A Timely Love: Chapter 8

Dais could not understand. With so many changes happening in his recent life he could not understand how this young waif had become so entangled in his own emotional turmoil. It was all he knew that he wanted to protect her however he could until he could be with her. As he touched her the first time he wondered at this young woman that had not shied away from him. Now her own troubles had touched a chord in him that he never knew he had and he was fighting this feeling with every ounce of his being to keep him volunteering to become her personal protector.

He had his duties here in the Dynasty to protect it from the evil that tried to reassert itself everyday and he knew that he would need to be there in the dynasty should the day come that he was needed for the fight. He was over 400 years old and by far the oldest of the four seasonal warriors, past and present.

Yet he felt like he knew this girl from somewhere before and now he wanted nothing more than to find out where he knew her from and to protect her. "The brand is ready, please relax if you can." He spoke reassuringly to Aideen as he saw the fear leap into her eyes again. He gripped her hand to let her know that he was not going anywhere and as the brand came swiftly in contact with her exposed skin, her scream of pain and fear rang through the castle before she let herself pass out from the pain for a few minutes.

Dais looked up at Kayura when she was done with the branding and nodded. "Now is the time to set the spell, while she is unconscious and unable to resist it."

Kayura nodded and as she gathered the Tracing energies that she had released from a large Tracer element she started setting it into the now cooling and healing mark. Once done she nodded to Dais and he started to apply the cool compress they had prepared earlier to her forehead and then to the still burning mark. It worked, as the cool water and herbs started healing her burn the aroma woke her and she looked over and the four now standing before her.

She was still tied down as she noticed but she was so tired. Her body and aura had fought something that had invaded it, but now it was a part of her and she was aware of where she was and nodded to them as she yawned. "I am in full control. Wise of you to use and herbal compress to heal and awaken me."

As she identified them she could feel Blaze outside of the door getting rather upset. "You all had better untie me and let White Blaze in or I fear he will knock down the door." She smiled as she was released, then winced as her left shoulder was stiff and still had the burning sensation from the mark. That was to be expected.

What was not expected was Blaze bounding into the room ready to fight with the Seasonals until he saw Aideen up and moving. When he saw that he controlled himself and walked over to her and as she reassured him that she was fine he completely subsided in his anger at the Seasonals and followed them all out.

As they left she got the time from Cale and then looked at Kayura. "You donít suppose I could take a quick rest before my practice session with young Yulie? I may have passed out during that process but my Spirit is still recovering from the invasion of the foreign energy."

"For one so young you seen to understand quite a bit about the Majicks and its side effects on a person. How is it that you know so much about the arts at such a young age??" Dais had to know, as his job in the Dynasty was informant and information he was always trying to gather what information he could about everyone.

"Actually I am not sure how I know. I just know and I do not question it. It is what is called Archaic knowledge. Most people lose the ability to access the Archaic knowledge after they start going to school and learning to think like the rest of normal society. However, Thinking like the rest of Society is not desired in a Healer in the Old villages, so we do not get formal schooling. Only what we need to know to survive in the daily world." She shrugged not being able to explain better vexed her but she knew there was nothing she could do about it so she let it be.

Dais understood as did the rest of the group and they were impressed with her. They found themselves wondering just how much training she would actually need to survive in the Dynasty since she seemed to still be in contact with the knowledge that spanned all dimensions.

"Here are your Quarters for when you stay here in the Dynasty. When you are gone into the earth realm, they will not be touched unless you give permission." With that Kayura sealed the Door on the quarters with a specific spell. Aideen could not figure out what spell it was but she was glad for a lock of some sort and grateful for a place she could call her own while she recovered from her morning ordeal.

When she lay on the bed all went dark as the curtains were drawn around her. Startled, she looked up to see who else had stayed or entered into the room and saw Dais. "A pleasant rest to you."

"Thank you Dais, Will you be staying?" She wondered as something seriously tickled the back of her mind and she wanted to know more about this strange man that had been so kind to her through out her trip here.

"I must stay unless I am called to do my work in the Dynasty. Rest assured you will not be with out a guard for your first trips here into the dynasty." As he looked on she appeared to fade almost as her eyes slid shut he heard her whisper, "Thank you, you are my friend."

He blushed and finished closing the curtains around her bed quickly so that he could try and think about what it was about this girl that his mind wanted so much to remember even though he knew that he had never met her before until yesterday.

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