A Timely Love: Chapter 10

Aideen had completely healed now from Daisí first strike on her as he helped her back into the more Human state that they all preferred her to be in. After she reassured Kento and Mia that she would be fine after she had enough rest and time to infuse her herbs, she was allowed to rest and deal with the stinging welt that was on her face. When she looked in the mirror she realized that Dais had not used his fist to bring her back, but instead only clipped her with his subarmored fingers. She sighed and finished treating the wound and went to bed.

All of this ran through her mind as she walked with Mia down on the dock at the lake. When they reached the end Mia sat down and bade her guest to do the same. Aideen could feel the tension in the air and wondered what was going on that would make the usually calm Mia nervous about talking to her.

She Sat down and almost as soon as she did, Mia started in. "Aideen, you and I both know that I am very used to strange goings on in any capacity right?" As Aideen nodded she caught a glimmer of where this was going. "Well the Guys have been discussing things and they finally come to me for an opinion. Since I have no Idea what your thoughts are I decided to ask you about things before I am forced to make a decision."

Aideen got a sick feeling in her stomach but quickly suppressed it since Mia was still willing to talk things out. "What is it that I could probably help with Mia-san??" Try as she might, She still could not keep her nerves out of her voice.

"Well, the guys are worried about you. You have been practicing, and disappearing at strange times. Granted you have not missed any classes at the university yet, but the Ronins and I are all wondering if you are feeling comfortable here with us, or if you would be comfortable elsewhere if we can help you get settled into a place where you can talk to the people there." Mia was worried about her and the fact that they were wondering about her comfort level and her trust meant that Cye had noticed things about her body language and they all could see that she had to struggle at times to hold back the wildling side of her in large crowded stressful situations such as student events when she did not know what was going on.

Aideen sighed as she gathered her thoughts to answer her hostess. "Mia-san, I am most grateful for the opportunity you have given me to study here in Japan, and the legends and history class that the guys and I all attend is fantastic. I guess I am just still trying to find my niche here. I enjoy the ability to be able to go to the Dynasty now that it has calmed down quite a bit since those times of battle. But I guess I am more afraid that I am going to hurt some one here in this realm than the other since you all do not have to be on your toes all the time.

I will admit that when I am allowed to go Wildling in the Dynasty it helps me to keep from doing the same here, but I have injured Sekmet and Dais already there. Even though they have forgiven me and did not mind the wounds, I care about everyone I have met so far in my journeys here and there and I do not want to harm any one here in this realm if there is no one to restrain me or get my attention. I might kill a student, or worse and I do not wish to take that chance even though I want to be able to stay here in one of the few places that truly understands my dual natures."

As she looked out onto the lake she could not help but think of Dais and then of the other Seasonals and how they had given her the freedom to move about the realm as she wished but were always able to be right there if she ever turned on some poor unsuspecting innocent. Usually it was Dais that would come to restrain her, but the others would come as well if she was in a particularly difficult mood or was wilder than usual, But Dais would be the only one who would be willing to get within her strike zone to subdue her.

As they had worked on her control in the Dynasty, Dais also took up a study of various holds and points that would subdue her with out causing the damage that a strike from them in armor could cause.

Mia finally understood what was bothering her young charge and now that she understood, she could do something about it. She knew that she trusted all of them and she trusted the Seasonals more than the Roninís did at times to not harm her in their practice sessions here in the Mortal realm but this came from her spending most of her nights when she did not have classes early the next day, practicing with each of them in the Dynasty and helping to train Yulie when his Parents allowed him to go for his weekend stays with Kayura.

She also understood that even though she wanted to be here she also did not want to be where she would hurt some one with out having one of the guys around to be able to restrain her. Thus far when she had changed in the Mortal realm the guys would have to change to at least their sub-armor and restrain her with one or two of the group while the others would try to get the telling strike in.

Usually Kento would find a way in through her defenses to start the restraint and Sage would partner him in deflecting her blades. Cye would usually call on his Yari to grab her around the middle to further restrain her while Ryo or Rowen would be the one to hit one of the main pressure points to knock her out. When she woke up her bruises were usually gone and she would be fine, and since she started training in the Dynasty as she did. It was a relief to the guys to see that her control was firming up and that she did not change to often any more as Sage started teaching her several quick and slow meditation practices.

As Mia thought about all of this she and Aideen did not feel the extra presence come up behind them until White Blaze chuffed at them to get their attention. When they looked up they saw Sekmet standing over them waiting patiently. When he knew that he had their attention he spoke. "Kayura sends her greetings and an invitation for you both to join the Ronin in a visit to the Dynasty."

Mia looked at Sekmet and then to Aideen and back as she explained. "I am sorry Sekmet, but please explain to Kayura that Aideen and I are discussing her current problem and trying to find a solution that will help her remain here for the rest of her stay in Japan."

Sekmet turned his hooded eyes on Aideen and responded after a pause. "Mia, It is this very problem that you are discussing that Kayura wishes to speak with all of you." As he turned to leave for the Dynasty realm Mia stood up after a moment of thought and answered. "Please convey to Kayura that we shall attend this discussion then since it will involve everyone."

Sekmet nodded and disappeared into the dark and left Blaze to escort Mia and Aideen back to the house where they knew that the guys would be waiting for them for transport to the dynasty.

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