Dream a Little Dream: Book 2: Chapter 3

The news sobered the Ronin and Mia as they sat around the table. Ryo was still on the couch but was asleep. "You can not tell Ryo any of what I have told you tonight. I used my link with the Staff of the Ancients to make certain that he didn't hear anything while he sleeps. For him to have this information would change the path that you all need to take to defeat Sarenbou for keeps."

They were not all the way ready to trust her, but she had known so much about them and was banking on their honor to keep the path clear. As they all nodded in agreement Kento spoke for them all when he spoke to her. "If you aren't telling the truth about Ryo surviving this, you're going to regret it."

Even as she looked at Sage she knew that she had his attention when she murmured for them all to hear. "Sometimes I already do."

Looking about she nodded. "Kento, help me get Ryo upstairs, He is going to need a better rest than that couch will give him. Then I suggest that we all get some sleep. If things go the way I know they will, there won't be a lot of time for resting in the near future." As she spoke her ominous words she stood and gestured for Kento to follow her up the stairs as she picked Ryo up and headed up the stairs.

She was surprised though, She had expected the young man to weigh much more than her muscles should have been able to handle when she realized that the Wildfire armor crystal was glowing softly under his shirt. She silently thanked the armor for its assistance when they reached Ryo's room. After she made certain that Ryo was comfortable she looked at Kento who was looking at her puzzled as if she had lost it in asking him for help in something that she had just handled.

As they left the room she pushed him into the next room and even in the darkness she could see that he had tensed up for a fight. When the blow came it was not physical, instead it was a strong blow with words.

"Kento of Hardrock I don't know what your problem is but you have been on my case ever since I got back from the battle with the Dynasty. I am trying to help you save your world and perhaps the fate of many others and all you and Mia have done is threaten me to my face or spied on me behind my back." She hissed out in a low voice. As Kento prepared to defend himself from this unexpected front she cut him off.

"I have already given my life's blood as surety for my word. Were you deaf when I made that guarantee to Sage? He may not trust me completely either, but he knows that the word on a life's blood oath is to be taken seriously. Now either get your head out of your ass and help me to save your world as the Ancient has asked me to help you or don't interfere when I have to save your ass."

As she stood there glaring at him in the darkness she could see that Kento was struggling with the decision to let her go or just take her out now while he had the chance when she made the choice clear to him.

"Kento. If you want to kill me, I will not stop you, but you will have to armor up to do it. Then you will have to explain to your friends why you killed your only source of information about your armors, their strengths, weaknesses and origins, as well as the source of the information you will need when you battle in the future. Your battle with evil is not over by a long shot Kento of Hardrock."

"Make your choice. Kill me now and never deal with me again and I will never have to return to the life that has been a living hell before I came here. Or trust me just long enough to prove my word is still good and watch as I help you all to defeat the evils that are about to enter this world."

Kento argued with himself as he watched the woman that had dropped in on them berate him and then demanded the choice to be made. Could he really kill her and explain why to his friends' satisfaction? He and Ryo knew that Mia had been looking in to her story and for the time being it seemed to checkout. The only information they had been able to come up with was a birth certificate for her placing her at almost five years younger than all of them. But here she was and she was either a very good liar and was simply guessing at events, or she was telling the truth about her origins.

But she was also sincerely trying to help them. Kento knew that without her help they would have never been freed from Talpa's hold on them. Ryo had told them all what had happened after they had been put to sleep for the final time and it was hard to believe but Mia and Yulie said that they had seen her with the Ancient's staff as well. So for the time being he knew that he had to trust her.

"Off the hook for now lady. But if you turn on us, Sage's blade won't be the one to take your life no matter what you say." He was confused by her smile and was ready to take offence when she slipped out of the room and out of his reach.

"Justice will be served Kento." She whispered before looking up and seeing Sage in the hall next to the door. "Just how much of my dressing down did you hear Sage Date?" As she spoke she smiled a little as she had noted that he was holding back a small smile of his own.

"Not a whole lot, But you either shut Kento up, something I didn't think was possible, or you just pissed him off and made him your adversary." Sage made to walk by her and just as he was about to pass she grabbed his shoulder and halted his movement.

"You can't just ignore what I am telling you all Sage. Ryo needs you all and will need you all more than ever soon. Think carefully Sage. I know you mean well but you and Rowen could tear this team apart in the near future if you don't watch it."

Sage listened to her with narrowed eyes. His voice became dangerously soft as he replied. "Is that a threat, or another part of this life that you seem to know so much about?"

Crys smirked, as she didn't even turn to face him in the hall. "Neither, it is fact that you and Rowen think more logically than the others and you especially are thinking for the good of the team. Just watch and see if I am not right in the next week. There will be a falling out and Ryo will need you to back him up."

As she let his shoulder go she too continued moving down the hall to her room and glanced down the stairs to see Mia looking up at her with a listening look on her face.

Sage hadn't moved from his stopped position in the hall. Crys had given him a lot to think about and her assessment of him and Rowen were correct. She was either going to be very dangerous to handle in the future or she was going to be their most important ally in the battle against evil.

As Crys got back to her room with out any other interruptions she sighed and sat back to do some thinking. ~Ancient One, you made all of this look so easy. Unite the team, give them a common goal, cheer and direct as needed and even save them from themselves occasionally. How the hell did you do it?~

As she went to sleep that night she was assailed with another dream. The room was darkened but she could tell that it was a peaceful dark. As the candles lit she saw that she was in a temple. "You are doing far better than it seems to you Crys. You have united them and given a common goal. Now all you have to do is keep them focused on it despite the way they have been treating you."

"Well hello to you too Ancient One." She sniffed in mild amusement. "I don't think that I am getting through to them half the time. The other half of the time I have to beat it into their heads and use some of their best qualities against them."

"Be that as it may, they are still willing to listen to you when they are in need of guidance and Mia hasn't been alone in her suspicions. However the more you prove yourself to them the more they will trust you." The Ancient One came out of the shadows and stood before her as she was kneeling on the floor. "It is never easy for you is it child."

"No, it isn't and that is what keeps pissing me off. I was hoping that they would be a little more understanding of the situation that they are in by having me around. But the only one that has trusted me blindly has been Anubis, and he has enough on his plate as it is."

The sarcasm in her voice softened a bit as she continued. "I haven't been very gracious either. But I am trying to survive too. I most likely won't have a job when I get home and I will be stuck with my abusive father and family that is right now walking on mirror shards around me because I let it out that I am a pagan. Go figure work isn't happy with me either so I have been dancing on glass myself."

Sighing she was surprised to find the Ancient kneeling down to her level and had placed his arms around her. She felt safe, secure, and for the first time since meeting Anubis in this whole fracas, wanted.

"You are needed most of all in this battle. Please bear up under the burdens that you have to bear. I can not tell you anything about your Universe, but I can reassure you that things will get better for you here if you just keep going somehow." He told her softly.

"I'll try, I don't know how, but I will try come hell or high water." Her eyes began to tear and as she gave into the stress, she gave into the tears as well and cried into the Ancient's welcoming shoulder.

He understood how she was feeling. She was alone and lonely in this world. Here she didn't know anyone except the Ronin and they had been a bit different than she had expected. No matter what she said about her family and friends of her own universe, he knew that she missed them. For her, they were at least familiar.

Out in the sleeping world she was being watched unbeknownst to her. It was not even a human that watched as the tears of her pain in her dreams spilled over into the real world and onto her pillow. Whiteblaze had heard her whimper in her sleep and checking on the newest guest in the house he alone witnessed her pain and he would never tell of it.

The next day as she watched the guys relax or contemplate the problem with Sarenbou she silently counted down until she hit five and then started counting out loud. As Rowen and Sage looked at her as if she had lost her mind she pointed at the door when she reached zero and Mia walked in.

Kento was up in a flash as Mia was carrying food and he was hungry. Sitting in the background she smiled at Kento and Cye fought over the food. Looking over at Ryo she was worried though. She knew that he was feeling guilty about what was going on with the armors. Just as she knew that there was nothing she could do about it.

As the others poked some light fun at Kento, Mia looked at Ryo and tried to bring him into the conversation. To everyone else's surprise he not only killed the mood but he got up and walked outside.

Mia followed after and Crys really began to worry. She toyed with things just a little bit, but could she trust them to keep what she had told them a secret. They had a lot on their minds she was vaguely reconsider everything that she told them. It alone was enough to change the time line here.

She was feeling a bit depressed herself as she remembered her dream from the night before and her conversation with the Ancient. She couldn't prove her talks with him to the other Ronin and so she was going to have to wait until they each had their own dreams to gain some of the lost ground back.

She really missed her friends and her boyfriend and she wondered if they missed her at all, or if they moved on with their lives already. She knew that some of her online friends would wonder what was happening when someone decided to raid her computer for information and send out an e-mail saying that she was missing.

She shook off those thoughts when Mia came back in to tell them what she had found out from Ryo. When Mia told them all of his guilty feelings in connection with the White Armor they all started talking about ways to lessen the effects of the Armor's drain.

Crys looked at Mia and asked the question that was itching to be asked. "Umm, Mia, Did Ryo seem to be open to you and then shut down suddenly? Something about being alone for a while and that he would be ok?"

Mia looked surprised at the question and in a startled tone answered. "Why yes, yes he did."

The others were now looking at her as she shut down in her thoughts. All was happening as it should and there wasn't much time to prepare them and she could only hope that her timing was not off.

She looked up at the door just before Yulie came in and said hi. As the Kento asked him how he was doing he told them all that he was doing fine and in the thoughtful pause Crys spoke for him. "Yulie, Ryo's headed for town in his subarmor with Whiteblaze isn't he?"

Her voice was quiet as she looked at the young boy hoping that just this once she was wrong. Unfortunately the path had been traced too well and she was right. "Your that weird lady that saved me and Mia when you showed up."

"Yes Yulie, something like that." She murmured softly as the others decided to go after him. As they headed for the door Kento asked.

"You comin'? You've had your nose in our business so far."

"I can't go Kento, It is not for me to be there. The path has been traced all you have to do is follow it. Just be careful around the docks ok?" With a faint smile for the warrior of justice she gestured for him to go with his friends.

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