A Timely Love: Chapter 1

In a Time long past, and on a plane of existence that is far different from our own there were two people. On this plane of existence there were millions of people, but what made these two special was that they shared a special bond. As they were in love and were well loved by all, they found a way for them to find each other in every life they were born into.

Kindred spirits and immortal souls that they were, there came a time when the soul must make a journey far beyond the boundaries that it has known before. Several hundred years after they were fist met and matched the girl died suddenly of a common disease.

This so shattered her lover that he took his own life not long after burying her and they waited until the circle would start again. As they came into the world they went through their lives thinking that there was something missing in their lives and that they were in some special way, different from everyone else they had met before.

This is the story of what they did to find the truth.

The airport was crowded and stuffy from the heat of the day, and Cye could not help but wonder if it would be worth the risk of missing his flight back to Japan just to get a glass of water. As the lines started moving towards the gate he breathed a sigh of relief. Finally he was going home.

For the past month he had been traveling a bit to meet some friends that he had met over the internet and then visit family that lived in England. Now he was headed back to Japan and was looking forward to seeing the guys again. He had learned through several phone calls to them that they were dealing with a particularly nasty repercussion of taking out Talpa recently, but now it seemed that the warlords and Ronins had banded together to stabilize the Dynasty and make it a slightly more productive place.

Mia had been given access to the great libraries of the Castle on her last visit there and so she would be gone for days at a time researching the armors and the original Armor that had lead to their creation. Cye had to smile at that, as he knew that it usually took a lot to get her out of a fact-finding mission, especially when it pertained to the Ronin armors.

As he boarded the plane he was bumped into from behind, as he turned to find out who had bumped into him he noticed that a very pretty red headed girl was mumbling a hasty apology in a thick gaelic accent. He nodded that it was ok and took his seat when he found it.

In truth everything was not fine, as something seemed to click over in his mind after the girl ran into him. He had not felt something like it since he found the Torrent Armor. Now he found himself wanting to get up and find the girl again and actually talk to her. She seemed shy but there was something in her manner that was guarded from the rest of the world and he was about ready to give his right big toe to find out what that was.

Aideen Shehan Talomar was feeling home sick already and the plane had not even left the ground yet. First she was late to the airport and then she was nearly late for her flight because baggage did a seizure on her handbag. Now she was tired from the run and the airport temperature did nothing to help her mood when she had run smack into a guy standing inline to the flight to Japan. Her own flight!

She however felt lucky that she had made the deans list for Foreign exchange students and so after she completed her studies in the Japanese Language and Culture she was given the ok to study in Japan for a year and a half. Generally such student trips had to be funded mostly by the student and the parents with finding a job in the other country to add to the list of things to do to finance their way to living spaces.

Aideen was not of the most affluent families but she was lucky when one of the university junior professors that spoke fluent english agreed to let her board at her house for the time that she would be in the country. Then she would also be able to get to the university she was enrolled in as well. She was happy and sad and now to add to the list of things that she was…She was now utterly confused. Having had her past read she knew of the link that her soul held to another soul in the great wheel, and now the Boy she ran into seemed to have an affinity for other people as he was easy going and did not make much bother of the rudeness. However she had this strange feeling that she and he were going to become better acquainted in the future.

As the flight to Japan took off and reached the proper flight level the seatbelt sign came off and people started to get up and retrieve things that would be needed for the long flight. Most got pillows and blankets and others settled in for the in-flight movie.

Aideen just pulled out a Manga that she had been enjoying and started reading it. Almost two hours later and most of the way through the manga even though she stumbled over some of the unfamiliar kanji, she felt a pair of eyes just over her shoulder reading the manga as well.

As she turned around her green eyes met with a pair of blue-green eyes and a quiet smile. She jumped in her seat as he chuckled at her and backed off as her eyes flashed dangerously. “What the heck do you think you are doing??” She rattled off forgetting that she had been thinking in Japanese so that was the language she used.

The brown haired young man smiled and took the seat next to her then answered. “I was reading the manga and noticing that you were having some trouble with some of the Kanji.”

She blushed as she remembered that she had a tendency to try to puzzle things out verbally. “I am sorry if I disturbed you but I do need to try to learn this as well as I can.”

Cye nodded and smiled understandingly. “Foreign exchange student??” when he received confirmation he smiled. “The language in itself is fairly simple, the writing however can drive even the natives barmy.” As they both laughed over that reference that she had heard before he introduced himself. “I’m Cye Mouri, I am just headed back home from holiday. Can’t wait to see my friends again.”

“Well Cye, I am Aideen Shehan Talomar, and I am headed over there for a year and a half study at one of the universities.” She grinned back as she found that she could not help but to like this young man. He did not seem that old but some thing in his eyes told her that he was a lot older than he looked.

“Really, Well Aideen, Since I am headed back to start my next semester at the University maybe my friends took the time to try to catch up with me in classes. I am going to Toyama University, How bout yourself??”

Since Cye was switching between Japanese and English she found herself having a little trouble following him until she became more accustomed to his manner of speaking. Cye on the other hand saw the looks of confusion he was getting from Aideen and realized what he was doing and decided to stick with Japanese. When he saw her face clear in understanding he knew that she was not able to switch her thinking that fast, whereas he was constantly thinking in both so he never realized it when he started halving his languages.

“Toyama huh??” Aideen dug around in her carryon and as she pulled out her schedule for the first semester her eyes got wide. Grinning she showed Cye her schedule. As he grinned back he commented. Looks like we might see each other in classes, or at least in the hallways.”

The rest of the flight was spent amicably reading the Manga and Cye instructing her on easier ways of figuring out the kanji that stumped her. As the plane landed they grabbed their things and left the plane saying good bye and wondering if they would ever see the other again.