An Ageless Love: Chapter 7

Aideen was ahead of them all in the planning department. She knew that she was going to be a problem to control if her emotions got the best of her, so she made sure that she let Sage and Dais know exactly what would happen on her end of things. Thus prepared the trio charged the few miles like they were only so many yards and easily found Roury in the house they found there.

Sage and Dais armored down to their civilian wear and left Aideen at the gate. She could not take her armor off with out an effort and they did not have time for that. It was agreed that Sage would go up to the door and get Roury to come out and meet with Aideen. Dais would back her up in case something went wrong, and Sage would be ready to direct them both should Roury succeed in casting an illusion that would confuse Dais and Aideen.

As Sage walked up to the door and knocked lightly he was taken aback slightly as the door was jerked open. The formerly robust young man was now a husk with sunken eyes and sallow pallor and as he looked at Sage who was now smiling slightly he gasped and tried to slam the door shut on the Warrior of light. Aideen and Dais did not hear what Sage said to the closed door, but they all heard a terrified voice tell them all to leave him in peace and take the ghosts with them.

Dais smiled and Sage's eyes darkened. Almost instantly the door was blown in with the force of Halo's sub-armored punch. The young warrior of light stepped through the door and as Roury recognized the armor's color he started shaking in fear. Sage grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the house and to the gate.

As they came closer to the pair that had been conversing quietly about the upcoming meeting, Roury saw Dais and became catatonic in his fear. He remembered the face, the hair, and the way the man's eye glowed with a demonic insistence in his dreams after the warlord had seen through his illusions. Sage noticed this and knew that he would be in no shape to listen to Aideen like this so he used a pressure point technique and relaxed the man's muscles. Now the fear was still there but it would be easier for him to focus on Aideen and react if he had to.

Aideen came out from behind Dais in her armor, her head held high Dais could not help but feel a large amount of pride in how far she had come since the ordeal. She stepped towards Roury and as her hand came up to touch his face he flinched away from it "Roury, look at me." The quiet request caught him off guard for he had known Aideen as a fiery young woman that had caught his attentions. He had expected to be beaten first and yelled at later. But this woman that looked like Aideen was very different some how.

"Roury, Do you know what you have done??" He nodded quietly his attention captured by her in the armor that only accented her figure.

"Do you realize what your actions have done to me, To Dais??" Dais was surprised as he thought that she had been too deep in her own grief to notice his own quiet grieving. Roury shook his head. He now knew who that man was and he had not been to far into his fear to notice the tie that held the pair together. Seeing it as a tie that was older than even his own soul. What had he done that would cause her to change so much.

Aideen sighed softly, the sound caught his attention and as he looked up at her again he saw in her eyes the anger that made her a danger to the public before she had gone on that forsaken trip to Japan. "I will have you know before you die that you are a Murderer. You killed an innocent life. One that did not have even a chance to experience everything this world would have had to offer it."

Roury's eyes widened as Aideen's brogue thickened and her voice went from its soft velvety tone to a harsh tone of condemnation. "I never killed any one that night! You lie when you bring these false charges against me."

Roury's own pride saved him and Aideen backhanded him. "Fool!" she hissed. "You killed my daughter. You killed Dais' only child and she was not even born yet. You are worse than a murderer, you are a complete monster!" As Roury looked at Dais who had not moved except to change his facial features from disapproval to a flat out scowl.

"I know you are a healer Aideen, but how could even you know that you were pregnant. I felt nothing from you." Roury shot back. He was trying to save himself as he knew that if it was proven that she had indeed been pregnant when he raped and beat her then she would be justified in killing him in righteous retribution.

"You are wrong, I did know that I was bearing a child of Dais." Roury flinched. "The young man over behind you is a healer and a medical student. When he healed my body of the wounds you inflicted on me, he noticed something that seemed empty and as he did the medical check for the papers for the Constables, it was him that discovered that your "attentions" had caused my baby to abort."

Aideen had swung the staff around and clipped it to her back before the meeting. Now she unhooked the staff and with a practiced swing, clipped him across the temple and sent him sprawling in the road dust. "You murdered my daughter, and for that, you shall pay in kind!" She was on the attack and Roury rolled out of the way of the staff just at the last moment.

Roury was good and truly scared now. Aideen was far faster than even he remembered and it was proven that he had indeed killed her child. Aideen was justified in killing him. But at the moment she seemed only interested in beating him senseless. As he saw his opening he brought his fist up in a punch that knocked the wind from her.

He saw the look in her eyes as she recovered from the punch and realized that she had not turned Wildling yet. He was a dead man for certain, she would have normally changed by now but the fact that she held on to her human side under this much stress spoke volumes for her training and her anger. She would be controlled and completely aware of his death.

Aideen focused on him and as her battle focus narrowed she found that being able to move in her armor was easier today. She had a target and the man was going to die. She was supposed to be a mother by now and living with Dais. But now she was not only not a mother, but she was now getting ready to avenge her loss and the loss of her daughter.

Each hit was blessed by Dais silently and flinched at by Sage. Sage could feel the heat in her mind; this was a woman that would not give him a death by the blade. As each hit took more out of the man on the road she also never hit him if he was on the ground. Every time he would get up he prepared for the lightning fast onslaught. Occasionally getting a hit in, they were shrugged off as they mostly hit the armor plates on her body. He on the other hand was unarmed and unarmored and in being so knew that he did not have a chance of winning.

Roury was bleeding and staying on the ground now, the wounds being too deep for him to bear any more as the one arm he had actually tried to block a shot with was now broken in two places. "P-p-please, Aideen, I didn't know, I am deeply and truly sorry. Please, I want to live."

Aideen never had a chance to reply. Dais pounced on him and lifted him until they were face to face. "You killed an innocent life and harmed the woman I love. You hurt someone you supposedly cared for and now you have the ultimate gall to plead for your life!!!" Dais started out in a low rumble that quickly turned into a roar of rage. Sage looked on in awe, as he had never seen the Warrior of serenity this in control of the rage that the last time it showed nearly killed the man in question.

"Dais." The name spoken restored some of the reason to the Illusion master's eye and he dropped Roury. "Dais, He will pay for his crime, but he will also live. I have no wish to kill him any more. Should he harm another at any time in his life. I will know about it and I will not hesitate to kill him next time." The promise was made and sealed with a quick slice across the palm of her hand with her Wildling dirk. Sealed in blood Roury was relieved that he would live, until he saw Sage and Dais descend on him.

"Aideen may have forgiven you somewhat and will have an eye on you for life. But you will now face the punishment to be meted out by her love and the healer." Sage pronounced this and as both of the warriors completely armored up, he found that most of his wounds were healing faster than they should have. The scars would remain and he understood then, what Aideen had meant by Sage also being a healer. As the faceplate slid across Sage's face a bright flash went off and was retracted. The flash blinded Roury and as he came to, he found himself in a bed healed. But it was dark. He was blind and all he could see in the darkness was unending scenes of the warriors in battle readiness and Aideen bleeding in promise.

By the time he woke up however, Aideen, Sage and Dais were back in Japan and resting with Mia, Kayura and the others that lived in the mortal realm. The story was told and Aideen was snuggled close to Dais relaxed by the fire and the others had other seats around them as they told the whole story from the day they all came back from Ireland.

"Now we all know why you took just Dais and Sage with you Aideen. I am glad that you all did what you thought was right. Letting him live with his guilt was probably the worst punishment he could imagine." Mia was calm for everything that happened. Cale and Sekmet had sent their greetings from the Dynasty and congratulated their comrade on completing another mission. Kayura, and Yulie and the other ronins sat around the living room. No one needed to even look at Sage to feel the deep sense of satisfaction he felt at meting out a fit punishment to someone that had harmed a friend.

The one thing everyone noticed though was that Dais was almost lost to the outside world as he held Aideen close to him. Slowly everyone was getting used to the changes that had been made in the last three years in the Spider warrior. He was no less open, but he trusted the ronins more and Aideen had been able to open him up a little and he showed his affection for the woman more openly and in a gentle loving way that spoke volumes to them all.

As the night wore on they all said good-bye to each other and Aideen, Dais and Kayura went back to the Dynasty to rest and spend some time alone. The Ronins all went to bed and for the time being, all was right with the world.

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