A Timely Love: Chapter 3

As Aideen stepped into the kitchen she looked around and saw a backdoor that was just swinging shut. She quickly moved to the door and as she looked out watched the tall blonde move into the forested area behind the house. The pain she felt coming from him was intense and she knew that there was nothing she could do but to follow him and hope that he did not turn on her when she did catch up with him.

She trailed him through the woods easily wondering if he was intentionally letting her follow or if he was just hurting so much that he did not care. He seemed to know the area to well to be trailed of he did not want to be followed. When she finally felt him closer than she felt him before she walled up most of her mind against the hurt she knew she would feel coming off of the young man.

She stepped into the clearing and was surprised to see Sage sitting on the flat rock in the center in the meditation pose. She softly whispered, "It doesnít help, does it." He started at the still unfamiliar voice and as his one visible eye opened she could see the pain held deep with in and understood.

The rough voice startled her as she sat there and let herself try to figure out what had pierced his seemingly usual calm. "What are you doing here?" The question was in rough english and the voice that was once smooth with calm reserve was now rough with long held emotion.

Aideen stepped forward towards Sage and then stopped, held by the fierceness in his gaze, as he demanded an answer. In her healerís voice she replied. "I felt you hurt, something in the phone call you took has hurt you. I only wish to help if you will let me listen."

"Why did they send you?" Sage was getting further upset by this seeming betrayal by his friends when she answered with out hesitation and calm confidence. "Sage, Listen to me and I will listen to you. I told your friends to stay where they were and I came on my own. It is because of me that they know that you hurt at all. They were in the living area making jokes about your girlfriends when Rowen noted that I was not acting as some one usually would in the midst of all that. When he asked me what was wrong I answered him. Ryo stood to come after you but I told them all to stay there. Unless I missed my mark somewhere, you need another healer to listen to you right now."

Sageís ire quickly subsided as her calmly insistent voice drove home the points to him as he found himself listening to her lyrical voice. She was making a valiant attempt at speaking Japanese in this emotionally laden moment and he could not help but listen on a deeper level and understand her completely. When she spoke of another healer he straitened up, as he knew that she could not have known that he was a healer and a medical student.

Aideen took all of this in as she smiled slowly at him with her hand outstretched to him to let her listen to him. As he thought about it he felt compelled to ask as the question tickled his mind now. "Aideen, How is it that you figure that I am a healer?"

"In the land of the Celts the healers were chosen carefully for their abilities in healing but also their abilities to feel. Most of the best healers in Ireland were Village healers, chosen at a young age for their perception, Archaic knowledge and sometimes rare natural healing talent. In my country, one healer could always identify another healer by the way they felt.

You, have a raw healing Talent that you have used before and it has marked you as a healer. Train it well Date Sage-San, you have a rare talent indeed."

As he felt her explanation wrap around him with the knowledge that it carried, he could not help but think that this girl was far older than she looked. It was the fact that he knew instinctively that he could trust her that he took her hand and the healing cycle began for Aideen.

As she listened to his troubles and what had wrenched open his emotional gates she could not help but feel that he was little by little letting his barriers down to her as the story continued. The story was a pain filled one and she knew that he was still editing it, but still listened to all of the levels of the story. Soon after he started telling what happened that was triggered with the phone ringing she could feel his storm of emotion start to subside and his mind start to slow down from itís circles of guilt and pain.

Once that started happening she started seeing the physical aspects of his stress start to ease, but not subside. This was a very locked up young man and she could see easily why it would take so much to break through his self-set barriers. Through out the telling of the tale, she kept a hold of his hand and let her own abilities bridge with his through the contact. In this manner she essentially jumpstarted his own abilities with her own to start the healing process for him.

As she understood him better she saw that he trusted very few people, and called even fewer, friend. She felt that the five people that were left in the Mansion were five very special and very lucky people.

It had been a few hours since Sage and Aideen had first entered the woods and as the exited the guys could all see them talking seriously about something as they came up towards the house. However they also noticed that Sageís emotions had calmed since Aideen had pointed out that he was upset and they were just glad that she was still in one piece. On past occasions they had gone after him after they realized that he was upset only to have an up close and personal contact with the edge of Haloís No-Daichi. They all wondered what she had said to keep him from killing her, but soon realized that they were not going to say anything about the journey to the woods.

Aideen soon was yawning with Cye and both excused themselves for the early evening complaining of Jet lag. Cye and Mia showed her where the guest room was and that her bags were there already. She thanked them both and asked Mia to convey her thanks to the guys down stairs when she stepped into the room and changed for bed. She was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow; her final thought being of how nice everyone was at the house.

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