A Timely Love: Chapter 9

In the Earth realm, as the Guys and Mia all waited through their school days for Aideen to return, they were all shocked to feel a scream of pain and fear rip through them that it all had them out of their respective classes and jobs and into their armors before they knew what had happened. As they stopped to think about what was going on, they all met and realized that it was not Mia. Since the only other female they know that might have had trouble taking care of herself was Aideen, Sage and Cye were all for taking off for the Dynasty to find out who the hell hurt her.

As they went back home to report to Mia what happened she surprised them all by already knowing. "I think it has something to do with the way she had to have the Tracer spell cast on her. She, unlike me had a shifting aura so they would have to mark her some how and attach the Tracer spell to that."

As she finished her explanation of what was going on Rowen asked. "How is it that you knew we were coming and what was going on??" She could only shrug and offer another conclusion based on her studies. It may be I knew what was going on because Kayura told me that the Tracer spell that they place on people that are to be protected by both groups is some how linked to all nine armors. When she was added to the link, it would only be natural that I would feel it too.

They all agreed that the explanation made sense, and until they were contacted by some one in the Dynasty, they would all have to sit tight and hope that she would be all right.

She was awake. He did not know how he knew, but he did. She was awake and in time for her practice session on her own and then with Yulie. As he waited for her confirmation that she was fully awake he found himself resigning himself to the wait as she would call the Tiger first.

He could understand that since she was in tune with nature and its creatures as a Wildling and he was not ready to be her first victim if he should happen to startle her into that state. While he waited he donned his subarmor since he traded with Cale on the duties of watching Yulie and sparring. He almost challenged Cale himself after a comment the Jackal had made about him being so trapped in a web he could not see strait. But desisted when he realized that Cale for once might be right.

As the curtain was drawn back he found himself not caring what Cale said and found his eyes drawn to the lone occupant of the bed as she sat up and looked at Dais. As she crawled out of the bed she greeted him and then looked around a bit.

"Are you missing something Aideen?" He knew that she would probably want to change into something more suitable for practice with the Dirks she carried but he knew and she belatedly remembered that she did not bring her sparring gear with her.

Aideen looked at Dais and smiled slowly, "Actually yes, I seemed to have left my sparring duds back in the earth realm and I can hardly do anything in this get up." She gestured to her current outfit. "Do you know where I might get a spare sparring Gi?"

Dais stood and walked around her appraisingly and he found himself rather delighted by her blushing at his scrutiny. When he moved away from her he poked his head out of the door and mumbled something to the servant that was obviously waiting there.

When he came back into the room he had in his hand a hanger with a pair of black parachute pants and an intricately patterned leotard to go with it as a top. Smiling he presented them to her and actually was surprised that he flushed when she commented after looking at them, "You know Yulie is not going to be the only one off his guard with me in this get up."

She turned to the changing curtain and drew it closed and left Dais for a few moments with his own thoughts until she stepped out. The Sparring slippers to the hair band everything fit perfectly and as Dais caught sight of her as she reset her Dirks, One being the one her Wildling side used and the other being a gift from Kayura and the other Warlords as a welcoming gift.

To Dais he had not seen such a sight of lithe beauty. Her movements conveyed a sense or slightly animalistic grace, beautiful to behold but ultimately deadly if not treated with the utmost respect. He had not foreseen this side of her and now knew why she sometimes had such a hard time adjusting to new areas as he could see that she was more Wildling in this world than she was the girl that struggled to survive in some areas of the world in the other realm.

Here she looked an acted as if she belonged and it warmed Dais to know that she would not need much training at all to bring the supremely confidant young woman he saw now out into the light for all to see.

As they walked down to the Arena he could not help but wonder of she felt anything for him or if his first impression of her had been wrong. He found that he had to make an effort to push those thoughts aside as he showed her to the practice ring for her to warm up on her own.

As she stretched and prepared for her Kata he noticed that if she was not careful he was going to have to step into her sparring duel with Yulie as right now she was relaxed and in her element it seemed. One wrong move in any part of her match would send her into the Wildling state and he would have his hands full trying to dodge her and still get her to calm down.

She ran through the Basic Kata first and as she felt her mind settle into the meditation pattern for her second Kata she let herself flow from one movement to the next only making the short moves that indicated a kill or defense when it was needed. As she finished she knew that she was ready for any speed of combat and looked at Dais.

Dais snapped out of his reverie of the Paragon before him and sent the messenger ahead to warn Yulie that his sparring partner was here and ready for him. When the messenger returned with the all ready confirmation, she was lead into a large sparring floor. At the opposite end of the floor stood a boy who looked like he knew what he was about with the Katana that was in his hands.

As she readied her Dirks she opened her senses all the way for the battle and felt out her opponent and was surprised to find that he was surprised at who he was supposed to be fighting. They had not told him that he would be sparring against a woman today. Kayura was different; he knew that she knew what she was about with the Twin Jittes of hers. This woman had two short blades that could have almost been mistaken for very short swords.

He readied himself and called the challenge, as she responded to the challenge she readied her Dirks, one in offence and one in defense. Dais noted her stance and saw that it was a variation of the fencing stances, adapted for the twin blades she was using and approved of her abilities with the blades more and more.

As the fight commenced it was fast. Yulie had been learning some speed with the Katana in his lone practice time and it had improved his fighting as he was better able to meet, parry and attack against this woman who’s blades seemed to bounce off of his with the clang of sound metal.

As Dais watched the contest he began to see the signs of Yulie preparing to change tactics and all to soon there the new tactics were. As he put Aideen on the defensive, he was now using less energy in his defense and was able to pour the strength he was developing into his attacks. Soon enough into the tactics you could hear a high-pitched humming as Aideen’s blades flashed about in attack and defense. Neither would give ground freely and all to soon Yulie tried something new.

Instead of attacking with the blade he flipped over her and kicked her knees out from behind. As he finished the attack with a light trace score on her back he found himself face to face with a changed woman.

Dais cursed to himself as he had not seen this move coming. The Trace score had hit her still sensitive shoulder and it had tripped her already maxed out senses into overdrive and had triggered the change. He called for Yulie to quit the field and jumped down into the ring in his subarmor so that she would still be able to see his face. He could only hope that this back up plan that he had would work. A minor change of scenery and she was back in Ireland in the woods and he was there in his full armor looking as he did she mistook him for an oversized spider and tried to talk to it.

He remembered to keep things going as he drew her closer and closer until he could tangle her in the web he had set. Once he had here he employed the one tactic he never ever wanted to use with a woman and backhanded her across her face to make her focus on him.

Once the focus was there she calmed down quickly and her eyes lost the look that told of her Wildling state. When she had finished gasping from the strength of the blow she looked at him dully and asked. "Yulie? Where is he??"

As Dais removed her from the webbing he answered her. "I told him to leave as soon as you changed. He got out of here with a scratch, but it will heal. However you are going to need some healing back in your realm to heal what I have just done to you." Dais felt terrible about having to have hit her, but her slow smile reassured him that he was forgiven for the act.

"Will you help me get back…I don’t think I could try to do it on my own right now. Oh what a headache I have." She slumped to the ground almost before Dais could catch her and he teleported her directly to Kayura. She agreed that she needed to get back where she could heal herself and so told Cale and Sekmet that they were in charge while she and Dais returned the now unconscious Aideen to the Mortal Realm.

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