A Timely Love: Chapter 11

When the group stepped out of the portal and into the castle of the Dynasty they looked around to get their bearings and Dais seemed to come out of the wall to greet them. They all started with the exception of Aideen, as she had time and the practice of expecting things like that out of the spider. Kento just glared at his one time rival but nodded when it was agreed that tonight’s meeting was important.

Cale stepped out of the shadows and looked at Dais. "Kayura sends word that you are to take Miss Aideen off to another part of the castle to speak with her about the problem until she sends for you." He looked at Sage and then the others. "You are to follow me and the discussion will be held."

Mia looked at Rowen and shrugged as they all followed except Dais and Aideen. When they had gone to the meeting room, he turned to her and tilted her face to look at before he spoke. "Come, I have been thinking long and hard about your problem and I have already made my thoughts clear to Kayura about it. We are not needed at the meeting so I have been sent to speak with you alone about what they will be discussing in there."

As they walked off in the other direction Aideen noticed that they were not headed towards the arena like they usually did when they had things to discuss, but rather they were headed to the inner sanctum that was her favorite spot in the Palace. Dais completely armored down as they walked and Aideen noticed that instead of his usual palace walk abouts, he was instead wearing a dark grey silk shirt and matching dress slacks. She was wearing the same outfit she had worn to school that day and so felt a little drab in her faded jeans and old sweat shirt.

When they reached the inner sanctum Dais lead her into the room with her eyes closed and then shut the doors behind them. When she was allowed to open her eyes she was astonished at what she saw.

In the middle of the room there was a small table with two candles and dinner for two set up. Now Aideen felt really under dressed until she realized that Dais had given her another gift; he had created the illusion about her of her being in the dark green dress that he liked so much on her and put her hair back into a clip instead of her ponytail. She was almost overwhelmed at the beauty of the scene when she realized that old gaelic music was playing softly in the background.

"Do you like it Aideen??" His voice held hope, fear and promise all at the same time as he sat her at the table. As she looked about and then into his eyes she finally found her voice.

"Dais…It’s beautiful." Her voice was slightly awed as she whispered the words that set his mind at ease. As he poured the wine she smiled at him and his princess treatment. When she started eating she found that her plate was a mix of Japanese and Irish delicacies and knew that he had gone to a certain effort to get the recipes for the Irish food.

Dais was not certain how to tell her what he and Kayura had discussed in private counsel, but he could feel through his armor link that most of the idea was going over ok with a few snags and resistances. In a soft voice he gained her attention, "Lady Aideen,"

Her attention was caught by the tone and the Title since he had never called her anything but Aideen or little Wildling before. "Lady Aideen, I am not sure how to word this but you know that I know of what has been troubling you lately. I have had several discussions with Kayura and we have come to an agreement. If you would wish it, you may stay here in the Dynasty and go to the University in the Mortal Realm and visit whenever you wish."

Aideen was stunned again as she heard his offer and as the wheels in her mind began to turn again as the shock passed she knew that this would be an answer that she was looking for. She was a creature and human and she fit in here in the Dynasty. Here she had her Niche and she would still be able to continue her courses.

She did not even think about what would happen in just over a Year when she would have to return to Ireland. Now she would be able to be safe and keep her friends safe. When she looked up from her thoughts she noticed that Dais was now standing before her. "Please say you will stay." He knelt before her and took her hand in his. "In the small amount of time I have come to know you I find that I am no longer the Spider I once was. Something in my soul clicked and I have waited this long for some sign that you might feel something for me. Now I have seen nothing and now I ask you. Lady Aideen, Do you feel anything for me in the way that I feel for you?"

He speech was on impulse and as it started and stopped several times as he wrestled for the right words she could see in his eyes that he meant everything he had said. As her own eyes softened she smiled at him softly and whispered. "Dais, I have been searching for a very long time for someone that is very dear to me. A soul that has been matched with my own many millennia ago on another plane of existence.

As I hear your words and see how you act and who you are, there can be no mistake. You have been born with that soul in you." She leaned over and kissed him softly on his forehead and smiled as his Kanji for Serenity shown brightly at the contact. "Yes, I will stay Dais, for as long as I am able to I will stay with you."

Dais stood and as he did so he drew Aideen up out of her seat with him. As they came close to each other, he kissed her gently and drew her away from the table. There was now a dance floor and as the music increased in volume, he lead her in a dance that proved just how happy she had made him, and they knew that from then on, there would be nothing that could bring them apart.