Dream a Little Dream: Book 1: Chapter 1

The battle was fought with Mia and Yulie looking over the girl. The Ronin came back in time to see Crys wake up a little and moan in pain. "Anyone got an Aspirin the size of Mount Dojo?"

"No, But we'll give you a bigger headache if you don't start answering questions right now lady." Crys could only smile as she recognized the voice behind her closed eyes.

"Always thinking with your fists before your head Kento of Hardrock?" She murmured to the surprise of the group.

"I will start from the beginning. My beginning." She started out as she tried to sit up and found that she required help for that simple task. Looking to her side she found that it was Cye that had given her the assistance she needed.

"First I have to ask what year it is." She said. If this was what she thought it was, she was going to have an easier time explaining that she first thought.

Mia answered for the group. "It's 1987."

Nodding everything seemed to fall into place, with the exception of one or two other details. "Then Talpa had just begun his reign of terror over Toyama." She murmured to herself as she placed facts for herself to the surprise of the other Ronin. 

"My name is Crys, and for me the year is 2001. I am a normal student at a University in the United States. I also hold down a job and have been watching Japanese Anime for some time now. I cannot say how I know you all, but I do know that I am not your enemy. In fact, I whole heartedly support your cause Ronin Warriors."

"It all started with a shadow, didn't it?" She looked at Mia and then at Ryo and Whiteblaze who had just joined the group again. "The shadow wasn't that of a cloud and it had the taint of evil about it. That was what woke you and the other Ronin up to your duties, wasn't it?" Looking at Ryo and the other she all saw that she was telling the truth in their eyes even though they were being tight lipped.

"Yulie had just gotten a new skate board and as the city was in surprise and turmoil from Ryo and Whiteblaze walking down the street, he ate street and you and Blaze helped pick him up and sent him back to his parents when all hell broke loose in the city. A large Soldier attacked and Mia saved Yulie from being a victim of the attack, thus in turn making them both a victim as the soldier realized that they could be used to hold you all off once he realized that he might be no match for the five of you combined."

"You all still have a lot to learn, even after getting the five of you back from your Armor's resting places you all still have a lot to learn about team work."

Mia was surprised to hear so much of their history from one woman. But the entire group was startled when she walked over to the tiger and without any fear of the large cat knelt down in front of it and gently scratched under his chin while smiling softly. "You understand, I am not the enemy, I am just lost and alone wandering about the multi-verse, trying in my own little way to keep things the same, but change them for the better."

Whiteblaze rumbled and playfully head butted her. The force was enough to knock her over, but he understood that she was still too hurt for such playful tactics and helped her up after she held onto him to keep herself from going onto her back.

"If Whiteblaze trusts me, and the Ancient hasn't stepped in yet to either warn you of me, or send me packin' back to the States of this time, then I am probably here for a reason. Am I right?"

Standing carefully she walked over to Rowen and held her hand out to him while she identified him. "Hashiba, Rowen of the Strata, Considered the Genius of the group and seems to have a firm grasp on the completely obvious."

Moving over she smiled easily at Kento. "Fuan, Kento of Hardrock, Has a bottomless pit for a stomach but likes a good fight almost as much. Act first, think later is usually how you fight ne?"

Crouching down to Cye, who was still on the ground, she looked him in the eye. "Mouri, Cye of Torrent, Warrior of Trust you would rather take the hurt and pain instead of letting your fishy friends suffer at the hands of Sekhmet." She smiled softly at the startled look in his eyes. She had guessed that his feelings about Sekhmet had run a deep vein in the boy, now she knew for certain. "Don't let that loyalty and protectiveness kill you in the end k?"

Standing with more difficulty than before she looked over at Ryo. "Sanada, Ryo of Wildfire, as fierce as your armor's namesake you would do anything to keep your friends safe. That includes fighting beyond your armor's own abilities. Be careful, or your friends may end up saving you."

Turning to Sage, she noted the look of disbelief and distrust in his cold eyes. "Date, Sage of Halo, You have a long and proud family line, older than even Nobunaga Oda. I can give you nothing for assurance that I am not here to harm you other than that of my life. If I betray you then I will willingly accept death by the Halo-ken."

Sage's disbelief was replaced by shock as he heard the information about his family line and then about her willingness to give her life as her surety that her word was good.

Looking at Mia and Yulie from where she stood she could only smile to herself. "Mia Koji, Caretaker of the Ronin Team for the times when they are in battle. Yulie, Everyone's friend and the kid that has a serious case of hero worship for Ryo."

She had overtaxed her unhealed strength again and looking about she realized that even thought she could barely feel his solid form, Whiteblaze was next to her helping her to the ground as she once again Passed out from the small exertion of talking to the Ronin, explaining herself and moving about.

She barely felt another solid bulk next to her as Kento picked her up instead of letting her fall to the ground. Crys was out like a light, but what she had told them had been true and there was nothing more for them to do except help her to get better and find out what else she knew. Rowen had understood the comment about the multi-verse and he had been nominated by the group to find out just how she had gotten here since she hadn't been real clear on that subject.

As they all retreated to the edge of town they stopped at the park and the river that fed through it. Mia and Sage cleaned her wounds and bandaged them carefully since Crys had already proven to be an active person when she was awake. But now they also had the additional problem of trying to feed one more mouth.

As the Ronin team watched over Crys as she slept the healing sleep, they talked and made comments about the gaijin in their midst that knew so much about their culture and about them. Mia was willing to let the girl stay with them, her excuse being that Crys had saved her life several times. Yulie backed Mia up on that claim and the guys just looked at each other and surmised that it would probably be best to keep her with the team.

Sage and Rowen especially pushed for the girl to stay as they figured that if this girl knew so much about them all, perhaps she would know a weakness of Talpa's. Otherwise it would be best to keep Crys out of his clutches just be the shear virtue she did know so much about them, she would be a danger to them all if she were somehow turned to the other side where her information could be used against them.

Even as the talks progressed Crys was long into a dream. 

"Crys, I am sorry that I had to bring you here, but I will do what I can to explain why I did bring you here."

Startled Crys turned around in her mind, forming her mental self and then putting up her shields, despite her recognition of the voice that called to her. "Hello Ancient One. I was wondering when you were going to show your hand in this after I realized that I wasn't dreaming." There was a little bit of sarcasm in her voice as she addressed the one that had created the armors.

"You have a lot of spirit young lady, I suppose things are different in your universe. I brought you here because despite what you do know about the Ronin, Warlords, and Talpa and the battle that is going on here. This is a battle that they can not win without your help."

"Oh really, the Ronin Warriors, the same team that kicked Talpa's collective ass twice where I came from, can't get it together in this universe?" This was starting to get interesting.

"In a way, you are correct. In this universe Mia's Grandfather had not gathered as much information about the Ronin Warrior's and the Ancients as he did in your world. You have the knowledge that will help them survive this time of evil."

The ancient bowed his head to her then cocked it to one side. "I understand that this is frightening and exciting for you. You wish that you could help with the battle more, and I assure you that you will be more help than you first think. But I am asking you to stay and help. Otherwise I can send you home now and the battle will be lost in this universe."

"Ok." Crys thought it over. It was a strange proposition but she was essentially the walking version of all the data that Mia's Grandfather had collected, as well as all of the data on the evils that the Ronin would meet in the near and distant future.

Her code of honor screamed at her to stay and help, but her common sense told her to pack up and go home. If she was going to be hurt so constantly this was not worth it. "I don't know Ancient One. In helping Mia and Yulie stay alive, I have been hurt severely. I have no powers and my skills in fighting are limited. I already know that to have another person to worry about protecting will shatter the delicate balance that holds this team together. I don't want to do that."

The Ancient One smiled. "You speak the truth in that matter. I too know that the Team will not be able to protect one more. That is why I am willing to give you the knowledge of the Staff and the ability to call on it should you find yourself in a time of need. I trust that you would fight until you cannot. You are a warrior in more ways than one."

Bowing she gave her respects to the Ancient who was now fading out of her mind. He was content that she was staying, it was all he needed to know right now and now that he wasn't needed he was leaving to watch the battle from where ever he was.

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