Dream a Little Dream: Book 2: Prologue

Crys and Anubis had many conversations in the weeks that passed after the fall of Talpa. As she spoke Anubis learned that he had been chosen to follow the ways of the Ancient's clan and was now the guardian of the staff.

It suited him and as he wandered the land, Crys stayed with him for a time. However there was their last morning together when Crys knew that she had to go back to the Ronin. "I have to go back Anubis."

"I can't say I completely understand. But if what you say is true then we will meet again and there will be time to deal with ourselves." Anubis was worried for her. As the protectorate of the Ancient's staff she had the power and abilities she needed to stay even the demon lord should he come back. But now she was going back as Crys, it worried him as he knew that she was getting stronger and better at her own defense since she asked Anubis to train her. But would it be enough?

"I know you are worried about me Anubis, I will stay safe, I don't want you to have to come out of meditation and contemplation for me. The Ronin will be there and if I have anything to say about it, they will not need you until Lady Kayura shows up and starts causing hell." Smiling softly she finally gave into her feelings this once and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"I promise to behave." She said as she walked off to the house that held the Ronin Warriors. It was a short trek as she and Anubis stayed nearby for that reason. Now Anubis was free to wander as far as he needed to go to train self and mind in the ways of the Ancients.

Anubis smiled as she left knowing that she would be in good hands. He was going to worry some though about the strange, cocky woman that had been dropped into his life. He couldn't help but like her and he had a feeling that what he was feeling could turn into something more, if given the chance.

As he walked the other way he calmed himself for the long trip and as he walked that day he found an old temple where he could meditate and learn.

Crys on the other hand had come up to the house and found that there was an overly serious air about the place. Walking around to the back she tried to find some sign of life when she heard an "Alley oop!"

Turning towards the voice of Kento she saw him and Cye training together and Rowen and Sage off in their own training in their own ways. She could only smile at this familiar sight as she called out. "Hi honey, I'm home!"

She was nearly tackled by the four who were pleased to see her again and alive. "We thought you didn't make it out of the Dynasty until Mia told us that you were wielding the Staff of the Ancients." Kento told her.

"Yeah, well I was off doing some other necessary things." She hugged them all happily. "Tell me, is Ryo still asleep from his encounter with the White Armor?" She received more strange looks before they answered her with an affirmative.

Sighing with relief she smiled. "Good, then I am still in time." Running towards the house she waved at them. "Ja ne." she called out before she walked in the door to hear typing upstairs in the library and a quiet inside of the house. Moving up the stairs, she didn't want to see Mia just yet, there was one person she wanted to see before she dealt with all of that.

Looking in on him she could tell that he was about to wake up. The guys had resumed their training outside and Ryo was merely resting for the moment. Behind the closed eyes she could almost tell what he was thinking and so answered him. "Yeah, it was an incredible experience, wasn't it?"

His eyes snapped open at the strange voice in his room, but when he saw Crys he relaxed some. "Was that really you I saw there? Inside of Talpa?" He asked quietly, he was still tired and it was obvious that he was still trying to assimilate his recent adventures since the pace didn't leave him much time to do much else but fight and rest when possible.

Nodding she smiled. "That was me all right. You were needed Ryo, I knew that your battle wasn't over and that a small part of you still wanted to fight on. However you were tired, and tired of all the fighting and that small period for reflection was all you needed to put the fight back in you."

"Well I'm glad you made it out of the Dynasty ok. We've been kinda worried since you didn't show up after the battle." Mia startled them both by appearing at Crys's side and commenting.

"Your up Ryo. Good the others will be glad to hear it." As she turned away to go downstairs to prepare dinner she barely caught Crys's words as she took up her conversation with Ryo again.

"Ryo, you especially need to remember that not all battles are of the body. In fact most battles are won or lost even before they are fought with physical weapons as the mind is the telling factor." She sat across from him and as she entered the room, the small Kanji sphere that contained the power of Ryo's armor registered her entrance with a small glow. She cocked an eyebrow at it and the glow vanished.

Ryo could only watch the exchange in amused amazement. He knew that his armor protected him, but here was someone that seemed to be able to handle the power of the armor with a calm intensity he had seen in his friends.

As they continued to talk he kept that in mind and wondered just exactly who this woman was that didn't have any powers, but could wield the Ancient's staff. Had no special abilities or life experiences to tell of, and yet could handle the power of the Armor's with quiet authority.

As they talked for a little longer Crys finally left Ryo with his own thoughts and headed down stairs. As she found Mia in the kitchen she had a mildly worried look on her face that instantly put Mia on her guard. "Ryo?"