancient.

Standing she looked at them all as her face contorted her emotions finally breaking through the sarcastic facade that had been protecting her for so long. "And Who..." She whispered as her voice choked as she tried to maintain control. "Just who the hell do you all think you are to think that I don't understand? To think that I would just let you play Kami-sama with my life. You have had your city taken from you and you got it back. I lost my whole world and I don't even know if I will ever be able to return."

All of it whispered as her voice kept closing off she barely noticed when Whiteblaze came up to her side but as she finally broke down, she collapsed next to him and buried her face in his fur as he nuzzled her worriedly and stood there letting her hold onto him like a life preserver.

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