A Timely Love: Chapter 2

Cye was almost pounced on by White Blaze when he got home, as he was the only one of the group that was not allowed to go to the airport with the others to pick up Cye. As Ryo hauled White Blaze off of a laughing Cye, all of his friends noticed that he looked a lot less stressed than when he left and agreed that this trip was good for him.

As they all pestered him with questions Mia eventually came to his rescue with the suggestion of letting him unpack and settle back into his place before he started in on any stories of what he did on his vacation. As she suggested this Sage suggested that they all take Cye’s bags in to his room and Cye looked at him quizzically. Mia smiled and motioned for him to follow.

When they got to his room she stopped and let him look in. The place was all his and as he looked around he noticed that most of his water wildlife posters were already hung on the walls and a couple were even stuck to the ceiling.

"Welcome home Cye. I found time to get the guys to help me clean out a few more rooms and sort things into storage for the time being and got three more rooms cleared out so that you could all have your own personal space." As Cye looked at her and the guys grinning back at him he was stunned. He knew from the letters from home that changes had been made but he never expected this.

"Cye, you are all in college now and you will all have different schedules now that Toyama University is offering night classes for the late night people and people with day jobs that can not attend regular classes. So I thought that this would make much more sense than have you all stressing out over having to share and tip toe around each other for your respective schedules."

Cye had to agree that the thought had crossed his mind about moving out so that he would be able to focus on his classes with out bothering the others. Especially since he had been getting used to his own space while he was traveling. Grinning he gave his approval. "I love it. To tell the truth I had been thinking about moving out for a while now because of those very reasons. This solves the problem nicely."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief just as the doorbell rang. As they all jumped to get it Cye managed to slither in front of them all to answer the door and when he opened it up his jaw was left hanging open. As the guys caught up with him and Mia stepped in front of them all to see why Cye had not invited the person in she had to smile at the amazed look on Cye’s face.

"You must be Aideen, Please come in." Mia drew the slightly amazed young woman through the guys to the main living area and had her sit down while she assigned Kento to get her bags and sent Cye to the kitchen to get tea made. While that was going on she paid the taxi and sent him on his way and shut the door after telling Kento, and Ryo where to place the bags.

Aideen was slightly overwhelmed at the size of the place she would be staying in, and then was left in complete shock as Cye answered the door. It was obvious to her that he had not been told about her and she did not know that Miss Mia had other boarders with her as well. Well she had found out and now as they all trickled into the living room Cye was the last one in balancing several large trays of food and one tray of Tea settings.

When he set them down and had smacked Kento’s hand away from the tray of goodies she realized that these were the friends she was told about on the plane. As she remembered the conversation she remembered the picture she got to see of them all and wondered why she had not figured this out till now.

Smiling she introduced herself and then pointed them all out and named them. As she did so she left them all in shock that she would know who they were when they barely knew who she was. When she finished they looked at Mia who could only shrug, as she knew that she had not told Aideen of the guys. She smiled at Cye who cleared his throat.

"Well guys, the reason she knows about you all is actually my fault in a manner of speaking." When he had their attention with that statement he continued. "She and I were on the same flight into Japan and we had met at the England national airport."

"Well Cye that would explain the look of shock that was on you and Aideen’s face when you saw each other. I suppose that you never thought you would be seeing her again this soon." Mia continued. "I really thought that I had told you about her in one of my letters to you. I had told the others that I had a female boarder coming in and needed help with her Japanese at times but I think it would be for the best if we mixed the languages up a little bit once in a while. She is supposed to be learning the culture here and I guess this is as good a way as any to learn it. Especially in the legends department."

As the guys all grinned at each other on that comment Aideen had to wonder just what they were talking about. When she opened her mouth to ask about what they all meant about the legends, she was interrupted by the phone ringing. Sage excused himself as he was closest to the phone and answered it.

He was gone a while and as he was talking on the kitchen phone the guys all made comments about Sage being the Girl magnet and taking bets on who it was that held Sage on the phone so long. Aideen did not think it was to nice but apparently it was routine around that place and they all knew him better than she did. All she knew was that she was getting a bad feeling from the doorway that Sage had just left through.

Rowen noticed Aideen’s disquiet and her constant glancing at the kitchen door. To give her the benefit of the doubt he asked. "Aideen, What has you so upset?? We tease Sage all the time like this…"

He trailed off when he saw the look of minor venom that she shot at him when she got their attention. "Can’t you feel his hurt??" The words were said in a low voice, but what she said grabbed their attention as they all looked at the door and then noticed that it was very quiet in the kitchen. Aideen stood up and made to move towards the kitchen just as Ryo did. She shot a look at him to let her handle the situation and they all wondered what she could do, especially since she was the stranger to the group.

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