A Timely Love: Chapter 6

As Mia looked to the Guys who were now down to their sub-armors she noticed that they had been at alert stations until they had a chance to feel them. As their Kanji lit on their foreheads in response to the powers out side of the door they were still a little tense but they nodded that it was ok. As Mia opened the door she spoke for a few moments and then let the new guests into the main room.

Aideen took one look at the subarmored individuals and as her eyes got wide she backed up. The four new comers to the group looked at Aideen and then to their counterparts in question as to what was going on.

Aideen saw four people and then she saw one female and three animals. As she backed into White Blaze she whispered to herself, but everyone heard her and gaped in astonishment. "Spider, Snake, Wild Dog, The-the legends..."

Daisí one eye opened wide at the identification of himself before he even had a chance to introduce himself to this new person and then realized that she had the second sight and did not realize it. He smiled reassuringly to her and then completely armored down to his clothes and gestured for the others to do the same. "You neednít fear us, miss. We are not what we once were."

Dais walked up to her and bowed slightly and took her hand so that she could get a better feel of who he was as he introduced himself. "I am Dais of the Spider, also known as the Warlord of Illusion, and Warrior of Serenity.

My compatriots are Cale The Black Jackal, Warlord of Corruption, and Warrior of Obedience.

Sekmet son of the Snake Gods, Warlord of Venom, and Warrior of Piety.

And the bearer of the Armor of Cruelty, is Kayura, Last of the Clan of the Ancients.

As Dais made the introductions for the new group Aideen noticed that the Ronins were starting to relax and it was at this time that she realized that the two groups had not had the time to reconcile their differences since their final battles with Talpa.

As she actually took her shields down during the introductions she felt his curiosity about her and she knew that she was a little bit curious about these warriors that had at one point been out to destroy her hosts.

As she got a good feel for all of the ones in the new party that had arrived she felt a deep and abiding sense of loss and looked quizzically at Kayura. "Who is it that you all miss so much? You especially for something he did for all of you."

Dais was again surprised at how sharp her perceptions and could only smile as he again realized that he was going to have to get used to this one. He could feel her raw potential and wondered if the Ronins would let him undertake some of the training of that potential so that she would not have so many problems with the second sight that seemed to trouble her.

Another Memory circle was made but this time some of the emotions did not make sense as she watched Anubis give his life and his armor to drive out Badamon from Kayura. Once she understood though she nodded and opened her eyes and saw that of the group only Blaze did not seem saddened about the loss. Understanding that he knew something that the rest did not she kept silent and let him have his knowledge.

As she got to know the warlords and Kayura she became more at ease with them and when she realized that she was picking up some of the definitions about certain things from Dais and Sage she walled herself off and continued the conversation. What had brought the Warlords to this realm was the fact that the ronin had armored up and because of the pact between the Seasonal armors, as they preferred to be called now, and the Ronins they came incase there was danger.

Before the Seasonalís left for their realm again they surrounded Aideen and swore out that if she would be in any danger that she could not handle as the Wildling, they would come to her aid.

"But how will I be able to call on you? You can not be watching me all the time and I know that I do not have the Telepathic range to reach between realms to you all in the Dynasty." She was confused at their total acceptance of who she was until she realized that that these Seasonal Warriors were all right around the 400 year old mark and had seen more in the way of magic and strange things than she would probably be able to understand.

Aideen turned and looked to Mia who was smiling, grateful that this student would at least have a protector when her friends could not be there. Kayura looked at the ronins and Mia. "If it is alright with you all we would like to take Miss Aideen to the Dynasty. She will be alright but we want to be able to give her a tracer like we did with you Mia."

Aideenís eyes got huge when she heard where they wanted to take her and spoke up. "Um, if it is ok with you all, I am not quite comfortable with all of this yet so could you bring White Blaze, if it is ok with Ryo??"

Ryo nodded that it was ok with him and Blaze stepped over to Aideenís side when Cye spoke up. "I hate to sound like the bad egg here but Aideen, why do you want White Blaze to go with you and not one of us?"

"I am sorry Cye, But should I turn Wildling in the Dynasty, Blaze here will be the only one who will understand me and he will be the only one that I will be able to understand now that I have had some time to get to know him now." Cye and the others nodded in their understanding and let them go. She turned to the Seasonals and nodded.

"I am ready except for one thing." She paused behind them as they stepped forward and concentrated. Her Dirk appeared in her hand and as she attached it to her belt she noticed that the Seasonals had seen what had happened but did not mind. As she stepped into their circle with Blaze she shut down her mind as she felt the teleportation take hold of her and the world went dark.

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