An Ageless Love: Chapter 3

The evening progressed and as things settled down and each of the ronins and Seasonals decided to stand a watch over Dais and Aideen, Cye noticed that Sage looked more and more troubled as he filled out the reports that the police had handed him. Stepping up behind the young healer and clearing his throat he startled Sage anyway.

"Sage, what has you so bothered about this case. I know that in medical school you have already been through this part of the training because of your EMT training. So what is it that has you so bothered about this one case??" Cyeís voice was low since they did not want they others to hear but Sage only shook his head.

"Cye, If I were able to tell you what is wrong I would. But as it stands I have to take these reports into the police and fill out one more report while I am there." As he stood and collected his reports and filed them neatly into the filing envelope that was provided he turned to Cye and placed his hand on his friendís shoulder but kept his shields all the way up. "I will return shortly."

He walked past everyone, locked in his own thoughts he did not even notice that the others had stepped outside to wonder what was up with him. He walked quickly and as soon as he was in enough shelter he quietly donned his sub armor and moved swiftly to the police station.

When he reached there he felt back to the house using the clear sight that he had been taught and saw that everyone was still there. Dais had not moved his eyes from Aideen and Sekmet was now on watch as the others prepared for bed so that they could all get a few hours of sleep before the next day came and explanations were demanded.

He walked into the station and the duty officers that had just gone on shift when they took the case dealing with Aideen and Dais were just getting off but found that they had some time to deal with the solemn eyed youth that urgently needed to speak to them.

Some hours later when he came out of the station, Sage found that he was exhausted from the exertions of healing and then bearing the news to the local station and then filling out more reports. But he knew that as a doctor this would be regularity. Especially if he became an ER Physician. He quietly walked him turning things over in his mind and wondering how he was going to get some privacy with Aideen to tell her what he had discovered. With Dais in hyper-defense mode it was going to be hard but it was going to have to be done.

Dais was still up with Ryo this time when Sage walked into the house. Ryo looked at him questioningly since he could feel that Sage had news, but nodded in understanding when the blond one shook his head. It was not time yet.

"Dais." The Seasonal jumped slightly at his name but immediately settled. "I need for you and Ryo to leave the room. Now." Ryo did not question Sageís tone but Dais bristled at it and was close to challenging the warrior of light when Sage cut in. "No. She will not be alone, but I need to speak with her about something that for now is for her ears alone." As Dais looked into Sageís one uncovered eye he found himself moving at the pent up rage that somehow seemed to outweigh his own. Nodding slightly he knew that Sage would protect Aideen, and that the young man did not anger easily. What ever had tripped Sageís trigger would mean almost certain death for someone unless a miracle intervened.

Ryo had already left and gone back down stairs but Dais stood right outside the door but closed it. Once done Sage walked up to Aideen and with a small burst of energy woke her up from her slumber. She was confused but as her vision cleared, she identified Sage and breathed a sigh of relief. If Sage was here, that meant that Dais would not be far.

"Aideen. We need to speak quickly and quietly. Dais is outside the door waiting for me to let him back in but I have to speak with you alone." She nodded recognizing the rage that burned in his eyes as Dais had.

"What is it? What is wrong, Why do I feel so empty inside??" Her voice was soft but along the healers band Sage could feel the panic, fear, pain and emotions of the previous night rise up like a threatening tidal wave. Walling up a bit more against the emotions so they would not engulf him he looked at her and his grim face told her to expect the worst.

"You already knew that you were pregnant." She nodded her face reddening that Sage had found out and then blanched as she realized what he was leading up to. Sage reached for her quickly and helped her lay back down on the pillows as she started shaking and crying.

"Oh gods why??" She managed to whisper through her tears, her hands had covered her face in shame and confusion until Sage pulled them away gently. "Tell me what happened Aideen, I need to know."

Aideen nodded and instead of speaking the words out loud, for she knew she would not have managed it, she instead linked with him on the healers level and told him everything.

She and Dais had been sharing chambers in the dynasty even though they both had separate rooms. Even though they usually just cuddled until they fell asleep there were nights when the Seasonal of Illusion showed her such gentle passion that she could not help but to respond, in the end leaving them both breathless from the beauty and heat of the moments.

It was this last time that they were together like that that she felt herself conceive and she hid it from Dais and everyone else until she was sure and could deliver the news in person. Unfortunately the year and a half that she was allotted for her studies in Japan came due and she had to leave for Ireland before she could tell anyone. The same barrier that the warriors had hit trying to teleport to her was what kept her from being able to contact Dais by the majics she was learning.

"I wanted to tell him. To let him know. But now itís too late." She half murmured to herself. Inside Aideen was a little girl. Torn apart by the knowledge that she had created something and it was destroyed. As she returned to her story more and more of the young manís actions became clearer.

His name is Roury. Her boyfriend before she had left for Japan and met Dais, he became almost insanely jealous of the man he had never met that had captured the heart of his girl. This jealousy gave rise to the fey abilities that slept within him and he quickly mastered the arts of illusion that he was given rights to.

Picking her mind when she returned he deftly found the many images of Dais and was surprised that she would fall for such a man when the one she left was so much better in his opinion. Devising a scheme to get his revenge he put it into action as she was walking back home from the mart. As he raised the illusion of being Dais he never suspected that the bond between them went deeper than the surface and was surprised when she started fighting back.

He finally had to resort to more brutal tactics and in his frenzied lustful fury, he hit her many times about the body with the short kubaton that he had always carried and raped her after she succumbed to the blows. He felt bad for having to knock her out but his lust for her took over and he savagely raped her causing her to come to and scream out for Dais with mind and voice.

The blows to the body had scared her but her mind was scared by the fact that one that she had thought at one time she could trust, had caused her to lose something even more precious to her. Because of Rouryís actions, her daughter. Daisí and her daughter had aborted its tenacious hold on life just before Sage could heal her, and nothing could bring her back.

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