An Ageless Love: Chapter 6

Time passed for every one and in the time Aideen spent back in the dynasty she regained most of her composure as she healed, but the shadow of grief that over shadowed her eyes never quite left her.

When she was on the Mortal plane she was never with out a Ronin nearby or if they could not be there she knew that White Blaze was hiding close to her watching over her. She was jumpy in the mortal realm and she was not too comfortable there unless she was on the grounds of Mias estate. There she knew that nothing could harm her and she also knew that Cale, or Dais or even some of the Youja soldiers she had gotten to know in the Dynasty could port there with out any effort if she started having one of her panic attacks.

Everyone knew that she would have to go back to Ireland eventually to finish what was started and every time Dais and Sage had the chance to they got together and changed the dream a little so that it was still fresh in the young mans mind. They were happy with the progress, as they had known that when Sage last checked on the young man, he was close to having a nervous breakdown. Satisfied with their work they let the plan roll out.

When Aideen trained in the Dynasty she had also picked up from Dais a little bit about illusions and now that she had another year under her belt of practicing, she could easily see through his illusions if she wanted to. But normally his illusions were fun or of a nature that she did not want to see through them so she was content to live in the moment.

One evening however was different for them all. As she looked about the dynasty, something clicked in her mind, It was time.

She turned from the window to Dais who was waiting silently for her as he always did at this time of the evening and he noted the difference in her eyes, the spark of fire had returned and he knew that she was almost ready. He was most surprised at her request though.

"Dais, You Sage and I need to go back to Ireland. It has to be tonight." She went over to her wardrobe and as she pulled out several articles Dais noticed that she had also pulled out the several pieces of trimmed armor that had been a gift to her from all of the warlords. He did not know what she was up to until she sat and almost immediately achieved the meditation trance. As her battle aura brightened the armor pieces lifted with the inherent magic in them and her clothes were replaced by the sub and final armors.

Not nearly as powerful as his own armor, it had been blessed and imbued with protective spells by the staff of the ancients and Kayura and it was this that allowed her to dress as she did. There was no helm to the Armor as there were with the Ronin/Seasonal armor, instead there was a half-cowl wrap that left her face open but pulled her hair back out of the way.

Pulling her Dirks out and inspecting them she was satisfied and grabbed the Stave that had come with the armor. She had spent hundreds of hours practicing with the stave, mastering the simple Katas and working her way up to the advanced Katas. She could now beat Yulie on the practice floor easily and she now felt like the stave was a part of the armor. Her green eyes almost glowing she Stepped forward and embraced Dais. Cupping his cheek in her hand she smiled her first real smile in almost a year. "Thank you. I know what you have been doing to Roury and that is why I said that only you and Sage could come with me as I finish this. It is time."

Dais could only nod as the woman he knew started coming back and he let Kayura know that he, Sage and Aideen needed to go to Ireland.

~It is time??~ Kayura could only wonder at what prompted such a change in the girl but did not argue.

~Yes, it is time and she alone will know why for now. She has assured me that we can portal directly to her room in her house if we do not use a direct teleport like last time.~

~That can be arranged. Let me let Cale and Sekmet know that we will be in the Earth realm for a while and I will go with you to Mias to pick up Sage.~

Dais nodded and he picked up Aideen and swung her around enjoying the sound of her crystalline laughter again before he set her down. Getting into his own sub armor he ported them directly to Kayuras outer chambers and waited for her. When she appeared they all disappeared and reappeared into the Mortal realm just outside of Mias door.

As Aideen knocked Sage answered and looked the small group over piecing together what he saw before him. Looking at Aideen and Dais her murmured to them. "It is time then for the reckoning ne??"

As he received confirmation he invited them all inside and called out to Mia who was upstairs. "Mia, I have to be gone for a while. If I am not back tomorrow cover for me at work will ya??"

Mia came to the head of the stairs with a bewildered look in her eyes until she noticed Kayura, Aideen and Dais in the foyer. Nodding to show that this was business and that she understood she looked over at Aideen. "My best to you on this journey Aideen."

As all five of them stepped outside, Sage changed into his sub-armor and looked around, his eyes already hardening with the look that his battle aura mirrored. Aideen noted his readiness. "Lady Kayura, We must go now. You know in the house of my parents where my room is. We need to direct a portal there." Kayura nodded and as the gate opened she looked at them and wished them a fast journey and safe return. The trio nodded and stepped through the portal.

Aideen was the last to step out of the portal on the other side, and as the portal closed behind her, she was swept into a hug as her parents had noticed the difference in the house and investigated the source to find Sage and Dais stepping out of the portal. Explanations were given and directions exchanged as to where Roury was now and they were off with in the hour to find him.

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