An Ageless Love: Chapter 4

As Dais left the room to let Sage talk to Aideen he wondered what it was that he could not know about right then that Halo needed to speak alone. When he turned around from shutting the door he found himself confronted by Aideen’s mother and found himself compelled to follow her orders of going down the stairs to the kitchen and having something to eat and talking to her.

During the interrogation he found himself wondering at what was going on upstairs. He could feel Aideen’s fear and then over whelming grief. As he half rose to go to her he found himself being forcefully reseated by a powerful grip on his wrist. Looking at Aideen’s mother in shock and amazement she gave him the look and explained. “I know what is going on with my daughter. For you to go up there would only make it worse for now. Giver her time with another healer to sort it all out and she will tell you. Until then I would recommend not underestimating this little mother.”

Dais looked at her again and realizing that he would not win his way free, nodded and sat into the chair further indicating that he would stay. He did not like it, and it showed but he was learning that things were seldom what they seemed here in the land of the Celts.

Hours later when everyone had gotten up. Aideen came down stairs and in a weak voice asked for something to eat. As she saw that Dais wanted nothing more than to bundle her up and whisk her away back to bed she pinned him with a look that warned him that trying her right now was not the smart thing to do. He instead sat close to her and waited patiently until she was finished and indicated that she was ready to go out for a walk to talk to him alone.

Sage gave his medical ok for her to go out but warned Dais to not keep her out to long. She was emotionally still to unstable to be seeing people other than the ones she had in the house so they kept to the back yard of the small house.

Everyone felt the flare of pure hatred and uncontrolled rage start up and almost immediately close down again and as they looked at Sage, Kento commented. “Man, I know you know what is going on and if we all get to many more flares for the supposedly serene one, we are all going to have to get our heads checked.”

The others nodded that this was very unlike Dais to loose his cool so quickly in such a short span of time. Sage just kept quiet until they would return.

Dais was in shock and now in anger. He was going to be a father. His lady, the one he loved more than the very breath he took was going to have a baby, his baby, and now she was gone like a thought. The daughter that he would never know was now dead and because of the blasted shield over the Erland Isles he never knew about this and was not able to protect her until it was too late.

During his talks with Aideen’s mother he had asked for and received both of the parents blessings to take their daughter back to the Dynasty with them when they returned to Japan and marry her. It was the hardest thing he had ever done but was surprised when they assented to his request readily. They had known about her past lives and when they found out from her that she had found the soul mate she had been searching for, they knew that they could not deny her choice.

As they also had a small gift of second sight like their daughter, they were able to tell that he was not the man he once was and knew that if nothing else. Should even the Dynasty come crashing down around their ears, Aideen would be first and foremost in his priorities.

Now he had to take her back with him. She would heal but he knew as he did with all things of the mind. That the mental scarring that she had taken in this would take a long time in healing. Until then he would have to be patient, supportive and when she was the Wildling in her rages he would have to be that which bound him to his armor.

He wanted to kill the little shit named Roury, and he knew by the look in Sage’s eye, that if he were to leave the young healer out of it he would live to regret it. The boy had taken a life and to Sage that was unforgivable, Dais knew that by Sage’s code, that to take an innocent life like that would only be paid for in another life. No, now was not the time. But soon. Right now he just wanted to get his beloved back to the familiar surroundings of the dynasty and hope that she would be able to heal with him.

As he told her what he had spoken to her mother and father about she smiled a little but was lost to the darkness of her grief. He knew that she was glad that her parents had accepted him, but he also knew that it would be a while before he could formally ask her to consider marrying him. Now was the time to heal and as soon as she was ready and able to, all that had come to Ireland would return to Japan and then to the Dynasty to get his lady settle in for the time.

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