An Ageless Love: Chapter 8

It had been almost another year now since the last meeting with the young man in Ireland. Time has started to heal the mental wounds that Aideen had been fighting and as she calmed and worked through the troubling dreams, memories and nightmares that would wake her up at night screaming. The other warlords and Kayura took it better that she was not flicking into her Wildling state as much.

The screams woke everyone up but they let Dais handle it, for anyone else to be there would have been dangerous, no matter how much she trusted them. Months turned into a year and the Ronins were all graduating from College with the exception of Sage. He was now testing for his bachelorís degree in medicine.

Ryo was now out on his own working with the larger animals of the local zoo as the chief vet. They had found out that he had a pet tiger and when they offered to keep it for him he declined saying that Blaze would not be a bother since he never came to work with Ryo anyways.

Rowen was working closely with his father now that he had his science degree in astronomy. Together their new theories about space travel and possible long distance travels were making headlines all over the world. He was on tour of the universities but he always stayed in contact with the others and was home most of the year.

Kento had gained his Bachelors in Geology and had decided to stay in school part time as he worked with construction companies to build more effective buildings against earthquake damage.

Cye was in his element as he worked with the oceanographers. The endangered areas on the coast of Japan were now gaining the much-needed protection they deserved with Cye speaking for the scientists in front of the government. His show of forcefulness and orator abilities surprised everyone as he took debate and helped them win competition after competition in the Government oration category. His impassioned speeches backed with solid facts and his own acting gained him much support in the government and it was constantly rumored that he would soon be going after a place in the government himself. To which he would of course deny saying. "If I became one of them, how could I help what needed to be helped??"

Sage, being Sage was still being chased after on the campus by the women but he had been going steady with a calm yet pretty student that was going after her doctorate in Physics. This eased the competition somewhat but he found himself breaking up fights that centered around Nikki more and more. She was not popular and she did not like fighting but fight she could, and fight well. Sage was the only one that would get out of a scrap with her and still walk.

They all complimented each other in their own ways and as they each started to go out and see women it was a surprise to them all that Kento announced his engagement first. She was a pretty girl that he had been seeing for a couple of years now and no one thought it was anything serious. But there she was with the ring on her hand and them with a wedding date set. Dais congratulated him and then immediately pulled the ronin and warlords to the side to plan an appropriate Bachelors party for his one time foe.

Back in the dynasty Cale and Sekmet had made a study of the mortal realm and found that there were a lot of things about it that they both enjoyed. As they made trips to the Mortal realm they found that as Civilians they were well received by the women there of their own age range. The times were good for them and they soon began relationships of their own. Long distance but they were always good to the ladies that had caught their attentions.

Dais was nothing if not anything for Aideen. He helped her in any way he could, but also left her to deal with some of the demons as he knew she had to do alone. As he saw her return to what he remembered her to be he noticed that she had grown in many ways since they all first met that time ago.

On the one-year anniversary of her conquering the largest of her demons he took her back to the inner sanctum of the Palace again. This time she knew it was a special night and as she was dressed for it she noticed that he too was dressed better than usual.

Again the Sanctum was set in another romantic scene and as he lead her in she saw that there were flowers everywhere. Soft music in the background had an Irish lilt to it she smiled, her eyes twinkling at her love. "This is beautiful Dais"

"No illusions tonight my love, all that will happen will be very real and I want to remember tonight this way, you are more beautiful now that when we first met." He softly kissed her, and then led her to her seat at the table. It was then that she realized that the music was being played by Cale, Sekmet and Kayura softly on Violin, Piano and Harp.

As they continued the meal Dais had prepared he was glad that he was making her happy. The evening was perfect and he could tell that she was picking everything up and remembering it to treasure always.

As they stood from the meal Dais asked her to dance and as the music was played louder for them, they took to the garden and danced under the moonlight. Aideenís hair shone a copper fire under the light and dais had his own white mane pulled back into a ponytail. She could see the love in his eye and feel that tonight would be more special than most.

As the music died away Aideen leaned against Dais laying her had on his chest. "Oh Dais I wish that tonight would never end." She had not been this happy since she had returned to Ireland.

As Dais stood her up strait again he saw the confused look on her face and moved quickly. As he reached behind him he dropped to one knee and pulled a small box out of his back pocket. "Aideen, I know that I am terribly old fashioned for doing this. But sometimes there is no other way for me to be."

Aideen held her breath as she looked at him worriedly. Her expression cleared as he opened the box to reveal a small ring set with a small brilliant diamond. "Aideen Sheehan, will you marry me?"

Dais was almost shaking, he knew their spiritís history together but this did not make this any easier for him. He had changed a lot in the last few years and even though he had received her parentís blessings for this two years ago, he still had to hear from her, the one who held his heart now that he had found it.

Time stood still for Aideen as she looked from the ring, to Dais and then over to the Seasonal armor bearers. They were smiling softly and gesturing for her to answer him before he fell over from fright.

She could only whisper. "Yes." As she regained her voice she knew Dais had heard her as he smiled. "Oh Dais yes! I will." And forgetting everyone else there she leapt into his arms hugging him close as he swept her up in a fierce embrace.

As he set her down he gently placed the ring on her hand and she realized that the band was decorated with a very tiny spider on the underside and an equally small dragon curled around it. "Aideen I think you have just made me the happiest man in the two realms!"

Kayura walked up to the two and as Dais accepted the congratulations from Cale and Sekmet she spoke quietly to Aideen. "You will be a full citizen of the Dynasty from here on out. I hope that you two will have a very happy life together."

"Kayura, I have no doubt that we will. Thank you for everything." Aideen had tears of joy running down her face as Dais came back to her and swept her up into another embrace and passionate kiss. That evening was magic all of its own for the happy couple as they made plans and moved into the quarters Kayura had set-aside for them. The magic continued as she responded to him with an ardor never experienced before for either of them and they fell asleep in each others arms, secure in the knowledge that nothing could separate them now.

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