An Ageless Love: Epilogue

Aideen insisted that she and Dais go see her parents to deliver the news and as they showed up Aideen was taken into a hug by her mother and her father shook Dais’ hand. "Full blessings to the two of ye in your life together. We know that you will be happy."

Aideen was crying again and Dais smiled as he could tell that they were tears of joy. Nothing could have been timed better. He was not sure at first, but now he was certain. This was the best time for everyone.

As they talked and made further plans, Dais and her father found themselves kind of left behind in the speed in which the two women talked. Collin merely smiled at the two ladies and took Dais off to have the talk.

As they left through to portal back to the Dynasty they found out that Kayura had already gathered the Ronin’s together at Mia’s house for the announcement. Mia was waiting for them at the door as they appeared from the Dynasty gate, now used to the gate’s appearance and disappearance she welcomed Aideen with a hug and the guys all shook hands.

As they sat and talked, the announcement was made and congratulations passed around. The pair glowed at the show of support and Sage calmed considerably as he heard the announcement. Smiling slightly he asked if he could speak with Aideen alone for a moment.

Noting the Death Daggers being shot at him by Dais he merely smiled and shook his head. "I have my own lady to deal with Dais, calm down, I am not going to be anything but a gentleman to Aideen when she is out of your sight." Dais had learned in the three years previous that when the Halo bearer gave his word, he kept it no matter what.

They left the room and went up the stairs and talked until Dais felt a stab of apprehension and excitement come from Aideen. Getting up abruptly he was promptly halted by Mia who blocked his path. "Easy Dais. She’ll be fine."

It was proven moments later as she came back down the stairs calm and collected. Comments and digs were made but nothing elicited the information that was discussed upstairs. Dais was getting worried and as they made their excuses and left he found that Aideen was flushed.

They reappeared right in their room and as Aideen sat down she looked at Dais with questions in her eyes. Worried that he might have done something wrong he sat with her and took her hand. "What is it my love?"

"Dais, give me until tonight and then I will tell you what happened. I need some time." Aideen had never put him off like that and even though he did as she asked, he worried that maybe she had a change of heart and did not want to be with him at all.

He took his concerns to Kayura, Sekmet and Cale. As they could see that he was genuinely worried about Aideen’s behavior they did all they could to reassure him that it would not be as terrible as all that. Otherwise, they reasoned, she would have told him the news right away.

He had to agree that they had always been truthful to each other and that she had probably heard some news that would shock even her.

Later that evening, as they prepared for bed, Dais noticed that Aideen was happier than she was this afternoon. Even to the point where she was found humming in the bath. Dais turned down the bed and as they crawled in for the night, he wrapped his arms around her and just held her as he whispered in her ear. "What has you so happy tonight my love??"

She did not move in his arms to face him but instead stilled as she answered him. "Dais, Can we get married soon??"

The question caught him off guard. If all the things that had been planned, the wedding date was not something they had set yet. Wondering what had brought up the question he asked. "What makes you in a hurry now to be married, we have all the time in the world right??" He was now worried as he thought that she might be sick or something equally distressing.

"Well, I would like to still fit my wedding dress when we do get married for one thing." She whispered to him.

"Still fit…" Dais trailed off as he realized what she was getting at. The smile that lit up his face was mirrored in the way his arms drew her closer to him.

She giggled, "Yes m’love, I really am Pregnant. That was what Sage had to tell me. He was doing the standard health tests to make sure that I was doing ok since the beating for his reports and found out. You know that healers will always find out first."

Dais’ mind was in turmoil; he was going to be a father. The father to the Children of his love. As he spun around that one thought he felt other minds enter his.

~Get a grip old bean~ Cye quipped mentally laughing.

~Yeah, you are loud enough to wake the entire palace, you certainly got us up.~ Cale, Sekmet and Kayura chimed in, grinning at their friends obvious pleasure of the news he received

~Aideen and the Baby are fine, Healthy and they should stay that way if she stays to what I told her.~ Sage’s voice cut in with the instructions for Aideen. He was in healer mode and nobody argued with him then.

Ryo, Kento, and Rowen chimed in with muted congratulations passed on from Mia. As the meeting in his head ended Dais curled himself around Aideen and promised in his mind and heart to be the best husband and father he could, even if he had a lot to learn.

They soon let themselves become victim to the excitement and fell asleep. It was late at night and all was right and good in the world again. Dais was happier than he could ever remember, and Aideen knew that she was going to be coddled in the next nine months but knew how to get out of it. Sleep claimed them and with smiled on their faces and love in their beings they set out for the realm of dreams, where the might be’s and might have been’s meet and they would see each other again.