An Ageless Love: Chapter 5

When Sage cleared Aideen for teleportation they all went out to the area where they felt the magics that protected Ireland fade and formed the circle. With all nine armors it was not much of an effort to get them all back to Japan and Mia’s place. But the energy used to keep Aideen stable took a lot out of Sage, Dais and Aideen and so it was decided that they would all sleep at Mia’s house for the night before the Dynasty folk returned home.

As they all split up for the night the silent agreement was reached that Dais and Aideen would have the room next to Sage and Rowen’s so that the Healer could be pulled out of bed quickly should anything happen. As it was everyone in the house fell asleep quickly with the exception of Dais and Aideen. He spent the better part of the night rocking a quietly sobbing Aideen and being there for her as the shock wore off and reality hit that she had been pregnant and had lost her first child to rape. Scared as she was, her heart remembered everything and knew the difference between the illusion of Dais and the Real one that now held her. She was scared and she hurt but took comfort in the fact that Dais did nothing except hold her and rock her. This was the love she knew, so understanding and perfect; yet it had changed.

Roury was still alive and she could feel the strong call for vengeance in the hearts and minds of the two men that saved her life. Her love wanted to crush the man; her ex boyfriend, and jealous lover, into a fine pulped state and let Sage heal him only to let Sage do the death of a thousand cuts on the man’s face. The dishonor in that act was the equivalent and worse than a witch being labeled a Warlock by the witch community back in Ireland. For with the death of a thousand cuts, the soul could not move on.

As she drifting in and out of sleep that evening she was plagued by memories and dreams. Dreams of monsters so terrifying that she woke herself up before she screamed but always there were tears. Tears and Dais. He was always there holding her to him in his own quiet way comforting her as best as he knew how with all the rage burning in him for revenge.

He could not interfere with her dreams but he could comfort her. It enraged him to think that there would be many months of nights like this or nights where she would flash back in her mind so badly that she would be reduced to a shadow of the tall, strong, beautiful woman he knew.

She was always beautiful to him but this assault on that understated beauty enraged him for more than he thought he could ever feel on that emotion. He was the warrior of Serenity, always calm and patient he seldom showed any emotion until this slip of a woman turned him around and lead him on a journey that lead him strait to his own heart.

As he thought about what to do about the situation he realized more and more that this would have to be something that she would have to face in the end. But that did not mean that he could not do anything to soften him up for the final confrontation. As he held Aideen in one of her restless sleeps he quietly focused his abilities and was surprised to feel an extra hand in the strength. ~So you are still awake Halo??~

Sage, who had been awake for most of the night when he was not dozing haunted by the pain in Aideen’s eyes, smirked over the link. ~I am thinking that you and I could have a little fun if you are planning what I think you are planning on doing.~

~What do you mean Halo? I am not planning much…yet.~

~Well you are the Warlord of illusion am I not correct?? And am I also correct in thinking that most illusions are based on bending or altering the way light is perceived in the mind??~ Sage was making his points and as Dais saw where it was leading he started to chuckle mentally.

~Halo, if you had shown this much planning in the Dynasty wars it would have been small wonder that the dynasty would not have fallen sooner than it did.~

~So would you like to have some fun at the expense of one soon to be dead boy on the other side of the world??~ Sage grinned feraly and in his mind the grin made even Dais shudder inside.

~Always ready to play havoc on the minds of the deserving. Loose the hounds of War and Cry HAVOC!~ he sent to Sage, which sent the Warrior of Wisdom into mental laughter.

As they combined their mental strengths they planted the images of Dais and Sage in their full armor and faceplates and various images of Aideen in pain and a message from Aideen. These images combined into a recurring nightmare that would rob Roury of his sleep and shatter any concentration he would have during the day.

As they spent the time being careful about it they also used a lot of energy and when they were finally completed they both fell asleep and were the last ones up in the morning.

As they came down to breakfast they were mildly teased but were fed and Dais was found to be never more than arms length from Aideen for that day. As Kayura watched, she felt sorry for the couple, as she knew just how much in love Dais was and how much it had changed him from his days as a dynasty warlord. Yet she sensed that he had not given up all of his old ways and that something happened over night. When she was around Sage she felt the same cheshire cat sense of satisfaction from the warrior in green sub armor as she did from Dais.

Not certain what they were up to, or if she even wanted to know about it, she left them alone and prepared to open the dynasty gate to take them all home. Once the gate was open, goodbyes were said and rematches were made for the sparring that had taken place that day. It was a quiet time as everyone was still tired and or stressed from the journey around the world and so they all retired early.

Back in the Dynasty they came out of the portal into the throne room of the Palace. Looking around and dismissing the guards and servants that had been left in charge since she had been gone, Kayura sat on the throne and was almost immediately besieged with reports about the progress that was or was not made during her absence. She waved Dais off to go get Aideen installed into her chambers again and kept Cale and Sekmet to help her with dispersal of the organization of a little uprising of some renegade troops that seemed to want to get Talpa back.

Dais walked down the halls and he noticed that all the torches were lit in the halls so that it was brighter than usual and no step was taken in shadow. Dais thanked Kayura mentally for that thought and as he got Aideen to her rooms he noticed that she shuddered as he stepped away from her for the time it took him to get the lamps lit in the room.

He stepped quickly back to her and as he touched her chin to make her look up at him he offered quietly, "M’lady, would you rather me stay here with you tonight?" As he looked into her eyes he saw the flash of hope in her eyes as she flung herself into his arms.

"Would you really stay with me?" she questioned him even though she already knew the answer.

"My little Wildling, you know that I would do anything for you that I could were it in my power. This being one of them, I will stay with you tonight." He picked her up and took her to the bed and as he tossed back the covers he laid her gently in the bed and covered her back up, while he laid on top of the covers and drew her close to him so that she would not be alone and in this manner, they both fell into a deep but dream filled sleep.

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