Dream a Little Dream: Book 2: Chapter 2

Swearing softly under her breath she called out. "Get out here Gashura, I know that you are here with these tin plated idiots." Even as she called him out she was still surprised at his speed and agility even though she knew that he was a ninja of the Dynasty.

Anubis was surprised to see Gash and even as he was fighting off the Soldiers he gained the unexpected help of the armors that they had passed in the corridor to the room.

"Damnit Gash, I should have figured that Badamon would have survived that mess. I know he sent you to keep the Jem out of our hands. But I didn't think that he had managed to post you as a guard to the place." She was hopping back and blocking with her blade to block the Ninja's sword before she realized that she was out of space to fight. "Uh oh." She muttered

"Now you will see what happens to those that try to disrupt the plans of the Dynasty. I was not sent as a guard. The gates have been opened and Talpa will rule this dimension." As he drew back to slay her where she stood, the sword fell and Crys flinched.

The blow never landed and looking up she smiled with relief. Anubis had saved her life as she saw the end of the staff of the Ancients sticking through the chest of the Dynasty minion.

"Traitor, Lord Talpa will have your head Anubis." Gash gurgled out before falling off the pointed end of the staff.

"He'll have a hell of a time trying." Crys smirked at the dead body before she noticed the soldiers all bowing to Anubis and the Ancients staff.

"You who have honored the ancients with your skill and valor, we thank you for fighting to keep the Jewell of life in the right hands." The apparent leader of the spirit warriors mentioned.

He was arrested when Crys put her hand on Anubis's shoulder. "Free them of their duties Anubis. They deserve to rest after protecting this temple for so long." She spoke softly.

"The lady you travel with is wise beyond her apparent years. We do beseech you to free us of the bonds that hold us here on this world. That we may travel on to protect another world." The soldier gave his salute to Crys and again faced Anubis.

Anubis focused for a moment and then in a pure blast of energy freed the souls that were held for so long to protect the temple. Looking at Crys he wondered at the knowledge that she held about his world.

It was only momentary as Crys grabbed his hand and dragged him back out. "Com'on Anubis. You have a lot more to learn about yourself before you can fight again. And unfortunately we're almost out of time."

Anubis was puzzled at the cryptic words before he realized that she had meant that the Ronin would be entering another life changing battle soon. Hiding the gem away on her person she took Anubis's hand. "Take care, and until we meet again Anubis. For I know that we will."

Running off into the wooded area she left Anubis to wonder about many things and to travel back to his meditation and contemplation with new things to consider. On the other hand Crys was back at the Mansion only to find it empty.

"Damn it. I'm too late. Ryo and the others are taking on Sarenbou now. I can only hope that they are all right. As she looked off at the horizon of trees she noticed a bright flash of light before she could actually feel the level of energy in the area rise as she watched a pillar of flame curl to the skies.

Looking up she saw Sarenbou and sighed. She knew what was coming next and the best she could do was prepare them all for the coming trials. If nothing else she had to warn them about Saber-Stryke. She was going to change one thing about this world. She wasn't about to let them go through this battle unprepared as the Ronin of her universe had.

She was up, waiting and ready with a light meal for all of them as they came back. Looking at them all she said nothing as she sat them all down, made them eat while she laid Ryo out on the couch and started bandaging his wounds.

"Eat, you all need to replace the energy you lost tonight in merging with Ryo for the Inferno armor." She turned her back to them all to finished seeing to Ryo and then sat herself down at the table with a cup of tea for herself and Mia.

"I hope that you do not mind that I helped myself to your kitchen Mia. I knew that you would all come back tired and with a lot of questions so I thought that I would at least be able to give you some of those answers now."

As she folded her hands around the teacup there was a different look in her eyes as she started her tale. One that would almost be mistaken for sadness.

"I had been at work all day with a company that I work with in the United States. I don't do anything interesting nor do I do anything special outside of the work in my life."

Sighing she continued. "I had left work late one evening and as I was doing some homework and taking care of my apartment before I was to go to bed I got the feeling that I was going to have a fairly restless night. This was nothing new to me as I am used to having fairly busy nights with my dreams being as vivid as they can be at times. Especially when I am tired."

"As I fell asleep I went almost immediately into a dreamscape, only I did not realize at the time that it wasn't a dream. You could say that I do something called Lucid Dreaming. The path of the dreamscape that allows me to consciously interact with the dream subjects and affect the outcome to better, or worse."

She noticed that Sage was nodding slightly as she explained the Lucid Dreaming. As she continued she realized that she had their complete attention even though they were still eating. Taking a sip of her tea she closed her eyes for a few moments and then when she opened them she continued.

"In my world I have seen and heard things about the Ronin Warriors and even though I had no idea it to be true, I also believed in the multi-verse. The theory that this is not the only universe out there. The theory was proven when I appeared in this world and immediately knew what was going on. Needless to say I was a little less than pleased to find out that Sekhmet really was chasing me. But here I am and with an actual purpose."

As she completed her explanation as to how she got there she saw Rowen thinking some of the details over. As he looked at her, she knew that he was ready to ask a question. "If what your saying is true, then you know how the battles we go through turn out and you can actually affect that."

"Yes, but only if I give you the information that you need for those battles will you be able to defeat your opponents. The Ancient One helped to bring me here because the information that Mia would have gained eventually by studying the information with her Grandfather about the Ronin Warriors was not there."

"I knew that information and the timeline well enough to know that as he explained things to me that you would not win any of the major battles you have been in or will be in with out my help. I will not lie to you when I say that I was severely tempted to just go home and let you all learn about things the hard way and see if you would turn out. But my code of honor won out and I stayed."

You have to trust me when I say thing about this world. You have just battled Sarenbou and he almost overwhelmed you in that battle. The White Armor came of it's own volition and nearly destroyed Ryo in the process. You all survived, as I knew you would, but Ryo has much he needs to learn. Another battle is on the horizon and it will be with Sarenbou."

She held her hand up as the four warriors around the table jumped up in protest of that fact.


"Ryo toasted him!"

"This can't be true."

"And if you will all calm down I will tell you how it is true." Crys quietly interjected as soon as there was an opening for her to speak.

It took a moment but the warriors all calmed down and sat back down to hear her out.

"Sarenbou is not dead because Ryo did not destroy the real Sarenbou. What you all saw at the end of the battle was a reflection. The real Sarenbou was well out of the way of Ryo's Inferno flare." Her eyes darkened again as she laid the worst news on the table for them all to digest.

"I know that you will defeat Sarenbou. However you will have to call on the Inferno Armor again to do it." She held her hand up to forestall the protests that were starting to rise.

"That is not the worst of it my friends." She let them a brief moment to prepare and continued. "Ryo's Wildfire Swords can not handle the shear amount of power that the Inferno Armor generates when it's sure kill is used. When he uses the Inferno Flare to destroy Sarenbou it will damage the Wildfire swords irreparably."

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